Karen’s Killer Book Bench: LYING IN RUINS (Fate’s Vultures #1) & BEG FOR MERCY (Fate’s Vultures #2) by Jami Gray


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Fate’s Vultures #1


In a world gone to hell, it’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad…

The world didn’t end in fire and explosions, instead it collapsed slowly, like falling dominoes, an intensifying panic of disease, food shortages, wild weather and collapsing economies, until what remained of humanity battles for survival in a harsh new reality.

Charity uses lethal survival skills learned too early in her work as a ‘Hound, sniffing out pivotal secrets for one of the most powerful people on the west coast. Her work is deceptive, deadly, and best performed solo, which means when she has a run-in with a member of the notorious Fate’s Vultures, she has no intention of joining forces in some mockery of teamwork. The man might be sexy as hell, but she travels alone. She will accomplish her mission and she will settle a score – hopefully with the edge of her blade. But fate has other plans.

As one of Fate’s Vultures, a nomadic band of arbitrators known for their ruthless verdicts, Ruin witnesses the carnage of corruption and greed battering the remnants of humanity, and he bears the scars to prove it. Now he has a damn ‘Hound showing up in suspicious circumstances, leaving every cell of his body skeptical – and painfully aroused. The woman is trouble, and Ruin has every intention of steering clear. But when they realize they have a common enemy, Charity and Ruin will have to set aside their distrust if they want to achieve their mutual goal – justice and revenge.

Sometimes, when the world’s gone to hell, it’s better to stick with the devil you know…

“…a solid dystopian story…well written…A re-read.” 

… proof that love can be found in the most unlikely places and no amount of denial will deter its path! Feel the heat that blossoms in a world that has become a cesspool of death.” 

“Jami Gray just got marked on my watch list!” 


Fate’s Vultures #2


Choosing a side has never been so dangerous…

The world didn’t end in fire and explosions, instead it collapsed slowly, like falling dominoes, an intensifying panic of disease, food shortages, wild weather and collapsing economies, until what remained of humanity battles for survival in a harsh new reality.

An assassin by trade, a loner by nature, Mercy is sent to infiltrate the Cartels and unmask the identity of their new silent partner. Instead, she discovers a darker plan threatening to crumble the entire Southwest and ends up with a hefty bounty on her head. Still, she’s determined to stop the impending attack at any costs, even if it means partnering up with a member of the notorious Fate’s Vultures.

After enduring a brutal, blood soaked lesson on the savagery of civilization’s scavengers, Havoc is well acquainted with the consequences of battling predators. But as a member of the nomadic band of arbitrators known as Fate’s Vultures, he’s determined to cement the necessary allies to oust the biggest threat looming on the horizon. When an enigmatic woman crosses his path, her secrets and troubling loyalty light the fuse on an unexpected craving and his insatiable curiosity.

In order to trap a common foe and derail an impending threat, Havoc and Mercy must turn the tables to hunt a predator. Can an assassin and a mercenary find their balance on the thin line of loyalty, or will it snap under the weight of their wary hearts?


Fate’s Vultures #2


She didn’t mind lying to get a job done, but Havoc wasn’t a job and lying to him just felt wrong. Keeping things from him, on the other hand, she could justify, for now.

Interest lit his eyes, but it was the only change she caught in his relaxed position. ‘Sounds like a story there. Going to share?’

Now he wanted to bond? Deciding he wasn’t the only one who could dig up the past, she took her turn at the shovel. ‘Sure, if you share yours.’

A muscle twitched along his jaw. ‘I’m not the one who needs to shore up their foundation.’

‘Don’t you?’ she murmured, unable to resist needling him. No need to let him know that, despite their brief time together, she did trust him, a strange, and utterly unique experience. One she had no way to rationalize  Oh, she didn’t expect him to lay his life down for her, but if he said he’d help her, he would. Just like he had so far. Still, years of hard earned experience made it difficult to admit.

‘I saved your curvy ass, even brought you to Istaqa.’ The smile curving his lips set her pulse pounding. It paired with his heated gaze to create a carnal promise mixed with a dangerous dare. ‘You don’t strike me as a woman who would let a man touch her the way you let me touch you last night, not unless she trusted him at some level. So I’d say my foundation is pretty damn solid right now.’ The evil, evil man didn’t cut her any slack. ‘Wouldn’t you agree?’

Her body answered before she could find her voice, a rushing tide of lust that left her hot and achy. ‘Maybe.’ Her hand tightened on her bottle as her tongue swept over her bottom lip. Despite the heat rising under her skin, she refused to back down. ‘Doesn’t mean it will survive when the storm hits.’

He threw back his head and laughed, an honest to God laugh. It transformed his face, turning all the hard edges into something mesmerizing  Caught in the wonder of it, she startled when he straightened, leaned forward and wrapped a hand around her neck and hauled her forward. The table’s edge pressed under her breasts, but the discomfort disappeared as his lips closed over hers, his tongue sweeping in to tangle with hers in an unhurried rush.

He kissed her as if he had all the time in the world. She couldn’t resist the seductive dance and joined in, taking his intoxicating flavor deep. The tart bite of the brew added a cool edge to his dark taste. Her mind tumbled trying to place the elusive combination, a mix of heat and spice as it raced through her veins, sparking a voracious hunger. When he delicately bit down on her lower lip, a soft moan escaped. Then she returned the favor  soothing his abused lip with a soft swipe of her tongue. She traced his lower lip lazily before he reclaimed control of the kiss.

He drew back slowly without letting go of her neck and stared into her eyes. ‘That storm?’

‘Yeah.’ It came out in a husky whisper. Still reeling from his kiss, she sucked in air and pulled back. He reluctantly let her go, and they settled into their seats, neither one looking away.

Meet Author Jami Gray…

Jami Gray is the coffee addicted, music junkie, Queen Nerd of her personal Geek Squad, Alpha Mom of the Fur Minxes, and award winning author of the Urban Fantasy series, The Kyn Kronicles, the Paranormal Romantic Suspense series, PSY-IV Teams, and her latest Romantic Suspense series, Fate’s Vultures. She writes to soothe the voices in her head.


Links to Jami’s website, blog, books, etc.




Lying in Ruins – Fate’s Vultures #1

Beg for Mercy – Fate’s Vultures #2

My other series can be found: http://jamigray.com/books/



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  1. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Jami, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I cannot wait to read these two stories! Both sound like my cup of tea. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your stories with us today!

  2. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Looks as if Karen and I are not the only people who want to read these! 5K plus entrants and 23 days to go! Thanks, Jami! And Karen!

  3. Jami Gray says:

    Aww, thanks, Karen and Kathleen! I just love coming to your place Karen, you have the best followers! Best of luck, everyone, on the giveaway!

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