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Nova Scotia Series Book 1


Set in the 1700s, a young woman flees her home in wild Nova Scotia, running away from everything she knows and is. What mysterious secrets does she harbor that are pushing her headlong into danger and tragedy? As her journey ensues, she decides she must search for her baby, kidnapped by privateers–but where and how? Will she be found by those from whom she is running before she can even begin her search?

The young woman unexpectedly discovers love, but her habit of running steers her, as well, right into the hands of privateers. Tormented, abused, and chained, she all but loses hope.

What will she find on her journey? More than she ever bargained for . . . for, you see, it is a thin line, indeed, that separates when one finds they are not running fromsomething, but actually running to something.


Nova Scotia Series Book 1


Nova Scotia 1731

Chapter 1

She felt breathless as did the winded horse she had just brought to an abrupt halt. The spotted gray mare pawed the frozen, snow-spattered ground and snorted little puffs of vapor, impatient to get on with the journey. However, the petite rider seemed to have the need for one last glimpse back through the trees. The darkening late afternoon, the trees pressing in upon one another, and the spitting snow did not allow even a hazy glimpse of the outline of any of her familiar surroundings.

The young woman, who was not much more than a girl, reined in her gaze from beyond to the mare on which she was mounted. Her fear of continuing on into such an uncertain future called for her to return home; yet, the fear of all she had just left propelled her forward in time. A voice called to her heart from her past, and a voice called to her head from the future.

The brisk air was almost like breathing sharp, little ice crystals. She shivered and drew her cloak closer about her against the ever present Nova Scotia wind. She knew she could not stay long in this spot if she was to continue her journey without being noticed, but some unseen force was still trying to draw her back. Maybe the problem lay in the fact that she could not quite put a finger on just what that “unseen force” was. If she could only name it, she knew she could set her determination against it. When she tried to concentrate on what could possibly be calling her to return, however, the answer stubbornly remained elusive. She had nothing back there, except heartache and broken dreams she told herself. Back there was not her future . . . and she wanted to leave everything right where it was–back there!

Pulling on the reins, the young rider headed her mare through the forest further away from their home. For now, she purposely blocked out any call to return and, as a show of determination, dug her heels into the horse’s flanks. Having been impatiently waiting for a signal from her mistress, the mare immediately responded with footwork as fast as the narrow, somewhat tangled, path would allow.

In the colorless light, the black trees seemed to stiffen even more as the rider rushed past them. There was no sky–only dark, heavy clouds hanging on the treetops, clouds that seemed to frown even more as the rider pressed on beneath them. The frozen stalks of grass that pushed up through the pine needle carpet crunched beneath the horse’s hooves, sending up harsh whispers to the rider’s ears, “Murderer. Murderer.”

About Author Sheila Rae Munoz…

Sheila Rae Muñoz holds a Doctorate Degree in Education and taught in Christian schools for several years. She had a desire that each of her own children learn to write well, so she resigned teaching in a school setting, where there was little emphasis on writing, to homeschool her children. Two of her children are now published authors.

This is Sheila’s first fiction novel and her second book. She has also previously written and revised Christian school curricula, as well as edited several books for other authors, including three by the late Florida Highwayman artist Robert Butler, one of which is his autobiography, Timeless Echoes: The Life and Art of Robert Butler.

Sheila, an avid hunter and fisherman, resides in Lakeland, Florida, with her husband, Raymond, and their dog, Bear.


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  1. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Although not my cuppa, I can see many people reading and enjoying your books.
    Thanks, Karen and Sheila.

  2. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Sheila, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Such wonderful imagery in your excerpt. I felt drawn in. Thanks for stopping by to share your book with us today!

  3. Nathan Parks says:

    I have read this whole series, and as an author, I personally enjoyed the chance to escape from the genre I usually write, and be taken away into this amazing historical piece. Sheila draws you in with a lot of twist and turns, and does so in a manner that is easy to read and follow. Make sure you check this series out!

  4. bn100 says:

    sounds suspenseful

  5. Eileen AW says:

    Thanks for joining us and sharing your book.

  6. Linda Moffitt says:

    Thanks for coming and sharing your book with us 😍

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