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Star Light ~ Star Bright Book 4


Boulder, Colorado, attorney Maximillian Henderson III is in a bind. His new law office won’t open on schedule unless he finds immediate help to finalize his building’s renovation.

Award-winning designer Caroline Young is visiting Boulder for a family wedding and has promised to stay through Christmas. Meeting Max at the wedding and hearing his problem, she accepts his plea for help. But if she can make him see past his own nose, she could make it even better.

Creating a new design only works if she commits to staying longer. By doing so, she puts her heart and her treasured independence at risk.

Max is aware her life and business are in California, and a long-term relationship is impractical. Still she adds vibrancy to his plain black and white world, and his dream of her on Christmas Eve convinces him to try.

On Christmas Day, Caro reveals that she must return home for a vital meeting, breaking her promise and his heart.

Max has new plans for his office but no Caro. Can he convince her to return to him and find a way to meld their lives?


Star Light ~ Star Bright Book 4

Thank you Karen, for hosting me on your blog, it’s always a treat to be here.  I’m happy to give away an e-copy of my new novella I’m chatting about today. An early holiday present 😊

My new (and only novella so far) Dream Of Me This Christmas Eve debuted on December 1st. It’s book 4 in the award-winning and (shock to me, bestselling series) Star Light ~ Star Bright.

The fun and sometimes troublesome part of writing a series, is that I feel each book must stand on its own, yet bring in prior characters that have made the series popular.  To handle this dilemma I have created a pretty involved spreadsheet that encompasses all my books (8 so far) and the several hundred characters I’ve included in the stories, from walk-ons whom I don’t name, to the heroines and heroes.  I don’t want to repeat character names or worse, gulp, call them one name and then another. Authors have been known to change names midstream.  Me included.  This, and a great editor, keep me on track.

One of the features in all of the Star Light ~ Star Bright series, is, yes you guessed it, a star. I’ve been asked why. Well, we do have a star on Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder and I recalled a story mom told me about it. She was at a party and one of the neighbors was grousing about the star being too Christian. Mom said she completely disagreed.  That no matter your faith, the star represented the feeling of hope, the promise of the new day, the talisman of looking forward.

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Dream Of Me This Christmas Eve.


Feel this? Seriously, she wanted him to do what? After that sigh, he wasn’t sure he should. “Why are you so excited about an afghan?”

“Not just any old afghan, this one is vicuña. Seriously, feel it.”

If he hadn’t reached out to take it from her, the throw would have fallen to the floor, and Max had an idea that would have been akin to sacrilege in Caro’s eyes.

Despite himself, he held it up to his cheek. Soft, supple … Whoa, his thoughts were spinning in wild directions, all because of the woman sitting in front of him. “Nice.”

“Nice? Do you know what vicuña is?”

“Nope, can’t say that I do.”

“It’s the wild relative of the llama. Pretty rare these days. The Incas believed the critters were reincarnations of lovely young maidens, so only Incan royalty were allowed to wear the fleece. Their wool is incredibly expensive. Nevertheless, I’d love to find some.”

Max handed her back the throw, only to see her again bury her face into its softness. And damn if his body didn’t heat up a few degrees thinking about her nuzzling his neck with the same passion. Sucking in a lungful of the chilly air wafting through the front door cleared his mind. Just. “First, how do you know all this? And second, what would you do with the wool if you were to find and then afford it?”

“First, I love random facts. My teachers hated that, especially when I spouted off in class, answering a question with a fact or even another  question.”

“And yet you were valedictorian of your high school class. Phi Beta Kappa, andmagna cum laude at university.”

“How’d you know?”

“Brice. He talks about you all the time.”

“Oh, did he tell you that I knit?” She gestured Vanna White style to the sweater still topping her maid-of-honor gown.

Max felt his brows rise in surprise, and there was nothing he could do to stop his obvious reaction to her last reveal. Knitting seemed like such an old-fashioned art for a free spirit like Caro.  He prided himself on reading people—it was one of the traits that made him a successful attorney. Yet Caro, in the past few hours, delivered him one surprise after another. His interest level in her
ratcheted up and went beyond his physical attraction.

If she agreed to his plan, this could be an interesting week ahead, matching wits and wherever anything else led. “You read structural and interior design plans, right?”

“I create design plans for structural engineering. So yes.”

“My designer has the flu and can’t finish the work on my new office building. I could use your expertise to help complete the final phase so it’s open by the new year.”

“I’m not really an interior designer.”

“It’s a bit more than that.”

“How much more?”

She pulled the afghan up on her lap a little higher and he realized the draft continued.

“Hold on a sec, I’m going to see if the door was left open. It’s letting in minus-degree cold.”

Everyone had left the house. He closed the slightly ajar door, feeling instantly warmer, then returned to Caro and perched on the sofa’s arm.

“Okay, so you’re not an interior designer. And you asked how much more.”

She nodded, then poured a bit more champagne
into her glass and sipped.

“The building is old and I’m having a lot of work done to the interior. And some new windows added. And—”

He stopped when she held up her hand. Uh oh.

Best mask with layers7-1bAbout Author L.A. Sartor…

I started writing as a child, really. A few things happened on the way to becoming a published author … specifically, a junior high school teacher who told me I couldn’t write because I didn’t want to study … urk … grammar…

That English teacher stopped my writing for years.  But the muse couldn’t be denied, and eventually I wrote, a lot, some of it award winning. However, I wasn’t really making a career from any of this.

My husband told me repeatedly that independent publishing was becoming a valid way to publish a novel. I didn’t believe him even after he showed me several Wall Street Journal articles. I thought indie meant vanity press.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I started pursuing this direction seriously, hit the keyboard, learned a litany of new things and published my first novel. My second book became a bestseller, and I’m absolutely on the right course in my life.

Please come visit me at www.lasartor.com, see my books, find my social media links, and sign up for my mailing list. I have a gift I’ve specifically created for my new email subscribers. And remember, you can email me at Leslie@LeslieSartor.com


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**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**: L.A. will give away an ebook copy of her novella, DREAM OF ME THIS CHRISTMAS EVE, to one lucky reader who comments on her Karen’s Killer Book Bench blog.

Thanks, L.A., for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. Linda Moffitt says:

    Great Thanks for sharing this book with us
    It looks Great

  2. Samantha McFarland says:

    Wonderful to meet new authors. And Boulder is just across the way from me. Thank you for visiting and sharing.

  3. Docter says:

    Good morning, L.A., and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I have the same system for both of my series. It’s the only way to keep everything straight. I don’t like to reuse names, either. Love to crochet and knit but can’t do it anymore. There’s something satisfying about making something so enduring and warm, like your books. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  4. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    This sounds delightful as does the whole series! Looks as if I have some catching up to do!
    Thanks, Karen and L.A.

  5. Hi Linda, it’s a fun, Christmasy short read. I hope you enjoy it.

  6. I now have to check out that star in Boulder. Thank you L.A.! I’ve totally enjoyed the other books in your series and can’t wait to read this one.

  7. Jane Choate says:

    Powerful writing.

  8. bn100 says:

    sounds like a holiday book

  9. Eileen AW says:

    Thanks for joining us today and sharing your book. It sounds good.

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