Karen’s Killer Book Bench: DIAMONDS TO DIE FOR, Intrepid Women Book 9 by Kathryn Jane #Mystery

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Intrepid Women Book 9


An old flame, a cold fire, and the will to live.

When the men in her life start dropping like flies, Kate sacrifices everything to keep an old love safe.

But Jason knows who the killer is…and he knows how to keep Kate safe but will she stay still long enough to listen? Will she do as she’s told? Nope. Stubborn, strong-willed and self-sufficient, she’s just as unwilling to accept his help now as she was ten years ago, so why doesn’t he just walk away? Good question.

Join Kate while she runs for her life and fights for survival. Watch a strong woman begin to unravel, then regroup and become even stronger every day. Ride along with Jason on his quest to save her, and watch the two of them fight the chemistry and find a way to make together work.


Intrepid Women Book 9


Watching Kate approach from the far end of the mall, Jason’s heart took a hit, and his smile exploded into a grin. She was everything she’d always been, and more.

Her long legs, purposeful stride, and the defiant angle of her chin screamed, “Back off, I’m in control.” And her none-too-subtle sweep of the area reminded him of the first time he ever laid eyes on her. She’d been a girl on a mission that day, and now she was all woman and owned the mission.

When they’d met she was only eighteen, but there was a worldliness about her, a certainty he envied and admired. He had wanted to look that brave, feel that sure of himself, and he wanted her.

Luckily, she wanted him too, and life was sweet—damn sweet…until it wasn’t. And then she was just as happy to part ways as he was. Law enforcement was calling him the same way being a jockey called her.

And now look at the two of them. Still connected to their old goals, but in much different ways, and for the first time ever, she needed him.

When he stepped into her path, she stopped and stared for a couple of beats before recognition lit her beautiful green eyes and the mouth he’d never forgotten widened into a broad smile. Two quick strides and she launched herself into his open arms. He held on tight, spun her off the ground while her laughter rang out.

She still felt the same, smelled the same, and all the warning bells in his head went off, but he didn’t let go until she did.

Kate smoothed back her hair and stared at him. “You’ve changed so much I almost didn’t recognize you,” she said.

“You haven’t.”

“Ha ha. Thanks, but not true. The old me would have been taking care of my own problems instead of looking to you for a quick fix.”

And there was one more reason she was who she was. Most women would have made a comment about looking older, or heavier, or something else about their appearance, but not Katie. She was all about who she was, not what she looked like.

“Congratulations, you’re human.”

“Ouch.” She shook her head. “Not like I didn’t deserve that. But I want you to know how much—”

“Not a good place to talk.” He slung an arm around her shoulders and leaned in close. “There’s a possibility we’re being watched, so we need this to look like it’s a reunion and all about sex, okay?”

Not many women would take that in stride, but he was fairly certain Kate would, and she never so much as flinched away from him.

About Author Kathryn Jane…

Author Kathryn Jane writes the kind of stories she loves to read—the fast-paced kind filled with love, life, and adventure plus a smattering of special abilities.

When she isn’t writing, or dreaming about being the perfect combination of Nora Roberts, Kay Hooper, and Janet Evanovich, Kat fills her time with rescuing cats, painting rocks, and walking on the beach not far from her Pacific Northwest home.


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8 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench: DIAMONDS TO DIE FOR, Intrepid Women Book 9 by Kathryn Jane #Mystery

  1. Docter says:

    Good morning, Kathryn, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love strong-willed heroines and protective heroes. Your book is right up my alley. Thanks for sharing your newest release with us today!

  2. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Love this premise…..she started out stubborn, then accepted but still maintains her own strength! PNW woman , through and through!
    Thanks , Karen and Kathryn!

  3. Helen Rodin Drake says:

    Hi Kathryn,
    That’s a great title. I enjoy reading about strong female characters who show their vulnerabilities. Overcoming adversity makes them stronger.

    Happy New Year!

  4. bn100 says:

    interesting premise

  5. Eileen AW says:

    Thank you for sharing your book with us. Interesting premise.

  6. ELF says:

    Intrepid women are inspirational! Happy New Year, and thank you for sharing!

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