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Authors of 6 books (so far) – Dave and Lillian Brummet combine their talents in this powerful, beautiful book of poetry. Their individual writing styles express passions and real life experiences. While Lillian experiments with various styles of poetry, most of Dave’s poems in this book were in fact initially written as song lyrics.

Some of the poetry in this book reflects on the emotional turmoil of ailing parents and the grief of their passing. Others will share the strange emptiness left behind when old wounds are healed. While dappled with pieces that celebrate life, love, animals and nature with a good share of light-hearted comedy thrown in as well.

Poetry has the unique application of allowing a writer to express their own hopes, dreams or pain, and to explore creative use of words, rhythms, fantasy, truths and rhymes…” ~ Dave Brummet



Groove-yard (by Dave Brummet)

As children we play, in the dirt we get down
Oblivious to all that’s going on all around.
Then we grow up and we seem to lose
That ability to shut off the world’s blues.
We tend to get tangled in every day’s grief
Without any outlet to get some relief.

Making music it seems, it like being a kid once again
Nothing else matters, it’s just you and your friends
When we go play we can easily forget
All the stressful things that make us all fret.
Yet if we forget to stop and to play,
We have lost the power of the child’s way.

In the Groove-yard – sitting in the sandbox
Playing in the playpen; being with your friends
Going to the groove-yard – you don’t have to work hard
But to take a part; you’ve got to have heart
While you’re in the groove-yard.

You may be sick and you might feel down.
Things in your world are turning you around,
But music has charms to sooth that beast.
It usually works; you’ve got to try it at least.
We’ve tried the drinks and pipes to make things abuzz
But nothing has the kick that making music does

As musicians we play and when we get down
There is no stopping us, we’re painting the town.
We’ll not give up the power at any cost
Of that childhood ability that’s so easily lost.
That way of getting through everyday grief
Because we still have the output to get some relief.

There is no explaining the feeling we get
When it’s all over at the end of a set.
Shell-shocked from the venting of emotions
Onto a canvas of musically inspired devotions.
Humor flows and wise-crackers attack
As we wait and discuss when we can next get back.
In the groove-yard – sitting in the sandbox.

Playing in the playpen – Being with your friends
Going to the groove-yard – you don’t have to work hard
But to take a part; you’ve got to have heart
While you’re in the groove-yard.

Forever Changed (By Lillian Brummet)
*This poem, written in 2011 after a strange dream.

Young lad shuffles on cobblestone path

Skipping stones across fields of gold

Eyes focused on the sky…

Where scenes of wondrous dreams

Float past like thunderclouds

While carriages clatter by

…just by chance – their eyes met

…and he knew – she was the one.

He – in torn pants

Sun sweat soaked field clothes.

She – sparkled like sun on water.

The moment passed before the eye could blink;

Yet his life – forever changed…

And she – couldn’t breathe.

About Authors Dave and Lillian Brummet…

Between the two, Dave and Lillian Brummet are authors, poets, photographers, musicians, graphic designers, artists, product reviewers and former radio hosts. Their work has appeared in a variety of publications around the globe for several decades. The Brummets were honoured with an award for “outstanding use of various media in on-going outreach work to reducewaste in our environment”by the Recycling Council of British Columbia. Seeds of Diversity also awarded them with a Certificate of Appreciation for volunteer contributions. Boundary Family Read and Columbia Basin Alliance For Literacy also recognized them for their work. If you are curious about the name recognition the Brummets have built up over the years simply head over to your computer, call up your favourite search engine and type in Dave and Lillian Brummet.

Dave and Lillian believe in making a difference and have been donating a percentage of the income generated from their business sales, services and products to a large number of charities. Learn more about their charity, volunteer efforts and their Drum-it Forward project via their site: http://www.BrummetMedia.ca


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Blog https://consciousdiscussions.blogspot.com/

The Blog features green living articles, green tip of the day, poetry and author interviews/advice, helpful resources and musician advice/resources. We welcome submissions and queries.


Thanks, Dave and Lillian, for sharing your book with us!

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  1. Thank you so much, Karen, for spotlighting this book. We are so very grateful for the supportive work you offer that has such a positive effect for literacy, authors and the industry in general. 🙂

  2. Absolutely delightful! I can see the differences as pointed out in intro.
    Thanks, Karen , and Dave and Lillian.

  3. Good morning, Dave and Lillian, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love spotlighting poetry. It seems like a lost art, sometimes. Loved both of your excerpts. The differences are fun and interesting. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

    1. He Eileen, I sure appreciate your comment and am so glad that so many people are enjoying this poetry-special post on Karen’s blog!

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