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Daiyu Wu Mysteries Book 1



She has the murder weapon. Now she just needs to find the body and the murderer. But can her need for justice shield her from death?

Dallas 1930. Daiyu Wu never hungered for justice. Blind since birth she’s frustrated at her parents’ overprotectiveness, so when she realizes there’s been a murder she keeps them in the dark. The police are unaware of the misdeed so she feels compelled to find proof and drag the evil act into the light.

Worrying her parents will figure out what she’s up to, Dai continues to dig for clues as to the victim’s identity. But dread cloaks her when she’s targeted by a spoiled rich girl whose actions might allow the killer to slither away scot-free.

Can Dai safely navigate the pitfalls as she unearths the name of the deceased and hunts those involved, or will she take a misstep and expose herself and her family to deadly retaliation?

Black Jade is the addictive first book in the Daiyu Wu Mysteries historical cozy series. If you like amateur sleuths, multicultural characters, and unusual detectives, then you’ll love Gloria Oliver’s delightful whodunit adventure.

Daiyu Wu Mysteries Book 1


It surprised me when the pencil-mustached manager made eye contact with me rather than Dai. Her glasses were in place, so there was no way for him to realize she was blind—at least not yet.

“I’m very sorry, but you can’t bring that in here.”

Dai held Prince higher, and he raised his front paws to show he was all about obeying the rules. “I assure you, Prince is a well-behaved canine.”

The manager ignored Dai completely and continued to look and talk only to me. “Sir, I wasn’t talking about the dog.”

Heat rushed up my neck and into my face as the meaning of his words crystallized in my brain.

“We can make arrangements, sir, if we must. But not here, not in public. We have a reputation to maintain and the sensibilities of our guests to consider. If you depart then come round the back, I will see what can be done.”

Dai was blind, not deaf! How dare he say such things in front of her? Who was he to make such judgments? My hands curled into fists, my rage building by the second. His expectant and solicitous expression only made it burn hotter. I would show this cur what I thought of his misguided opinions!

“Jacques, don’t.” Dai grabbed my sleeve. “It’s all right.”

It wasn’t all right. It was far from all right. I shook where I stood. It would be worth a night in jail to show this rogue some proper manners.

“Alphonse, my good man!”

A gentleman in his mid-twenties came toward us, trying to catch the front desk manager’s eye. Clean-shaven with slicked-back sandy blond hair, he wore a black suit with thin gold stripes, a gold vest with black stripes, a black shirt and gold tie. With a knowing look in his blue eyes, he flashed a brilliant, pearly-white smile. I felt an instant and irrational dislike for him.

“So glad I caught you. I meant to let you know I was expecting a special guest today.” His gaze roamed Dai’s length and breadth, then focused solely on Alphonse. He lowered his voice to a bare whisper. “This is the daughter of Dr. C. C. Wu, the minister of China’s legation in Washington, D.C.”

Alphonse’s face paled, and he darted a glance in Dai’s direction.

“She’s here incognito, you see—no limousines or fanfare. My father is very keen to get mineral rights in China. He invited the minister and his family to visit, to show them our famous Texas hospitality. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to put the kibosh on Father’s plans, now, would you?”

By this point, Alphonse was looking a little green. “No. Of course not, Mr. Pierce. I’m very sorry. If I’d known—”

Before I could think about what I was doing, I took a menacing step forward. “He’s not the one you should apologize to.”

The manager almost tripped in his haste to step back from my aggressively looming presence. “Yes, yes, of course.” He half-turned and looked at Dai directly for the first time. “I’m very sorry, madam. Please forgive me for any offense I might have caused. Let me know if there’s anything we can do to make your visit more agreeable.” He swallowed hard. “Welcome to the Adolphus Hotel.”

He bowed low, his entire posture stiff and awkward.

Our ‘savior’ chuckled softly to himself as the manager scampered away to the safety of the front desk. “I shouldn’t say so, but that was a total gas.” He flashed Dai a big devilish grin. “Alphonse gets a little too full of himself on occasion.”

I was sure Alphonse wasn’t the only one.

“Thank you for your help—Mr. Pierce, was it?” Dai set Prince down, keeping hold of the short leash she’d attached to his collar. The strap was more for the comfort of others than something Prince needed. Much like Dai’s teashade glasses.

“Oh, forgive me, dollface.”

Before I could intervene, he took Dai’s hand in his and kissed it. “Truman Pierce at your service.”

Meet Author Gloria Oliver…

Gloria Oliver, a slave to her feline and puppy masters, lives in Texas. She is the author of ten fantasy, YA fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi, and cozy mystery novels. Her newest release is “The JOY of Murder – A Daiyu Wu Mystery.” Book 2 of her first-ever series! For sample chapters, free reads, and other info, please visit www.gloriaoliver.com. She is a member in good standing with both EPIC and Broad Universe though she has yet to work her way into the top list of Cat Slaves R Us.


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  1. Good morning, Gloria, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. After reading your excerpt, I’m intrigued! I don’t often see books set in this era either. Promises to be a different read. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Hi Gloria,
    I worked with individuals with disabilities since college. I used to read textbooks to a blind student as this was before so many books could be read electronically or were on audiobooks.

    I found your lead character who is blind as well as being Chinese, a fascinating sleuth. It will be interesting to see how she solves mysteries without the use of her sight, since so many clues are visual.

    Your excerpt definitely caught my attention.

    1. Hi, Helen!
      Yes, it’s wonderful that so many technological advances have been able to broaden the lives of those with disabilities. They tend to be forgotten, which is a pity.

      Glad you enjoyed the premise and excerpt. Dai is a force to be reckoned with. 😛

  3. I loved the blurb and excerpt. This sound like a very interesting read. One that once I started reading it, I’d have trouble putting it down. Thanks Gloria for sharing it.

    Thank you Karen! Again you introduced me to another new author!

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