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A Horrid Comedy


THERE IS SOMETHING STRANGE HAPPENING IN PLACIDVILLE! It is 1962. Kathy Anderson, a serious actress who took her training at the Actors Studio in New York, is stuck playing Vivacia, the Vampire Woman on Vivacia’s House of Horrors for a local Chicago TV station. Finally fed up showing old monster movies to creature feature fans, she quits and heads to New York and the fame and footlights of Broadway. She stops off to visit her parents and old friends in Placidville, the all-American, middle-class, blissfully normal Midwest small town she grew up in. But she finds things are strange in Placidville. Kathy’s parents, her best friend from high school, the local druggist, even the Oberhausen twins are all acting curiously creepy, odiously odd, and wholly weird. Especially the town’s super geeky nerd, Gerald, who warns of dark days ahead. Has Kathy entered a zone in the twilight? Did she reach the limits that are outer? Has she fallen through a mirror that is black? Or is it just—just—politics as usual!


A Horrid Comedy


The screen door opened and in walked a well over six-foot man of chiseled handsomeness, sculpted body, and thick, black, perfectly barbered hair. He was well-dressed in a well-pressed blue suit, white shirt, and blood-red tie. He exuded a most natural sense of authority, even his smile seemed a stamp of authority. An alpha male? He was so alpha he was the complete alphabet—lowercase and uppercase. Is that hyperbole? Well if it is, it at least explains why Kathy, upon seeing Mac, had to stop herself from hyperventilating.

“Oh, here he is now,” Mr. Anderson announced. “Uh, honey, this is Mac, our new mayor.”

The silliness of it all struck Kathy sharply, and she quickly buttoned her blouse and whipped off Vivacia’s raven’s wing black wig. Which seemed to take Mac aback abit.

“Oh! Um, Mac, uh, this is our daughter, uh, uh—”

“Kathy Anderson,” Kathy said, coming forward, offering her hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Mac took that hand slowly in his confusion.

“Isn’t it lovely,” Mrs. Anderson jumped in, “the way Kathy was willing to, uh, play Vivacia for our fan club, just like she does on TV.”

Another dawn broke. And a damn handsome one. “Ah, I see. You play Vivacia. You’re an—actress.”

“Well, guilty as charged. But underneath that vampire woman is just perfectly normal good old Kathy Anderson.”

“Interesting,” Mac said, his eyes taking Kathy in while masking the quick calculations going on in his mind. “But, possibly, it’s actually the other way around.”


“Possibly underneath perfectly normal good old Kathy Anderson there lies the dark, sensual, exciting vampire woman, Vivacia.”

“Ah. Well—a good actress does draw from within.”

“And you are good, Kathy, aren’t you? So very, very good.”

Mac’s words impressed Kathy. Her eyes explored Mac’s body as everything else existing in the universe seemed to float away likesome inconsequential fluff. But, of course, everything else in the universe still existed, including the representative members of the Placidville Vivacia Fan Club, who had all re-donned their masks when Mac had entered.

“Why are you people wearing these silly masks?” Mac demanded to know.

The club members quickly looked through tiny eyeholes at each other hoping one of them would have an answer.

Finally, Mr. Pagle said, “Well, it’s a fan club meeting.”

It was an explanation that did not satisfy Mac. “I’m sure Kathy would much rather rest and be quiet on her first night home. Take off those stupid masks!”

The masks came off with amazing alacrity.

Mac turned to Kathy. “I apologize for the club members, Kathy. But everyone has become rather enthusiastic over Vivacia.”

About Author Steven Paul Leiva...

A Scribe award-winner, receiving the praise of Ray Bradbury and the Oscar-winning film producer, Richard Zanuck, Steven Paul Leiva is no stranger to the business of telling a good story. Author of several novels, and with a writing-style that lays hard on the satire, this Hollywood-escapee doesn’t pull punches when it comes to politics.


Links to Steven’s website, blog, books, etc.:

Publication Date: September 21, 2020 Print Length: 158 Genre: Horror/Comedy Language: English Publisher: Magpie Press ASIN: B08CPS7VGD ISBN: 1735298506

Order on #Amazon now: https://tinyurl.com/y5p94k3e

Need to know more? Follow him on Amazon or Goodreads, or check out his blog here: http://emotionalrationalist.blogspot.com/p/about-steven-paul-leiva.html


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  1. Good morning, Steven, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love your book title. I grew up with Saturday night Creature Features. Your book sounds like a fun read. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  2. I really love the sound of this book, and I love the book cover. Thank you for sharing the excerpt. Have a Great rest of the week. Nice to meet a new author.

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