Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Holiday #Fiction: A LITTLE KRINGLE MAGIC, Christmas Cookies by Loretta C. Rogers

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Christmas Cookies


In Landry, Wyoming, outspoken, bossy Dr. Bea Inseldorf secretly longs for a home and family of her own. She fills her life with caring for everyone else instead.

Widower Tate Reed is filled with bitterness and refuses to celebrate Christmas—his wife died in childbirth at the holiday several years ago. His young daughter misses her mother but also her father, who is no longer the happy, loving man he used to be.

Four days of isolation together in a ranch house and a batch of small round cookies magically change the lives of them all, starved for affection as they are, all seeking the same thing—happiness.

Christmas Cookies


Bea didn’t mean to speak with harsh undertones to her voice. Perhaps that’s why she was an old maid. Men didn’t admire women who freely spoke their minds. She tried to soften her voice. “You have admitted that you say certain words in your mind, but you can’t get them out of your mouth. Mr. Reed…Tate…is the reason you don’t express your feelings is because you’ve been taught that it isn’t manly?”

There, she had said the words he probably didn’t want to hear, and she mentally berated herself for having such an honest tongue.

He opened his mouth to contradict her. It was something of an irritation that she had used his words to make a point. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off this beautiful woman. He couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to have her as a wife. She was everything Mary had never been. He chastised himself. Stop being delusional! You’ve only known this woman a few days. Love at first sight like the magic is her cookies is a myth.

He snorted in contempt. Bea apparently mistook his reaction. She said, “I apologize. There are times when my tongue seems to override the sensible side of my brain.” She stepped away from the bed to the rocking chair. “I’m here if you need me.”

About Author Loretta C. Rogers…

Loretta is a fourth generation Floridian and lives in Citrus County, FL. She is traditionally published and began her career writing short stories for True Confessions and True Romance magazines. When she isn’t writing, she researches her family history and has traced her ancestral roots all the way back to 14th century Scotland.

Once an avid horsewoman she and her pinto mare took second place in a 25 mile endurance trial. Having survived a rattlesnake bite, she has a deathly fear of all snakes.

In her very early years of employment and long before she became a teacher, Loretta was a rape crisis–suicide prevention counselor and an auxiliary sheriff’s deputy attached to the equine division. She also worked as a court advocate for indigent women. Although Loretta writes fiction, many of the characters and plots in her books are fictionalized versions of events that she has experienced firsthand.


Links to Loretta’s website, blog, books, #ad etc.:

A Little Kringle Magic/Kindle: https://amzn.to/3ruAis3

When Comes Forever (Kindle edition)

(Print edition)   https://amzn.to/2MYaexF

Barnes and Noble:



Christmas at Hope Ranch


Barnes and Noble:


BookBub https://partners.bookbub.com/my_books

Loretta enjoys hearing from readers. Contact her at www.lorettacrogersnovels.com

Listen to a free sample of my audio books:


Special Giveaway: Loretta will give away a PDF copy of “Christmas at Hope Ranch” (Contemporary romance) to one lucky reader and a PDF copy of “When Comes Forever” (Historical romance) to a second lucky reader who comments on her Karen’s Killer Book Bench blog.

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19 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Holiday #Fiction: A LITTLE KRINGLE MAGIC, Christmas Cookies by Loretta C. Rogers”

  1. What an interesting background Loretta! It certainly gives you plenty of story ideas, I would believe!
    Thank you for the excerpt…
    Thanks, Karen and Loretta.

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for having me today. I’m looking forward to answering any questions reader’s might ask. I’ve had lots of life experiences, so don’t be shy.

    2. Hello, K. and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. When I was working as a counselor and auxilliary deputy, I never dreamed that one day I’d use my experiences as fodder for novels. As the old saying goes, “story ideas are everywhere.”

  2. Your book sounds really good Loretta, I look forward to reading it. Genealogy can be quite interesting, my daughter is currently trying to trace ours, but finds it difficult as some ancestors changed their names.

    1. Hello, Julie. Oh yes, genealogy takes a lot of time and effort. I wish I’d had the foresight when I was younger to ask my grandparents questions about their parents. Good luck to your daughter. I’m sure she’ll find some interesting info about your ancestors. I hope you enjoy my books, and thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment.

  3. Good morning, Loretta, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. It’s fascinating that you write both contemporary romance and historical romance. Those are very different genres! I do the same with two very different genres so I’m wondering, do you write both at the same time or one book at a time? You have a wonderful array of life experiences to fuel your books. Thanks for sharing you and your book with us today!

    1. Hi Karen, for me, I find writing one genre at a time easier. It may sound weird, but I never know which genre I’m going to write. Whatever idea pops into my head that’s the one I choose. I also let the characters take the lead. I also have a thread of paranormalism in all of my books, thus my tagline: romance with a twist…expect the unexpected.

      1. I do find it easier to focus on one at a time, as well. However, I wake every morning not quite sure which one I’m writing that day. I have good intentions to finish one book at a time, but if something’s not working, it’s nice to shift gears and still write.

        Love the touch of paranormal!

  4. Off to look at the book. Thanks for stopping by. Love to find new authors – or new to me anyway. Your background is interesting for sure. My hats off to you for being there for those who needed you. <3

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Samantha. I hope you enjoy my books and will leave a review. Yes, I’ve lead an interesting and somewhat different life than most, but it’s served me well.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing an excerpt of your intriguing book. You have such an interesting background Loretta! I bet it gives you plenty of story ideas.

    1. Hello Eileen, “A Little Kringle Magic,” is a story with a feel-good ending. I love happy endings. My life experiences have certainly paid off when it comes to story ideas. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  6. Hi Everyone. I live in Florida and it is now 10:15 PM. I have to rise and shine very early in the morning with a long day ahead of me. I want to thank Karen for inviting me to be her guest today, and many thanks to all of you who visited and left comments. I enjoyed hearing from all of you. For any new comers, please leave your comments. I will check back tomorrow night to respond with a reply. Have a blessed night.

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