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Don’t Close Your Eyes
An Enemies to Lovers Series Book 3


An enemies to lovers series continues.

In the third volume of the Don’t Close Your Eyes series, the love triangle between Jase, Kinsley and Klive stalls.

Exhausted with Klive’s mind games, Kinsley cozies up to Jase.

At long last, Kinsley is his to urge toward the wild side he’s used to living on, but is she cut out for his way of life?

Similarly frustrated by Kinsley, Klive steps back, resolved to define her as a momentary lapse in judgement. He embraces his responsibilities for Nightshade without reservation.

While ‘sweet Kins’ loses her inhibitions with Jase, she meets a side of herself she doesn’t recognize. An inner war ensues as she simultaneously battles old enemies but adds a scary new one when testing the temper of not only Inferno, but the biker gang’s leader, Ray, after he threatens her and her co-worker, Sara.

Not one to back down, Kinley’s foolish mouth pushes her luck to dangerous places.

Despite his best attempts to allow Jase to carry his own baggage, Klive deploys his alter ego in disguise and steps off the sidelines to stand beside Kinsley in keeping Inferno at bay, officially bringing Nightshade into an inevitable turf war.

Henley has a face!

He’s real and has her back, but in accepting his protection, Kinsley draws closest to the one placing her in the most peril.

Don’t Close Your Eyes
An Enemies to Lovers Series Book 3

Jase Taylor, Character Interview

What one word best describes you?


What are you passionate about these days?

Kinsley Hayes

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

Outside a relationship, I’m open for business, but when I’m committed, I’m committed.

You just won a huge lottery. What is the first thing you’d buy?

New tires for my 1970 Charger, then a Ferrari 250 GTO if I was lucky enough to bribe a collector.

Who should play you in a film?

Richard Madden or Chris Hemsworth

Do you play any sports?

Football, soccer, volleyball, MMA, frisbee golf

What would we find under your bed?

Nothing, why?

What is something you want people to know about you?

I do what I have to do to get sh*t done. It ain’t always pretty, but the only easy day was yesterday.

Tell us about your greatest achievement.

Surviving BUD/S there were times I was scraping food in my mouth like a rabid dog, shivering my a$$ off in the ocean, swallowing frigid saltwater trying not to choke, flopping on the floor because my muscles were so exhausted they wouldn’t work. Overcoming hell week changed me forever and the “Can’t” mentality was gone. Never ever tell a SEAL he can’t do something unless you want to look like a― well, I can’t say what my DI called us. I loved proving him wrong.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

When the helicopter I was in was shot down and crashed.

Is there a piece of advice that you have received that has really stuck with you? If so, what was it?

My mom always taught me if you get a chance to do something, do it because you may never get another chance.

If you could apologize to someone in your past, what would you say?

I’m sorry for surviving when others didn’t.

Don’t Close Your Eyes
An Enemies to Lovers Series Book 3

Editorial Note: Edited for some language.


An hour later, I’d found the secretary’s crossword puzzle book and had most of the blocks filled on a movie-themed puzzle when I answered the phone to Klive King’s elegant accent.

“So, the rumors are true, and I hear it from the lips of the angel she now has a boyfriend at long last. How is everything, my sweet?”

He typed in the background.

I glanced around myself to be sure no one was eavesdropping.

“I feel like a caged bird, Klive. Is that what you wanted to hear? But not because of Jase, because of my life situation.” I sighed in frustration with how he tormented me. “Name a seven-letter word for a man on my mind who never lets me forget he wants me but doesn’t want me all at once. Down. I’m stumped, but it appears to begin with an A and end with an E.”

Klive chuckled. “Asshole. That’s a bit harsh don’t you think, love?”

“I don’t think it’s harsh enough.”

“Oh, pretty bird, would you like someone to open the door to your cage? You don’t have to fly away. Just climb the bars outside for freedom while remaining tethered to your prison.”

I could practically see that suave smile, gray eyes narrowing a fraction in the sexiest smolder.

“That’s dangerous, sir. You shouldn’t say such things. You were the one who labeled me a cheater when I didn’t have a boyfriend. Now you blatantly tempt me while I do.”

“You shouldn’t admit to being tempted, for I might tempt you further to see how far I get. All I can think of is the way you licked the custard I gave you while you melted at the thought of my touching you.”

“Klive King! You need to behave!”

Sh*t! Thank God no one was around. “How do I behave, Kinsley?”

“Better than this.”

“Does he know you wear my clothing while you belong to him? Do you know how you torment me with thoughts of the last time I saw you wearing my shirt; my hands on your body while your legs wrapped my waist and pressed me so against you as you begged in desperation for me to soothe that ache.”


“Even now, I hear your breathing has changed. The sound of your moan is still fresh in my mind. The stairwell so close I could soothe the ache right now if only you stepped out for a break.”

“I— I— um.” My voice choked with my breath. “The stairwell? Are you in there?”

“Best you don’t find out if you care to remain honest. Call me when you’ve a craving for open doors. Something tells me the innocence is lost. The morals are compromised. Now, Kinsley Hayes, I believe you are ready for me. I’ve been waiting too long to rekindle our battle, my sweet. Even longer for a worthy adversary until the day you pointed your pretty finger in my face and had the audacity to reject me. Keep those track spikes on, run your ass off, because when I catch you, you won’t want me to let go. You’ll hold on so tight, your nails might have blood beneath them as you slip right through Jase Taylor’s fingers.”

The line clicked as my eyes closed.

Bloody hell! What a cocky, cryptic, sexy, screwed-up warning!

About Author Lynessa Layne…

Lynessa Layne is a native Texan who grew up in the small town of Plantersville, home of the Texas Renaissance Festival. She’s a fan of cosplay, exploration, history, loves the beach and is always game for devouring a great book. A military wife, she’s bounced around the US, including the settings in DCYE, currently landing in the heart of sweet home Alabama where she and her husband are raising their blended family.

Lynessa is a certified copy editor with memberships in Mystery Writers of America, Tuscaloosa Writers and Illustrators Guild, Florida Writers Association, Alabama Writers Co-op to name a few. She’s had work featured by Writer’s Digest and Mystery and Suspense Magazine and is currently nominated for Indie Book of the Year and Goodreads Choice Awards 2021.


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