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The Broken Halo Series Book 1


Adelay’s dreams are being haunted by an unfamiliar voice. She welcomes these seemingly harmless nightly visits, until the messages they bring begin to take on a dark foreboding warning. The powerful messages leave a nightmarish puzzle for Adelay to solve. A sudden move from Colorado to New Hampshire finally brings her face to face with the haunting visitor from her dreams and an unexpected fairy tale romance. Davin, a desirable two-hundred-year-old vampire, begins to shed light on the mysterious truth buried inside her – a curse born from an unnatural angel and human rendezvous. Now, a powerful werewolf will stop at nothing to possess the curse, exposing Adelay and everyone she loves to mortal danger.

The Broken Halo Series Book 1


A shadow quickly moved across the ground in front of me that I only caught thanks to my peripheral vision. It was what I’d call catching the dark figure from the corner of my eye. The clouds had blown in, and the street seemed to be empty when I glanced up to see what had passed on the sidewalk, causing the blockage of sun that was touching our table in small warm patches only moments before.

Nothing was there.

Gretchen had mysteriously disappeared along, with everyone else that had been there moments before, and I was left alone scanning the empty street looking for the shadow that had passed. My panic managed to stay at bay, leaving only curiosity about the figure that was slipping quickly around the corner of the building.  I pushed my seat away from the table, feeling an instantaneous new surge of energy rush through my body.

“Hey!” I called out to the man in front of me.

I knew he was a man because his wavy brown hair and olive skin was one hundred percent human. He stopped for a brief second, turning to look at me with a thin smirk pulled across his tan face.

“Xander…. is that you?” My stomach churned, as he whipped his head forward again to only walk faster down the alley, he had us heading into. “No, Xander, wait!”

I was racing to keep up with him, stepping over the garbage that was scattered across the ground in the dirty alleyway. My heart was pumping hard from my pursuit to keep up with his long strides. The annoying thing was he wasn’t moving any faster than a brisk walk, but I couldn’t seem to catch up with him.

I stopped for a second to catch my breath. Underneath my foot was a wet, soggy newspaper stuck to the bottom of my shoe with the blurred pictures of two women that had the words MISSING written in bold lettering above their ink smeared faces.

The same scene I had encountered once before in one of my dreams just before moving to Hanover. I looked around at the brick walls surrounding me, only to see that more MISSING signs were hung sporadically down them all the way to where the buildings ended.

Xander was out of the alley then and out of my view. I peeled the soppy newspaper from my shoe, tossing it back on the ground before continuing to make my way to the end of the alley and straight into Hanover’s Cemetery.

Frost covered the once green grass, and the trees there were just starting to lose their leaves. I was alone where I stood at the wrought iron entrance of the historical cemetery.

So, I departed further inside, knowing there was nowhere else he could’ve really disappeared to, and it was only a matter of time before I would eventually run into him.

My prediction was right because seconds later his body came into view, and I was moments from finally standing face to face with him. He stood still, with his body positioned up against an immense tree growing from the outskirts of the cemetery grounds.

I made my way closer until I was able to see why he continued to remain motionless. His arms and legs were bound by thick rope, tying his solid body to the tree. Another rope was fastened around his stomach keeping him firmly pressed against the trunk.

“Xander!” I ran over to the tree to help him, however I could. But I stopped abruptly in my tracks when I was close enough to see his blood-ridden face.

Deep red liquid trickled down his chin, spilling onto his white cotton T-shirt.

He lifted his head to meet my eyes, curling back his upper lip just like the motion of a wild animal. Not just any animal. A wolf. His blood-stained teeth were jagged points, and his eyes that used to be a beautiful cerulean blue were empty and lifeless, no longer the Xander I knew.

Rage filled his newly changed black eyes with red rimming the black irises, as he twisted and jerked to release himself from the restraint the ropes had on his body. The more he thrashed the deeper the rope burned into his stomach, so spots of blood seeped through his torn shirt. His long tongue flicked some of the blood away from his lips.

I backed away watching his veins pulse throughout his thick neck, and his bones popped and grinded in his body―just the way it had happened when I was in the presence of the other werewolves’ transformations. A few more seconds and those ropes would be broken, and he would be free, which my senses were telling me would not be a good thing.

I slunk back pressing my back to one of the gravestones that was behind me, pushing myself as far into it as I could until I could push no more. I felt the cold stone through my layers of clothes sending a shock down my spine.

About Author Rheanon Nicole…

Rheanon Nicole aka “Zombie Barbie” is an author, model, horror actress, YouTube host and podcaster of Sinister Parlour Podcast, and television personality who has an insatiable interest in all things horror.

In addition, she has done voice over work for the “Disney Pictures” approved film, “The Legacy of the Parent Trap”, starred as “Pamela Voorhees” in the short film “Three Bodies, One Grave”. Has co-starred in Vestra Pictures and Mort House Films, “The Dark Web:Mystery Box”, Vestra Pictures, “Amityville Hex”, “Witchcast”,  “Amityville Exorcist”, and Average Superstar Films, “COVID 2024”.

When Rheanon is not engrossed in her writing, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Autumn, loving on her dogs and binge-watching old 80’s horror flicks.

Links to Rheanon’s website, blog, books, #ad etc.:

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Broken Halo

Broken Halo Blood Curse

Broken Halo Witches’ Game

Rheanon Nicole’s author page: 

IG: @zombiebarbie13

Twitter: @zombiebarbie_13

Facebook: www.facebook.com/yourzombiebarbie


Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/sinisterparlourpodcast


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  1. Good morning, Rheanon, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love the premise of this book. Having your dreams step into the real realm would be scary. At least, mine would! LOL Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. This book sounds like a great read! Thank you for sharing about it with us. Have a Great week.

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