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The Stalkers of Whiskey Bend Book One


Kyle Walker had his hands full being Sheriff of Whiskey Bend, Texas. Between the drag racing teens and self-important citizens, the small town keeps him hopping. His life is full except for the one person he longs for, Jaz, who moved away years before after a misunderstanding. He still hasn’t forgotten her.

Jasmine VanZandt left Whiskey Bend years before when she thought Kyle cheated on her with the one girl she hated most, resulting in pregnancy. She knew he’d “do the right thing”, and she couldn’t stay to watch him marry someone else. It would’ve destroyed her.

Eight years later, she decides to return, only to have her world turned upside down and inside out before she can get back. Her parents are killed in a car wreck, which appears remarkably similar to one that occurred twenty-seven years before. But this time, the evidence obviously points to murder. Could the wreck that happened years before have been foul play as well?

When they discover Jaz is being followed, both realize they must face their past before they can make a future together.

Small towns are notorious for secrets, but Whiskey Bend has some killer ones!


The Stalkers of Whiskey Bend Book One



1. How did you get started writing?

I started when I was in middle school writing stories based off my favorite TV shows and their characters. Reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys made me want to write mysteries.

2. What genre(s) do you write in and why?

I love a good mystery and a good romance. The mystery always gets solved. The hero and heroine prove if they can survive the obstacles, they’re meant to be together.

3. What do you think about when you’re alone in your car?

Usually whatever scene has me stuck, or my story or which one I should work on next.

4. What is your favorite part of writing?

Coming up with ideas and characters. I think it’s fun to figure out what situation I can drop them in and how they’ll survive.

5. What is your least favorite part of writing?

The Middle because I’m never sure if the plot still works. And making sure I don’t get ahead of myself.

6. Pick two celebrities to be your parents. Who would they be and why?

I’m not sure how to answer this. As a teen being adopted meant I used to dream about someone famous being my real parents. I’ve always loved Shirley Jones of the Partridge Family.  It would be equally awesome to have James Garner as a dad.  As an adult I’m glad I have the parents who raised me, but it’d still be awesome to have these as parents.

7. Where do you get the ideas for your stories?

Sometimes from a song, or a real-life drama on television. Because I write romantic suspense, I pick a lot from real life or older television shows and just put my own twist on it.

8. Tell me about your ideal reader.

Someone who wants the edge of your seat action and suspense but loves the Happily ever after.

9. What is your “go to” routine that helps you get in the mood to write? Special beverage? Music? Etc.

I open my laptop that I keep beside the bed and open the current story and read through it. Make the necessary changes. If I’ve dreamed something the night before then I put it in. I usually watch Supernatural, NCIS or Rizzoli and Isles during the day in the background. If none of them are on, I’ll flip it over to YouTube for my playlist. A combination of classic 80’s rock, country, the a cappella group Home Free. I either drink iced tea or coke during the day.

10. Tell us about your next book & when is it being published?

I’m hoping to finish a couple of books this year.  Next one on my immediate list is book two of The Stalkers of Whiskey Bend trilogies and a stand-alone Deadly Cache.

Book Two is Dark Discovery which brings back one of the stalkers from Dark Stalker back into the limelightDARK DISCOVERY

A partial blurb for book 2 of the Stalkers of Whiskey Bend.

Isabella can’t get back to Whiskey Bend fast enough to heal after she is cleared in suspicion of causing the wreck that injured her and killed her estranged husband. She soon starts a new job as a reporter at the local newspaper, but when one of her co-workers disappears without a word to anyone, Isabella gets suspicious.

Her investigation leads her to two other missing girls and to the dark side of the town’s highest official and his wife, none other than her boss. But before she can prove anything, someone else is in town causing her trouble. Someone who thinks Isabella is responsible for the wreck that killed her soon-to-be ex.

But he’s not the only one in town hunting. Somebody else wants Isabella dead and revenge on his old Marine unit. Matt’s unit.

Deadly Cache doesn’t have a blurb yet but I’m hoping it will be out late fall. It’s about a serial killer and geocaching. Here’s a description of the story at the moment. (this is not currently the blurb).

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

But sometimes things aren’t what they seem and what you find while geocaching isn’t always what it appears to be. Sometimes it’s worse.

What would you do if you found a serial killer’s trophy box?

Katy Thornton just wanted to spend the summer someplace from her past, figure out her next move and most importantly find out what happened to her father.  She and her sister Deanna have to decide by summer’s end what to do with their grandmother’s cabin on the Tennessee River. Add to that having to tell the hot deputy she had sex with four months ago that he’s going to be a daddy.

Swimming, relaxing and geocaching are their only goals for the summer until Katy finds what she thinks is a geocache ends up being something far more sinister.

He can’t believe his luck, the woman in the photo from his first victim’s wallet is in town. She’s prettier in person and she has his trophies.  The only problem is she’s hooked up with a local Sheriff’s deputy. Law enforcement is the last thing he needs right now.

Also coming soon: 

Burn Out Book two of the Full Throttle series.

Princess Hunter

Dark Revelations. The Stalkers of Whiskey Bend Book Three

About Author Juanita D. Houston…

Juanita Houston lives in a small town in Tipton County, Tennessee with her retired Sr. Chief husband who now sells cars. She started writing in middle school and high school but then life got in the way and it was put aside until she returned to Tennessee after her kids got older. She joined several writing groups and submitted her first short story to the first anthology for Malice in Memphis. She wrote five more stories for subsequent anthologies. Rights returned she reworked a previous anthology story Christmas 2019 and published it under a new title; An Unwanted Visitor.

Three months later she self-published her first novel, Full Throttle. She’s currently working on Book two of the Full Throttle series. She submitted a story, The Spirit in the Mask, to an independent anthology, The Secret of the Jeweled Mask. Additionally, a short story, Princess Hunter, written for the Court of Sin Anthology; will hopefully be out later this year.

She currently has a new series she’s working on, The Stalkers of Whiskey Bend Texas.  Dark Stalker, the first of the series is now available, while Books Two and Three are in production.

She’s working on re-releasing previously published short stories among the slew of other stories rattling around in her brain.

She has a novel based on geocaching coming out soon.

When she is not writing, she’s researching for books, geocaching or painting.


Links to Juanita’s website, books, Etc.


Website:  www.juanitadhouston.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JuanitaDHouston

Instagram:  www.instagram.com/juanita.houston

Readers Group:

Amazon author page:


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Thanks, Juanita, for sharing your book with us!

Don’t miss the chance to read this book!

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  1. bn100 says:

    nice interview

  2. Yvonne Cruz says:

    Enjoyed the interview, especially since she’s a new author to me. Thanks

  3. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Juanita, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love a good solid suspense and your book sounds like it’s right up my alley. I, too, love to listen to music when I write but I can’t do anything with lyrics, which also shoots tv in the foot. Words “out there” won’t let me focus on words “in here”. LOL It’s interesting how different authors work! Cannot wait to read this story. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

  4. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Nice to meet you, Juanita, and great introduction and interview, Karen.

  5. Judy Tulloch says:

    I mostly choose a book by the blurb! I loved what I read in this one and have a need to read the book to find out all of Jasmine and Kyle’s story. The suspense and mystery had me hooked! It’s an added bonus to be introduced to a new author to me, which I was. I will check out your books! Thank you for sharing!

    Thank you, Karen!

  6. Alicia Haney says:

    Wow, this book sounds intriguing ! Thank you so much for sharing about it and about the author Juanita, she is a new to me author., I enjoyed reading this post.

  7. Eileen AW says:

    Enjoyed the interview. Thanks for the blurb on your book too.

  8. Glenda M says:

    DARK STALKER sounds interesting! I enjoyed reading the interview as well.

  9. Latifa Morrisette says:

    This book sounds really good.

  10. This book sound wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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