Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Operation Sex Kitten (San Diego Social Scene Book 1) by Tess Summers

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San Diego Social Scene Book 1


Ava Ericson thought she had her life planned out: graduate with her PhD, marry Brad Miller when he finished law school, have 2.5 babies…and mediocre sex for the rest of her days. But when Brad dumps her upon learning he’s passed the bar, citing new “opportunities” available, she has to rethink her future. Believing her lack of experience was the reason Brad broke up with her, she launches Operation Sex Kitten (OSK), a plan to become a vixen in bed and get Brad back. Things might go astray when she meets the notorious attorney, Travis Sterling, the bachelor who she is sure can teach her a thing or two in the bedroom. As she enjoys putting OSK theories into practice, she realizes the real ‘operation’ will be for the two not to fall in love. Fun and romantic, Operation Sex Kitten turns up the heat with explicit scenes while you root for love to conquer all.

San Diego Social Scene Book 1


Ava woke to the smell of coffee. She opened her eyes and could see the dawn’s light starting to shine through her blinds. Taking a delicious full body stretch, hands above her head, and letting out an mmm as she finished, she wouldn’t have been able to wipe the smile off her face if her life depended on it. She’d finally had movie sex.

She looked over to see Travis in the doorway with a cup of coffee, clad only in his boxers, smiling back at her.

“Morning,” he said with a low voice.

“Good morning!” she replied back with a smile. Ava stretched again, only this time the sheet covering her naked body slipped down to her waist. She watched his eyes dance with delight when she didn’t rush to drape it back over her and instead laid there, enjoying being naked in front of him.

Sitting down on the bed next to her, he leaned in and asked, “Regrets?” while tucking her hair behind her ear.

Ava flipped over onto her stomach, hugging her pillow, facing him, her ass only half covered by the sheet. Last night had been incredible. She’d gained some of the experience she was searching for and put some of her theories into practice, with mindblowing results. At least for her.

“Not a single, solitary one,” she purred. “You?”

“Are you kidding? I had you, naked, in my arms all night. My only regret is I can’t lie in bed naked with you all day.”

“Mmm, you’re right, that would be lovely.” She slid over and put her head in his lap and closed her eyes while picturing what that would actually be like.

He stroked her hair for a minute before speaking. “I think it’s best if I go before anyone wakes up around here and sees me sneaking out of your place like a tomcat. I have two boys I’m sure are still sawing logs in my guest room, but I need to get back before they know I was gone.”

She knew he was right, of course, but would have loved to have a round two of last night before he left. What has gotten into me? She grinned. Travis had gotten into her— literally.

“I’m only thinking of your reputation, darling,” he drawled when she didn’t move her head so he could leave.

She sighed. That damn reputation.

She got out of bed and put on the tattered robe she had left there after she moved into her condo. Travis slipped his shorts on and T-shirt back over his head and met her at the door leading out to the pool. Having never had a one-night stand before, she wasn’t sure what to expect next. Operation Sex Kitten had just gotten underway; this was all new to her. Do they exchange numbers, promising to call, but both knowing that’s not going to happen? Or do they leave it as it is, no empty promises, nothing more than a goodbye with a kiss?

Those thoughts were swirling around Ava’s head as she stood there, hand on the doorknob, ready to open it and send him on his way, so what he said next confused her a little.

“When can I see you again, Ava?”

Wait, what? Is that just something he’s supposed to say or did he really mean it? She was at a loss for words. More importantly, do I want to see him again?

He brushed the hair away from her face. “I can see you again, can’t I?”

“I’d love to see you again,” she murmured. She was sure there was a lot more she could learn from him.

“Then why the hesitation?” He took a step back and tilted her chin toward him.

My God, he has a commanding presence.

“I guess I wasn’t sure this was more than a one-time thing,” she answered as she dropped her eyes from his.

“Is that what you want?” He almost seemed hurt at the thought.

“No. I’ve just—I’ve just never done something like this before so I’m unsure of the protocol.”

He laughed at her use of the word protocol. “Well, the protocol in this situation is you have dinner with me tonight.”

She tried not to smile too widely when she told him, “I’d like that.”

“I’ll be in touch later today then with the details.” He leaned down and gently kissed her while opening the door. “Last night was incredible,” he murmured against her lips.

He hadn’t taken three steps out the door when Ava called after him. “Travis?” He swung around and waited.

She held her right palm facing up in a questioning manner. “Um, what’s your last name?” She was a little ashamed to be asking at this point. She was sure even sex kittens learned last names first.

He grinned at her. “Sterling,” he responded, then turned on his heel and quickly made his way to the pool gate that led to the driveway before anyone else saw him.

After he quietly and gingerly closed the gate behind him, he put his hand up to wave goodbye to her as she watched him from her doorway. Ava walked back in the pool house and slumped down on the couch.

Holy shit. I just slept with Travis Sterling.

Meet Author Tess Summers...

Tess Summers is a former business woman and teacher who always loved writing but never seemed to have time to sit down and write a short story, let alone a novel. Now battling MS, her life changed dramatically, and she has finally slowed down enough to start writing all the stories she’d been wanting to tell, including the fun and sexy ones! Married over twenty years with three grown children, Tess is a former dog foster mom who ended up failing and adopting them instead. She and her husband (and their six dogs) split their time between the desert of Arizona and the lakes of Michigan, so she’s always in a climate that’s not too hot and not too cold, but just right!


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