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Intrepid Women Book 8


Intrepid Women #8 (a collection of standalone novels)

Caleb doesn’t do relationships…and Alex won’t settle for anything less.

When people fail to return home after Hurricane Harvey wreaks havoc on Texas, human trafficking is suspected and Meyer’s Security is mobilized to find the missing. But things go sideways when one of their planes disappears, and shit suddenly gets real.

After taking a leave and putting months of hard work into becoming a special agent, Veterinarian Alexandra Davis is determined to excel in her new job—in spite of a personal history with her new partner.

Caleb Broughton is a highly respected special agent with extraordinary skills, has a passion for rescuing kids, and does his best work alone. So why is he suddenly paired up with a know-nothing rookie whose bones he’d like to jump?

Join Alex, Caleb, and the Meyers team in a race to rescue the vulnerable, and a journey of discovery.


Intrepid Women Book 8


(When Broughton, a seasoned security agent is not pleased about suddenly being partnered with a woman who not only had no experience in the field, but had once kissed him brainless, he slips up and now there has been another kiss…one she hasn’t asked for…exactly.)

Thoroughly pissed at himself, Broughton watched her march away. They were on an op. Working. And kissing her was so far out of line he needed his ass kicked. Did he dare apologize? Would that be making too much of a minor brushing of lips? He was a professional. He was technically her superior. Had no choice.


She waited for him to catch up, and he was careful not to touch her. Not to put a hand on her shoulder and turn her to face him.

“I was out of line. Please accept my apology.”

She turned then. Stared at him like he was some kind of foreign blip on her radar screen. “Seriously?”

“I had no right to touch you. Especially on the job.”

“Broughton. Caleb. Let me spell this out and make it very clear. I’m interested in having a relationship with you. Little flyby kisses and the odd touch will not upset me, but they will lead me to believe you are also interested in a relationship. If that’s not the case? Yeah, keep your mouth and hands to yourself. Meanwhile, you should probably finish digging for snacks and get the rest to the Steed.”

She left him standing there with his insides at war. Caught between grinning like an idiot—because, gawd, he loved her attitude—or scrambling to shake loose from the hold she already had on his heart.

He could use a beer.

But a cookie would have to suffice. He dug one out and shoved the whole thing in his mouth, stuck the carton under his arm, and lugged the rest to the Steed.

Meet Author Kathryn Jane…

Kathryn Jane takes readers to places they’d like to live and introduces them to beautifully flawed characters they can relate to and cheer for.

She writes Romantic Suspense, and Women’s Fiction novels, short stories about feral cats, and teaches online workshops for writers. In her spare time (she says laughing), she loves painting rocks and anything else that stands still.

With a passion for life and an addiction to the Pacific Ocean, Kat lives by the belief that Kindness, Joy, and Gratitude will eventually change the world.


Links to Kathryn’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2MlhAvJ

Apple and Nook:

Website: https://kathrynjane.com/books-2/


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James and Julia’s love is off the charts… but their marriage is off the rails, and there’s a rogue Special Agent between them and a second chance.

A fast paced, mind bending adventure, wrapped around a timeless love story.

Thanks, Kathryn, for sharing your book with us!

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9 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench: MISSING, Intrepid Women Book 8 by Kathryn Jane”

  1. What a great excerpt! I’m dying here! The first time I’ve EVER read that line: “I’m interested….”! Terrific!
    Thanks Karen and Kathryn!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I have to admit, like Broughton, I was grinning like an idiot when those words came out of her mouth 😀 … they are such a great couple I enjoyed every moment of writing their story.

  2. Good morning, Kathryn, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love your intrepid women! They make great foils for their heroes. Enjoyed the excerpt you shared with us today. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Hey Karen! Such a pleasure to be your guest again 😀 …. and I’m excited to finally have another novel headed out to the world.
      I took a bit of a break while I wrote my CATS books, but I’ve not only got this new book about to be set free, but Intrepid Women #9 will be hot on it’s heels with a September release!

      Thanks again for the invitation to meet your followers 🙂

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