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The Abigail Everlaine Mysteries Book 1


Abigail Everlaine lives a double life as a hybrid. Born a witch and turned werewolf, she had to burn bridges that her former life as an enchantress brought her. But resurrection comes with a price: break the curse on a werewolf that has the rare gift to mend or else plunge the town into chaos. She follows the culprit and discovers the twists are so sinister that they could consume them all. With new friends joining the team and old alliances shattering, Abigail has to forge a path ahead or her second chance at life could be her last.

The Abigail Everlaine Mysteries Book 2


Abbie finds herself navigating the ruthless world of vampire courts as she takes on the case of a teenage couple on the run with no options left. Marked as a target because of the map they carry, corruption and betrayal run rampant in the small town of Crestwood. If the map is true and there really is an ink that could allow vampires to live in the sunlight, then not even an enchantress turned investigator could still the courts from descending. With some help from a witty garden gnome and an upcoming masquerade filled with immortals, Abbie will have to find the ink mentioned in the map while making sure a young couple can live happily ever after…above ground.

The Abigail Everlaine Mysteries Book 1


When the trees cleared, the witch side of me pulled back the reins. I knew where I was and it was the last place I needed to be. A small line of tourists had just left a morning tour when the buildings registered as the distillery. Elizar’s distillery. One elderly couple caught sight of me and gasped, making a scene that had a domino effect. I went back towards the trees and found a magical barrier in my way. Had my carelessness as a werewolf, giving in to those primal instincts, inadvertently signed my death warrant? Werewolves had their territory and I had exposed myself to the town’s most powerful caster. I lunged at the barricade to no avail. He had me trapped.

“Isn’t this an interesting turn of events”, came the smooth voice of that notorious warlock, “and to top it all off, it’s my favored enchantress. You broke a sacred rule of mine so…what will we do now?”

I had just signed away my life.

Meet Author Candra Kylar…

Candra Kylar is an independent paranormal mystery writer from Indianapolis, Indiana. She’s formerly an entertainment journalist and lifestyle blogger that always had a passion for the creative process. She currently is working on the “Abigail Everlaine Mystery Series” and has started writing dialogue for an independent movie production company. You can write to her at writecandra@gmail.com


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Once Upon a Werewolf/Available on KU:

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  1. This is a first for me: witch and werewolf cross! Interesting setups to both stories, for sure! Nice to meet you, Chandra, and thank you, Karen.

  2. Good morning, Candra, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love the idea of blending two paranormal types, witches and werewolf, along with a mystery. It promises to be a fascinating series. Thanks for sharing the first two books in the series with us today!

  3. Now those books look and so intriguing. Sound like great reads.
    I look forward to getting to know you and your books.
    Just curious, where did you find your settings and characters?
    Hoping I Win.

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