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When Real Estate owner Todd Baker appears unannounced at Chloe Armstrong’s front door offering to buy her home, she is unimpressed by his offer, his good looks or his expensive suit. Not to mention his killer smile.

Chloe has spent years as a dancer at the Lido in Paris. Until a career ending fall sent her back home to be with her dying father. She is an independent woman, who has found a new purpose restoring her home. She has no time for a controlling man in her life.

Reluctant to let this golden opportunity pass to own a prime piece of beachside property, Todd wears down Chloe’s defences enough to allow a friendship to develop. He is surprised to find he is enjoying her company. He is falling for the ex-dancer, but is totally in denial. When Patrick, Todd’s laid-back, charismatic and handsome younger brother appears, sparks fly between Patrick and Chloe.

Can Todd persuade Chloe to see him as he really is underneath the expensive façade?

Will Chloe learn to trust someone with her heart, when she has been so badly let down before?





A drum roll heralded the finale of the Lido 2012 summer season. The audience strained forward to catch their first glimpse of the cabaret dancers’ colourful and elaborate costumes. The house lights dimmed and the strategically placed spotlights blinked on, illuminating the stage. The atmosphere was electric.

Centre stage, on a raised podium, Chloe Armstrong struggled to hold her pose, thankful this evening’s performance was nearly over. She flicked her eyes to the other dancers positioned below. The heat radiating from the stage lights overhead was noticeably intense. Expensive fragrances mingled with the aroma of candle wax and stage make-up, creating a heady perfume in the air. Light-headed with a dry mouth, she twisted and twirled to the music of the live band below. Her costume was la crème de la crème of the show. The jewel-encrusted headdress alone weighed over three kilos. The beaded collar, bra and G-string showcased her toned body and long legs to perfection, making her beautiful and powerful in this elaborate costume, very much the Principal Dancer.

Below, the enthralled audience gazed up at her, their expectant faces illuminated by tea lights on the tables. As she turned, her headdress slipped. She raised her hands to hold it in place, precariously venturing too close to the edge of the podium. Struggling to correct her position in dangerously high stilettos, she lost her balance. The dancer on the podium to her left reached out in an attempt to grab her, but it was too late. She fell to the stage below, striking the podium, and pain seared through her leg.

The loud gasp of horror from the audience immobilised the other dancers. Stagehands rushed to help her, all speaking at once. Dizzy, her vision blurred, she fought for words. Red-hot agony shot down one leg and she frantically pushed away the hands trying to grasp her. The distraught expressions of the dancers would stay in her mind forever. Without a shadow of doubt, she had broken her leg.

The curtain came down, ending the performance and one young dancer’s career.

Meet Author Savannah Blaize…

Savannah is originally from Scotland, and now lives on the other side of the world, in Melbourne, Australia. The climate in Melbourne is very similar to Scottish weather, where you can have cold days yet the sun is shining, and rain and hail can appear at any given moment. Having four seasons in a year similar to the UK also allows her to indulge in wearing coats, hats, scarves and gloves in winter, all of which she is very fond.

Melbourne has been nominated the most liveable city for the seventh year in a row, and Savannah knows why. The laneways are full of eclectic boutiques and coffee shops, the restaurants cater for all nationalities, the many theatres showcase ballet and live productions from around the world. There are countless wineries a short drive away, dotted along the Bellarine coastline and into the Yarra Valley. The beaches are vast and even on the most blustery cold day, the sea calls to anyone who longs to be in touch with nature. Food, wine and entertainment all help to fuel Savannah’s creative imagination.

From Paris To Forever is Savannah’s first full-length novel, published earlier this year. It opens in Paris but is mainly is set in Melbourne, Australia. She has had two short stories published in Anthologies, one in November 2015 and one in February 2017. She is currently writing another full-length novel, which is set in America.


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Website: www.savannahblaize.com


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**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**: Savannah will give away an ebook copy of FROM PARIS TO FOREVER (as an Amazon gift voucher) to one lucky reader who comments on her Karen’s Killer Book Bench blog.

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12 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench: From Paris to Forever by Savannah Blaize”

  1. Good morning, Savannah, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. What an intriguing excerpt! You captured the horrifying moment beautifully. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. What an excellent premise for your debut novel! Congratulations! Thanks, Karen, for the introduction and excerpt. Thanks, Savannah, and the best of good fortune to you!

    1. Thank you Kathleen. I have been fortunate to have good friends who have shared my debut novel, for others to hopefully take a look. 🙂

  3. Thank you for joining us and sharing the prologue to your book. Congrats on publishing a novel!! I’m just 4-5 days out from returning from Paris, with a broken arm and 2 fingers. Not a dancer, just a klutzy walker who can trip on a Parisan sidewalk. Your book sounds intriguing.

    1. Oh Dear Eileen, I hope you heal quickly. Thank you for your comments. I hope readers will think my book is intriguing enough to pick it up and take a look. 🙂

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