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Jelvia: Not Human Book 1


An erotic sci-fi romance novel. Meet the Jelvias, masters of corruption and killers of human beings.

When journalist Macy stumbles onto a story of a lifetime—a Jelvia with humanity—she investigates and comes across a devilishly handsome Jelvia, called Narcifer. And when fate pushes them together, Macy seizes her chance to interview him.

Her best friend, however, dismisses that it’s down to fate and warns Macy that Narcifer has been following her because the newspaper she works for is owned by an enemy of the Jelvian government.

But Macy, overpowered by her own emotions as Narcifer pushes her boundaries and unlocks all her inhibitions in a weekend of sex, spankings and more sex, wants nothing more than to forget her friend’s warnings and the newspaper she works for. But then she overhears Narcifer on the phone: he’s going to kill her.

Narcifer isn’t all he claims to be, and Macy finds herself in a very dangerous situation.

Is Narcifer her lover or her destroyer?

Contains mature themes.

Jelvia: Not Human Book 1


She had the feeling that someone was watching her movements, and the sensation had been with her all the while she had been talking to the man with the dog. She’d tried to ignore it earlier, but now the feeling had strengthened.

She looked toward the police and the forensic team. They hadn’t noticed her—or were ignoring her. The body was brought out in a body bag and loaded into the back of a waiting van.

She opened her car door as invisible eyes scorched her back. She turned and looked. There was no one. She was being silly. Then something caught her eye on the roof of the shop nearby.

She stared at the unmoving, crouching shadow on the roof, and felt it stare back at her. The moonlight caught its reflective eyes and the gaze pierced right through her. The Jelvia rose until he was standing. The wind tugged at his coat, making him appear even more outlandish.

He turned superhuman fast and jumped from the roof of the shop to land on the roof of the next building. He made no sound. And then he was gone from sight. Macy was freaked out. It was dark, her friend had been attacked, and someone had died. She scrambled inside her car. She closed the door and dug in her pocket for the keys, but her car shuddered, and Macy’s head snapped up in alarm. The Jelvia was standing in front of her car, hands on the bonnet as if to prevent it from moving. He leaned in to peer through the windscreen.

Macy began another frantic search of her pockets for the car keys as he took one hand off the bonnet and beckoned her out of her car.

Macy shook her head.

The Jelvia cocked his head at her as if regarding her. The black eyes, already shadowed by the night, appeared to be empty black orbs in the Jelvia’s skull.

He dangled her car keys in front of her.

About Author Louise Wise…

Louise Wise is a British author from the Midlands in England. Her debut novel is the acclaimed sci-fi erotic romance titled EDEN, which was followed by its sequel HUNTED in 2013.

Forthcoming, JELVIA: NOT HUMAN series is themed on the above Eden and Hunted books. HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO book 1 is Wise’s latest release from that series. SURVIVING HER DOMINATE book 2 will be ready for publication in 2019.

All JELVIA: NOT HUMAN books are stand-alone novels and contain mature themes.

Wise chose to drop the name ‘Louise’ from the above books to differentiate from her non-erotic books, which include:

A Proper Charlie (romantic comedy)
Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! (dark, comedy romance)
Wide Awake Asleep (time travel, romance)

Wise enjoys writing comedy and finds a place for it in ALL her books. She has written numerous short stories for women’s magazines such as Take a Break and Woman’s Own.


Links to Louise’s website, blog, books, etc.

Barnes & Noble






Facebook (Louise Wise): https://www.facebook.com/thelouisewise/

Facebook (L. Wise): https://www.facebook.com/hotreading/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/louise_wise

Website: https://louisewise-eden.blogspot.com/

WWBB Blog (for writers): https://louisewise.blogspot.com/


Thanks, Louise, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. Docter says:

    Good morning, L., and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. What an interesting premise! Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    I find this to be an interesting excerpt and your back story to be very cool. Multi genre! Nice to meet you, L!
    Thanks Karen and L.

  3. Linda Moffitt says:

    I love funny books Thanks for sharing your books with us 📚
    Creepy looking cover

  4. Louise Wise says:

    Thank you for having me on your blog, Karen.

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