Karen’s Killer Book Bench: DARKER THAN DESIRE, Charisma, #Indian #Suspense by Samara Dev

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Rashida married Khaled al Hasiqi to get out of her country and save her brother. But the plan backfired when she began to fall for Khaled. She found he was nothing but a playboy who had married her to save his reputation as a high placed diplomat. Desperate to escape him, she left him.

But now Khaled has found her. She cannot keep running away from him, especially when he holds the key to her brother’s safe return. Torn between staying and leaving, she finds the magnetic attraction he held for her rearing up again.

Across Parisian avenues and Icelandic seas, she accompanies Khaled, held silent by her deceit, yet swept away by the passion only Khaled can ignite inside her. The truth will be out one day and surely when Khaled knew everything, he would never forgive her.

Then she realizes she is trapped and not just by Khaled’s alluring handcuffs…




He reached out and brushed a strand of hair from her cheek with a careless flick of his finger. ‘Did you think I would not try to trace you, my dear or did you think I would not have the means?’

The touch, as light as it was, wasn’t lost on her. She didn’t betray by a flicker of an eyelid but he knew she felt it. Knew because he felt it too and electricity like that couldn’t be generated by a single potential. Her soft blow of breath hit him almost as much as the contact. Her skin felt soft, like live silk and he felt like forgetting everything to indulge his relief on finding her. And because he felt like that, it brought up anger. She hadn’t cared, hadn’t hesitated in deceiving him…

A man, she had implied. The very thought made him seethe with raw fury, but what other explanation was there? He had mocked at her statement because he genuinely didn’t believe she could think of having another lover, let alone take one. Things had been too good with them. Much. Too. Good.

About Author Samara Dev…

Samara Dev is a published Indian author who writes contemporary and sensual romance. She grew interested in writing through being a voracious reader. Her favorite genres are romance and mystery. Her humdrum, busy life changed when one fine day, she decided to give in to the procrastinated desire to write a book. Since then weaving other worlds and creating their characters became a passion and a profession.

She likes to explore new places and writes romance with a global feel. A proud indie author, she loves to work on every aspect of publishing as well as reach out to fellow authors and readers. Her other interests include reading about and discovering new aspects of health and nutrition.

Readers, please send your feedback and get in touch with her via Twitter @samaradevauthor or use the contact page at her website to subscribe for her newsletter: https://readandwritewithsamara.wordpress.com/


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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NPSTVN1

Available for $.99 preorder now and releases on March 15th.


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  1. Hi, Samara, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I really enjoyed the peek into their relationship with your excerpt. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

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