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Magic Underground Anthologies Book 4
By Melinda Kucsera, Joynell Schultz, Lee French, H.B. Lyne, Raven Oak, Alesha Escobar, Tiffany Shand, C.S. Johnson, Anela Deen, Erik Kort, Devorah Fox, Stephen Wallace, Gwendolyn Woodschild, Leah W. Van Dinther, Barbara Letson, C.K. Rieke, William C. Cronk, Majanka Verstraete, Toasha Jiordano, H.M. Jones, & AR Johnston


No matter the world, LIFE CAN BE DANGEROUS. How dangerous?

Find out in this three anthologies-in-one omnibus with sixty stories from award-winning, bestselling, and new voices of fantasy.

In Hidden Magic, Book I of the Magic Underground anthology, our heroes face the seen and unseen in order to save themselves, their families, and often, the world. These same characters will find themselves in a continuing world of trouble because as we know, LIFE CAN BE DANGEROUS.

In Wayward Magic, Book II of the Magic Underground anthology, our heroes grapple with magic gone wayward in order to save the day. From hidden magic leaving a woman with more freedom than she wanted and children escaping a castle on the most dangerous night in history, to a holy order tasked with saving a town from a pretty poison most magical and deadly, our heroes are taught that LIFE CAN BE DANGEROUS.

Forgotten Magic concludes both the Magic Underground anthologies and our characters’ stories in a breathtaking way as they face betrayal, family, and of course, magic. The stakes are deadly, because if there’s anything they’ve learned in this trio of connected stories, it’s that LIFE IS DANGEROUS.

Fans of Patricia Briggs and Tamsyn Muir will love this trio of anthologies, all together for the first time in this omnibus collection including: USA Today Bestseller Joynell Schultz, USA Today Bestseller Melinda Kucsera, Seattle Times regional bestseller & multi-international award winner Raven Oak, Tiffany Shand, Alesha Escobar, USA Today Bestseller Lee French & Erik Kort, H.B. Lyne, Anela Deen, Majanka Verstraete, C.K. Rieke, Devorah Fox, Leah W. Van Dinther, C.S. Johnson, Barbara Letson, Toasha Jiordano, Gwendolyn Woodschild, H.M. Jones, Stephen Wallace, AR Johnston, and William C. Cronk.


Magic Underground Anthologies Book 4

The Mouth of the Dragon
By Devorah Fox



An interview with Deidre of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam literary fantasy series by Devorah Fox. Deidre makes her first appearance in The King’s Redress, Book Three, and is in The Redoubt, Book Four, as well as in The Mouth of the Dragon, part of the Magic Underground anthology. We approached Deidre as she was leaving the great hall of King Bewilliam’s Bell Castle.

Q: Deidre, you tried to enlist as a soldier in King Bewilliam’s army. Isn’t that an unusual goal for a young woman?

A: Perhaps, but I am an unusual woman.

I apologize, that was a flippant answer. Perhaps you would understand my ambitions if you knew more about me. I am the niece of the late Sir Walter. My mother, Sir Walter’s sister, and I abided with him, and his death left us in dire straits. A poor widow beyond her childbearing years, my mother is unlikely to remarry and is too frail to find employment. I felt responsible to provide for us. I’m something of a country girl. I’m used to the outdoor life. I’m strong. I can ride, fish, hunt. I’m a competent archer and I’ve been teaching myself to fight. I have a sword. It’s not the finest or the sharpest but it gets the job done. I cobbled up a quintain with which I practice my thrusts and parries. I think that I’ve gotten quite good. Thus I thought to apply these skills in the service of King Bewilliam for which I would receive compensation. That would enable me to provide for my mother.

Q: Could you not simply have sought a husband for yourself who would support you and your mother as well?

A: I don’t want ever again to be dependent on a man. I will take care of myself. Anyway, without a dowry, who would want me?

Q But you’re a comely young woman. Or you would be if you got out of that armor and into a flattering gown. Besides, you said you were the niece of a knight. Surely Sir Walter had a manor, lands, other assets that would make you an attractive bride.

A: He did until his title and holdings were stripped when he was found guilty of treason.

Q: That must have been painful for you.

A: It was, especially since he was wrongfully accused and executed. I consider it my duty to avenge his unjust death, and to return honor to my family through loyal and valiant service.

Q: In The Mouth of the Dragon, you abandon your king, leaving him with only one knight to carry on the quest. Was that not a betrayal of your vow of service?

A: (Deidre gives a cryptic smile) I believe the outcome justifies my actions but I leave that for you, and my king, to judge.

About Author Devorah Fox…

It’s said of Devorah Fox that she writes outside the box. Its feelings hurt, the box gets up and walks away. So she writes about that, too.

A multi-genre author, she has written a best-selling epic fantasy series, an acclaimed mystery, a popular thriller, and co-authored a contemporary thriller with Jed Donellie. She contributed short stories to a variety of anthologies and has several Mystery and Fantasy Short Reads to her name. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she now lives on the Texas Gulf Coast with rescued tabby cats … and a dragon named Inky. Visit the “Dee-Scoveries” blog at http://devorahfox.com. Sign up for the free e-mail newsletter, http://eepurl.com/LrZGX


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Visit the “Dee-Scoveries” blog at http://devorahfox.com.
Sign up for the free e-mail newsletter, http://eepurl.com/LrZGX

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