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Medical New Adult Fiction


When fate gives you what you were not looking for, will you accept its gift?

Dr. Mila Roth is about to begin her training as an ER physician. She will encounter funny, sad, and memorable cases, witnessing the meaning of love through the eyes of the sick and their loved ones.

She doesn’t believe in romance and soulmates yet, but that may soon change when she meets Leo, a handsome stranger with captivating warm eyes. She cannot explain her attraction to him, no other man was able to activate her love gene before. Will she decide to follow her heart this time or will Leo’s occupation and secret push her away? As new feelings overwhelm her, she finds solace in the letters of her departed grandmother.

The correspondence from the past has a message for Mila’s present. Will she connect the dots?

This story of timeless love will restore your belief in soulmates and true love.


Medical New Adult Fiction


“What are you doing here child?” a familiar voice says softly to me as my feet are being stroked by warm water on a pebbled beach.

I look to the horizon feeling a deep sensation of loss. I need to be beyond that horizon, but for some reason I am not in control of my body and I cannot move. Tears run freely down my cheeks, mourning the loss of hope of reaching beyond the visible border in front of me.

I look back and see my grandmother, she is a young woman with long fiery red hair just like mine, looking at the same horizon as me, but her face expresses complete content. She knows she is where she is supposed to be. She waves and floats closer to me to embrace me in a hug.

“I found Jacob.” I tell her, breathing in a comforting smell of rosewater.

“I know, my angel. You have found what I have lost and I gave you what you were not looking for, but you cannot stay here and wait, you have to go back.” The riddle doesn’t make sense to me.

“But we are surrounded by water, there is nowhere to go.” I state the fact of isolation on this stone covered beach.

“I love you Mila. You have to fight the darkness.” She pushes me away with inhuman like strength and my body is thrown into the waves that pull me under despite my struggling for a breath of air. I feel the cold of the water all around me, I sink deeper and the darkness envelops me. I keep fighting just as my grandmother told me. I feel the water entering my lungs and I am gasping for air but all I feel is the pain and the cold of the water in my chest compressing my body. In a last push of resistance I look up to the reflective roof of the water, up high, I see the round circle of the sun that glistens amber, sending its rays to me. I reach out and the invisible force carries me forward to the light of the warm surface.

I open my eyes in a familiar setting of a hospital room, but in an unfamiliar position. I am a patient and I see countless eyes looking at me with an expectation.

About Author Anya Stassiy…

Anya Stassiy was born in Kazakhstan. She is the oldest of two siblings. Anya graduated from New York Institute of Technology with B.S. in Physician Assistant studies in 2007. She practices medical and esthetic dermatology in Brooklyn, NY. Eyes of Amber is her debut novel, but she has several articles published in medical journals. Anya lives in NJ with her husband and three children.


Links to Anya’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2GaygF6

Website www.anyastassiywrites.com

Instagram @writing_mommy

Facebook @AnyaStassiywrites


**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**: Anya will give away a paperback copy (U.S. Only) of EYES OF AMBER to one lucky reader who comments on her Karen’s Killer Book Bench blog.

Thanks, Anya, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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14 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench: EYES OF AMBER by Anya Stassiy #Medical #NewAdult

  1. Judy Tulloch says:

    Hi Anya! I have to admit that I have never heard of you before. I do like what I read in the Blurb and Excerpt of this book. It’s a book I’d like to read.
    Enjoy your day!
    Thanks Karen for introducing Anya! She’s another new author to me!

    • Anya Stassiy says:

      Hi Judy!
      Eyes of Amber is my debut novel. I am a brand new fiction author, before I just wrote a few medical articles. I am glad you like the blurb and the excerpt.

  2. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Anya, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love soul mate stories, especially when the couple can find their destined love all over again. Story sounds good. Thanks for sharing with us today!

  3. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Oh my goodness. Now I have to know what happened.
    It’s nice to meet you , Anya, and I love this trope.
    Thanks, Karen and Anya.

  4. Samantha says:

    What a great blurb. It pulls you in quickly. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Eileen AW says:

    Thanks for joining us Anya. I enjoyed the excerpt you shared and want to know what happens next.

  6. bn100 says:

    looks interesting

  7. Linda Moffitt says:

    Thanks for coming and sharing this book with us 😍❤😍 Sounds Great 👍

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