Karen’s Killer Book Bench #NA #UrbanFantasy #Shifter: RAVEN BORN, Lost Souls Series Book 1 by Bree Moore

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Lost Souls Series Book 1


Paranormals are illegal. Naturalization is deadly. Can Harper evade capture and keep her wings?

Supernatural beings like Harper are arrested every day, a fate she’s dodged so far. But when a single miscalculation lands her in a Naturalization camp, she must choose: be Naturalized or be killed.

Between magical wards that imprison her at the camp and a rebellion brewing, can she find a way to escape before her wings or her life are taken from her?

In a few days, Tyson Miller will be charged with murder.

Today, he’s just a human counselor at Camp Silver Lake. According to Tyson, his therapy makes all the difference for paranormals making the transition to Naturalized citizenship, even if it means encouraging them to give up their shifting abilities and powers.

But as he uncovers the dark history of Camp Silver Lake and the leaders’ mental instability, he’ll be forced to face a devastating truth:

He’s been fighting for the wrong side all this time.

Readers of Anne Bishop and Ilona Andrews will devour Bree Moore’s beautifully devastating new series.

Lost Souls Series Book 1



The man with the gorgeous blue-jay wings looked up.

“What did you mean when you said you only had a few weeks left?”

He squinted a little, then smiled a small, sad, beautiful kind of smile that Harper had never seen on anyone before.

“Bird shifters can’t maintain their shifter form and be Naturalized. Our instincts are too strong to avoid shifting in an emergency. They’ve tried training it out of us, but we don’t hide it well. When I agreed to Naturalization, I agreed to let them take my wings. They’ve perfected a nearly painless cauterization procedure. After that, I’ll be normal. Practically human.”

Harper stared at him in horror, then looked to the warlock that stood at the front of the room. Petrov met her eyes.

“You’re a monster,” Harper spat, her chair screeching as she stood and bolted from the room.

Meet Author Bree Moore…

Bree Moore has been writing fantasy since the fourth grade. She lives in Utah, is wife to an amazing husband, and is the mother of five children. She writes fantasy novels between homeschooling and folding laundry.

In real-life, Bree works as a birth doula, attending women in pregnancy and labor, which is a huge inspiration for her writing. Bree loves shopping for groceries like other women like shopping for shoes (no, seriously), movies that make her cry, and Celtic music. She likes both her chocolate and her novels dark.

Bree is also a resident writer at www.WritingThroughBrambles.com, a blog for fellow authors and readers.

Previously published works include: Woven, Bound, and short stories in the Counterclockwise and Beyond Instinct anthologies.


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  1. Oh my goodness…this is a fraught story line…
    And a free book, as well! My goodness!
    Nice to meet you and thank you , Bree….thanks Karen!

  2. Good morning, Bree, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love the premise. It touches on so many times in history that individuals were persecuted because of their differences. I can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

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