Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Paranormal #Vampire #Romance: THE DOCTOR AND THE DEVIL, Les Dames Dangereuses 3 by Lily Riley

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Les Dames Dangereuses 3


Betrayed by her first and only love, Doctor Wilhelmina Van Helsing fled to Paris intent on finding a cure for the blood plague devastating the country.

With her many talents and sheer force of will, she’s become the preeminent supernatural physician in all of Europe. It seems nothing can stand in her way—until her former lover shows up unannounced and quite unwanted.

Rafael Dracul is fiercely determined to regain Mina’s love after breaking her heart twenty years prior, but his plan is complicated by the fact that he’s being hunted by the Order—a shadowy organization now determined to stamp out the blood plague. If Rafael can’t clear his name, find the true origin of the plague, and convince Mina he’s a changed vampire, more than their future will be lost.

With the Order’s poisonous influence edging France ever closer to an all-out war between humans and vampires, Mina agrees to set aside her anger—if only to uncover the truth of the threats against her adopted homeland. But helping Rafael means getting close to him again, and soon she’s faced with an impossible choice—risk the lives of everyone she cares about, or risk her heart on forgiveness.

Publisher: Mystic Owl
Print Length: 305
Language: English
Genre: Paranormal Historical Romance
Publication Date: June 15, 2023

Les Dames Dangereuses 3


October 25, 1747
Buda, Hungary

Since today is my 17th birthday, I asked the devil for a kiss. He winked at me and asked, “Where?”

“The library will do fine,” I said.

He threw his head back and laughed at me, then tugged at my ringlets. Confused and embarrassed, I felt my cheeks burn and stormed up to my room to hide for a bit.

It wasn’t until I asked the stable boy to explain the jest to me that I understood.

“I am happy to offer you a kiss in his stead,” he said with a smirk.

I tried to hide my distaste at the thought of the stable boy’s lips pressed against mine. “Thank you,” I told him. “But I think I’d rather have a cup of tea and go read a book.”

The sound of his laughter followed me out of the stables.

I find the male sex perplexing and annoying. It’s a pity the devil’s so handsome since he is such a rogue–or so the housemaids say.


Late in the evening, I was in the library by myself. The cook had given me a spice cake as a treat and I was nibbling on it while I read some of Papa’s anatomy books, and the devil came in. He sat on the chaise next to me and laughed at my book.

“Shouldn’t you be reading something more appropriate for a young lady?”

I didn’t understand, so I asked, “What is inappropriate about the organs of the human body?”

He looked somewhat stricken, and eyes took on a strange light that made me feel oddly warm, but he did not answer me. Instead, he tilted his head in that infuriating way that made his dark hair swoop over his eyes and had all the housemaids sighing at him. Since he didn’t reply, I assumed the conversation had ended and I went back to my book and my spice cake. He did not depart, however.

“Didn’t we have an appointment?” he asked after a few quiet moments.

I was certain I looked confused, because he chuckled again. Oh, I didn’t want to come off all silly over him, but his laugh makes me think of bitter coffee and too much sherry. It was low and dark and heady and sometimes I thought I could become intoxicated by it. I wish I were more charming or had a lighter temperament to draw it forth more often.

“You asked for a kiss in the library,” he replied, moving closer. I knew I turned bright red at that–I thought he had forgotten my impetuous and embarrassing request.

I tried to calm my pounding heart and will the blush from my cheeks, but I knew it would do no good.

“Did I?” I lied. “I don’t remember.”

He shifted even closer, plucking the book from one hand and the cake from the other. He set them on a table at our side and licked the sweet crumbs from his fingers. A strange tightness began to build low in my abdomen as I watched him…

About Author Lily Riley…

Lily Riley is a romance novelist currently focused on historical paranormal books that feature a little bit of cheek and a lot of steam.
When Lily isn’t writing about dreamy supernatural beings in 18th century France, she enjoys sipping champagne, eating cake, and dancing naked by the light of the full moon.


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  1. Good morning, Lily, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love the premise of this book, the historical era it’s set in, and the excerpt. Sounds like a marvelous read. Can’t wait! Thanks for sharing your book with us today. BTW, I really like the captivating cover!

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