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Formerly Undercover Heart (Eden Prairie Book 1)


Caleb Hughes Thompson, owner of Hughes Department Stores, business-driven world is shattered when he receives a letter, written by his recently deceased brother. Daniel thrived on high adventure and lived each day as if it were his last.  His dying wish is to have Caleb locate his daughter, the result of a one night stand. He was to start his search in Eden Prairie, Indiana.

Erin MacKenna is a single mom and a third-grade teacher in the Abraham Lincoln primary school in Eden Prairie, Indiana. One crazy night of indiscretion resulted in the most wonderful gift she’d ever been given, her daughter Danielle.  Not wanting to damage her daughter of a preacher reputation, she tells everyone she’d was artificially inseminated.

Caleb needs someone to help plan their in-store holiday promotion, Santa Traditions. A teacher in the primary school would qualify to help him.   It would also be the perfect place to start searching for his niece.

BONUS SHORT STORY:  Danielle’s Snowy Wish

Formerly released: KW  Undercover Heart

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Formerly Undercover Heart (Eden Prairie Book 1)


Caleb Hughes Thompson looked out his wall of windows that overlooked Indianapolis. Their building was surrounded by skyscrapers, but he had a perfect view of the historic Soldier and Sailor’s Monument.  In the ten years he’d lived here, he’d never taken the time to walk to the top of the monument.  He had a bird’s eye view of the holiday tree lighting ceremony they had ever year, but he was too absorbed in his work.

In a little while, he had a meeting with department heads to review the holiday marketing for their two hundred department stores throughout the country. This would be their biggest push to achieve the company’s financial goal before the end of the year. Their online sales had already surpassed initial projections. He had seven weeks to prove his new marketing strategy would double their in-store sales.

As of an hour ago, his focus had changed.

He pushed his glasses to the top of his head and gently brushed his eyelids, trying to erase the burning sensation in his eyes. Crying had never come easy, but his body had sought some relief. The letter he’d just been given from his deceased brother would change his life, his priorities. His future.

He walked across the thick carpeting and settled in his high-back leather chair. With a slightly trembling hand, he picked up the letter written in his brother’s own hand six months ago.

Caleb, since you are reading this, I’m dead. Don’t cry for me. I’ve avoided responsibility, lived my life carefree, just the way I wanted. I knew there would be a high risk in this climbing adventure so I left this letter with our lawyer. You need to sit down before you read further.

I’m pretty sure I have a daughter.

Now close your mouth while I explain. About nine years ago, Ned, Paul, and I met three girls in a bar in Galveston Island. I know I slept with one of them because my pillow smelled very sweet. I also found a pair of pink panties.

Ryan worked at Marshall’s Stables before he took the bar exam and sometimes helped with the kids when they rode the horses. This little girl fell off her horse and hurt her foot. Ryan removed her boot and sock and was shocked to see the little hook in her pinky toe. He made a joke and asked her if she got her cute toe from her mother or father. She said her father because her mom had pretty toes. The little girl had a great laugh and called it her candy cane toe, the same thing we called our toes at her age. She was about six or seven and had reddish-brown hair. Unfortunately, Ryan never got her name. I haven’t lost my mind, but I plan to look for this kid when I get back – if I do.

You need to try to locate this little girl. I’d start in Eden Prairie, Indiana where Marshalls’ is located. This is just between us. No lawyers and don’t tell Mom and Dad. Don’t even know for sure if this kid really exists.

Right now you are cussing me out, calling me irresponsible, why didn’t I use protection, how the hell are you to find a kid that may or may not be your niece?

Get it, Caleb. Your niece.

She’s probably the only grandchild Mom and Dad will ever have, unless you decide to become a father at forty-two. Just make sure the kid is okay. If you can confirm she’s my daughter, get to know her. Who knows, some day you might be able to tell her about me. She’ll also be very rich. 

On a personal note from brother to brother, you feed on ambition and success, but you’re choking behind that big-ass desk. Get out of that damn office. Take it from me, it’s time you changed your diet. You’ve got lots of money, but a very lonely future. Find someone to love.

No one ever took us for twins, but you were the best brother. I never said it much, but I love you Caleb. If St. Peter actually lets me in, I will keep a watch over you. If you’re doing something wrong or heading in the wrong direction, I’ll send down a message, better yet, a lightning bolt in the shape of a boot and kick you in the ass.


Caleb removed his glasses and rubbed his hands over his damp cheeks. Maybe Danny hadn’t been wrong living the vagabond life. He was always warm and giving, a little-known philanthropist, but every day had been an adventure. Was it time he took his brother’s advice and changed his diet?  Would he be able to find this little girl?

About Author Judy Kentrus…

I was born and raised in NJ and moved to PA ten years ago. I’m a romantic at heart, having married my high school sweetheart and we raised a wonderful son and daughter. My books are fun, romantic suspense that will make you laugh, cry and sigh from their HEA’s.


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Amazon:   https://amzn.to/2zFFFaX

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Kobo:  http://bit.ly/2T0soCI

Website: http://www.judykentrus.com/

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/JudyKentrus

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  1. Oh great. Now I’m crying.
    Guess you succeeded, Judy, in your excerpt. Now I have to read this book.
    Thanks, Karen and Judy.

  2. Good morning, Judy, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Where’s my box of tissues? Great excerpt. I’m going to have to read this book to find out what happens. Thanks for sharing your new release with us today!

  3. Looks like a Good & Fun Read.
    Thanks for sharing this book with us and Thanks for the Chance To Win 😍🍯🐝😍

  4. Looks like a Good Read.
    Thanks for sharing this book with us and Thanks for the Chance To Win 😍🍯🐝😍

  5. From reading the Blurb and excerpt, this sounds like a fantastic book, one I’d like to read! I always have a box of tissues at arms reach next to my chair. I’ll have to see what books you’ve written. I love meeting authors I’ve never heard of before on Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Thanks to you both!

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