Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Into The Sunrise, A woman of courage, heart, and integrity by Kathryn Jane

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A woman of courage, heart, and integrity…


Into The Sunrise, is a love story of epic proportions.

Ride along while Dusty survives the unthinkable, thrives in a new environment, and learns to love again.

Being a jockey in a man’s world gave her a thick skin, but nothing could prepare her for the emotional kicks to the gut, the firestorm of discovery, and the eye-opening experience of finding her own intrepid spirit.

A woman of courage, heart, and integrity…


The low rumble of a diesel engine grew louder in the quiet morning air, and John’s big, black one-ton came over the rise with the training gate in tow—a four-stall replica of what was used at most tracks.

Before the truck came to a full stop the passenger door flew open, and a tiny two-legged dynamo raced toward him, launched herself, and, catching her, Chase swung her high off the ground. By the time he put her down they were both laughing.

Dusty stuffed her hands in her back pockets and grinned at him. “Hey, cowboy.”

It hit him like a brick how much he’d missed that smile, and her cheeky attitude. “You’ve grown up some.”

She rolled her eyes. “Ya think? It’s been more than ten years.”

She had curves now, and long, silky hair. Racing photos of her perched over a horse’s back hadn’t done her justice.

“She’s just passing through.” John’s voice had a sharp edge.

“Not staying to visit?” Chase asked.

Instead of answering John asked, “Where’s your hired man?”

Chase hated that term, especially in the demeaning way John used it. Murray deserved better, but there was no point arguing with a man like John. “He’s on the road, moving horses.”

“Guess you’ll need my help, then. Where do you want this thing parked?”

Chase pointed to the paddock, and the three of them worked together to get the gate backed into position, then used portable panels to block the gap between it and the fence.

With the stall gates open, a horse could easily pass through to get from one side to the other.

“Might as well get some schooling done while you have the two of us to help,” said John.

Chase would prefer to work alone and give Angel a day or two to get used to seeing the gate in the paddock, but he’d learned many years ago to pick his battles with John.

He headed to the barn with Dusty in his wake, like old times.

Pointing to the first stall, Chase said, “Grab Jake—retired racehorse and first-class babysitter—and lead the way. I’ll follow with Angel.”

“What’s taken’ so long?” shouted John.

Dusty’s shoulders went up. “Nothing changes,” she muttered while she slipped the halter on Jake and led him out into the sunshine.

Meet Author Kathryn Jane…

Award winning author, Kathryn Jane began her publishing career with a spine tingling Romantic Suspense series about intrepid (read…kickass) women and the men who dare to love them. From there she’s moved on to write about other women of courage, heart, and integrity, and their journeys to find love and happiness. Journeys filled with twists, turns and amazing surprises.

Kathryn’s eclectic background allows her to write about subjects some might find daunting, because she hassaved lives by giving CPR instructions over the phone, and she has ridden as cargo with racehorses flying across the country. Yep, she’s also climbed the corporate ladder, and even taken up a new career or two after the age of fifty.

In her spare time, Kat loves walking alongside the Pacific Ocean, volunteering as a feral cat snuggler, and painting rocks to hide at the beach—hoping a chance discovery will put a smile on a stranger’s face. Kathryn believes kindness, optimism and positive thinking will eventually make the world a better place.


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