Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Detours in Our Destinations, Anthology to Inspire Hope & Healing by Jennifer L. Roche ETAL & Rainbows of Happiness LLC


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Anthology to Inspire Hope & Healing


An anthology of short stories and poems created by various authors to benefit families of child loss in hopes to create a sense of healing through inspirational stories that show families that have suffered the loss of a child they can create a positive impact on the lives of others by turning their memories into beautiful living legacies of their loved ones. The authors participating in this anthology have created emotional, poignant imagery filled stories that will have you running for the tissues, but leave your heart full and content in the end. I call this an anthology of hope because that is what the reader will ultimately walk away feeling! A renewed sense that anything can be possible if you look for the positive side and allow yourself a chance to explore those unexpected Detours In Our Destinations! Contributors to this anthology also include Bella Jeanisse, Tessa McFionn, DA Roach, Aimee Shaye, & promo Assistant Amanda M. Jensen. All together we make up the #DetoursCrew!


Anthology to Inspire Hope & Healing

The proceeds for any ebooks or papers of Detours In Our Destinations ALL go to the non profit charity 3Hopeful Hearts (www.3hopefulhearts.com) ! Their mission statement is to match families that have already experienced the loss of a child with those that are currently experiencing the loss so they can all heal together through events held held throughout Colorado. The company was formed by three women who all suffered the loss of children at various ages. I created the Anthology Detours In Our Destinations because I lost 3 babies myself and I felt this would be a way to help others and myself heal. I have heard some amazing stories in the process of creating this anthology and the authors that participated have also bared their souls in their stories. This has been a beautiful amazing journey for us all I feel!  It is the legacy for these lovely angels!  I am so glad I went through with it and I hope it helps many people find a voice!

Meet Author Jennifer L. Roche...edited_20160511_175235 

Author Jennifer L. Roche established her company Rainbows of Happiness LLC in 2013 it is named to honor the memory of the loss of her first baby girl Regan. Three days after the loss a beautiful double rainbow appeared in front of Jennifer’s home. Being the photographer she is, she snapped several images and that image has become her logo today. Her company continues to expand from just a vision to a four business enterprise underneath her Rainbows of Happiness LLC name in three years. Much like the rainbow expands and grows Jennifer hopes to inspire others, while spreading a sense of hope &optimism.


– Dappled Sunlight Anthology in 1995 – published for poetry while still in high school- first official publication

– Poetreecreations – published multiple poems on this online site

– Smile Magazine for Girls – wrote as the Featured Contributor in one issue, and an article called “Friendship Freeze” for this ezine.

– Espiral House & Home monthly contributor – wrote 10 articles on eco-friendly DIY home improvement projects per month for several months.

– East Coast Literary Spring Review Edition 2014 – published poem “Courage of a Snowflake” Available through my Amazon Author page https://www.amazon.com/Jennifer-Roche/e/B018PV264I/

– Winter Solstice Initiative (Australia) – published for poetry

– Always In My Heart – biographical short story memoir published by A Writer’s Gallery for Featured Author’s Showcase on First Love. Still able to view & vote for this piece 3 years later on their penthouse section of featured writers!

– Kindness Anthology – my short story is “Random Acts of Kindness”

– Healing Ties Book One in the Ties Series published Nov 2015. BestSeller on Amazon in the US for Contemporary Mashups (#20) and in the UK for Popular Fiction (#18) This book was a contender for the Diamond Reviewer awards, is rated a Five star read on both Goodreads and Amazon, and has earned me numerous award nominimations. Amazon featured Healing Ties Book One In the Ties Trilogy at #66 on the Top 100 Gifts to Give for 2016 this year! It was Nominated among 2016 Best of the Best Books in multiple categories. Two more books are set to relesase in this trilogy for 2017 Healing Ties Book Two Yearning For Acceptance & Healing Ties Book Three H.E.A.R.T. Endures! https://www.amazon.com/Jennifer-Roche/e/B018PV264I/

– Gems of Strength – published by Gems of Sisterhood & Metamorph Publishing – my short story is Hidden Identities.

– Detours In Our Destinations Anthology – Co – Created by Rainbows of Happiness LLC owned by Best-Selling Author Jennifer Roche & Indie Editing Services owned by Author Terrie Meerschaet. Ranked #2 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases, won 8th place in the Summer Indie Awards for Best Anthology of 2016, an Amazon Best-Selling Book for Literature Fiction Mashups (#23)

*All proceeds from book sales are donated to the non-profit charity 3Hopeful Hearts http://www.3hopefulhearts.com to help families affected by child loss at any age. The cover, banners, and teasers were all generously donated.

– Ghostly Writes Anthology – published by Plaisted Publishing House. My first paranormal short story – Eternally Connected. The ebook is free to download but the print version is not. This collection of spooky short stories was releaded at Halloween and went straight to the Best Seller list on Amazon and is still there!

– Gems of Gratitude Gems of Sisterhood 2- published by Metamorph Publishing. My short story – A Rainbow of Ribbons. This is a continuation of my story in Gems of Strength using the same initial characters with a few new ones joining the cast of characters!

Detours In Our Destination

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2iAGKLg

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KINDLE : http://www.amazon.com/Gems-Strength-Sisterhood-Book-ebook/dp/B01CDJ784G

SMASHWORDS : http://geni.us/2nus

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NOOK : http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/gems-of-strength-the-sisterhood/1123461723

Itunes : http://geni.us/1Ayz

Amazon Ebook: https://www.amazon.com/Gems-Strength-Sisterhood-Book-ebook/dp/B01CDJ784G

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img1482450704417**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**: Jennifer is giving away an ebook copy of DETOURS IN OUR DESTINATIONS to one lucky reader who comments on her Author Peek Interview or Killer Book Bench blogs. Good luck!

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11 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Detours in Our Destinations, Anthology to Inspire Hope & Healing by Jennifer L. Roche ETAL & Rainbows of Happiness LLC”

  1. Good morning, Jennifer, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Producing this book to support those who’ve lost their little ones is wonderful, even more so as you’ve lost children of your own. Finding a way to heal is difficult. Bless you! Thanks for sharing your work and your story.

    1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for having me and sharing my books here on your blog Karen! I truly appreciate the chance to share the amazing stories in Detours In Our Destinations with all audiences. I hope to make a difference and help those in pain that may be suffering silently. Everyone needs to know that there is always someone there for them in times of sorrow and that they can get through hard emotional points in life if they know there are others that have been through these same experiences. They aren’t alone.

      1. Hi Mary Anne Edward’s! What a treat folks! One of the actual Detours Crew authors and a dear friend has stopped by! Mary Anne Edwards is one of 13 author friends who helped make Detours In Our Destinations Anthology the success it was. Detours covers a variety of real life situations including loss of a parent, child, infertility, dealing with rare diseases, and dealing with issues with self- esteem and self- confidence but we all strove to create short stories with HEA positive outlook endings!

  2. What a wonderful book to help with healing and I love the fact that proceeds are donated to deserving causes.

  3. What a wonderful way to help with the heartache and loss. I would absolutely love to read Detours in Our Destiny. I could really use a book like this right about now. Thank you for the chance.
    Hello Karen and Jennifer.

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