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Selkirk Family Ranch, Book 2


Investment banker Paula Barton harbors a secret love for JD Selkirk, brother of her best friend, but the wounded warrior refuses to leave the VA hospital and get on with his life. Then his brother threatens to sell the family ranch and Paula commits a rash act that puts JD in the middle of the crisis. Her daring tactic leaves her vulnerable to JD’s sudden campaign to charm her, an about-face she knows she shouldn’t trust.

JD wants to be left alone to brood over the haunting memories of the day an IED blew him up and ended his Army career. When Paula forces him to intervene in the ranch crisis, JD angrily decides to use his well-honed seduction skills on her. As the cocky player suddenly faces new physical challenges on the ranch, JD realizes he has more to reckon with than a romantic game.

Selkirk Family Ranch, Book 2


JD checked the snow from several windows. It looked to be over four inches in less than an hour. Unbelievable. In Cheyenne, they hardly had any rain, and they had no snow last year. Not that he spent much time looking out the hospital windows. People did that when they wanted to get out. When they had lives the weather impacted. He didn’t.

Paula walked down the stairs. Nice hip action. Her full breasts didn’t bounce. They moved gently. She wore a blue plaid long-sleeved western shirt and jeans, but on her they looked like a costume for a play.

“Bet you didn’t expect to be stuck here,” he said. He softened his words with a grin.

“Anytime I’m on the ranch, I’m stuck,” she said, with a half-smile.

“That’s right, you don’t like the isolation, I hear. You’re a city girl.”

Her expression became remote. “I see no particular virtue in being so far away from all other human beings.”

He rubbed his head. “After the constant noise of the hospital, it’s okay. Anyway, it makes your time with other people more intimate.”

She raised an eyebrow. “How do you mean?”

He moved in closer, crowding her. He put a finger on the top of her blouse, where one button was covering her breasts. Her eyes went wide. Her breath slowed. “We have to entertain ourselves. Find something to do.” He leaned in and lightly touched his lips to hers. “Like this, for instance,” he said.

She didn’t resist. She still stared at him like a rabbit eyeing a predatory beast. He put his right hand on her chin and tilted it at a better angle. The skin of her cheek was soft as a peach. Her lips were softer. He leaned in for another taste, this time delving deeper.

She made a sighing sound. He gathered her in his arms and kissed her thoroughly, plunging into her soft mouth, pressing her full breasts against his chest. One hand trailed down her soft backside, pulling her lower body against him.

The kissing continued, until he felt a bump on his leg. He looked down. The dog had butted him.

He started laughing. “Somebody’s a critic.” He drew back, still holding the womanly armful that was Paula, enjoying her softness against him.

She looked…blindsided.

He released her. “We’ll do more of this later,” he said, with his signature cheeky grin. “Hold my place.”

He whistled as he walked away.

Meet Author Irene Vartanoff… Irene Vartanoff

Award-winning author Irene Vartanoff combined her love of comic books and romances by working for Marvel Comics and DC Comics as well as Harlequin, Bantam, Berkley, and My RomanceStory.com. Following an editorial career in romance publishing, Irene turned to writing novels. Her first was a superhero adventure novel, Temporary Superheroine, quickly followed by a sequel, Crisis at Comicon. A third superhero adventure for Chloe is on its way. The Selkirk Family Ranch series of sweet contemporary romances starts with Captive of the Cattle Baron, followed by Saving the Soldier. Tess’s story is in the works. Irene’s women’s fiction novels to date are Summer in the City and A Daughter’s a Daughter, with more soon to be published. A lifelong East Coast resident, Irene currently lives in a forest of tall oaks in the wilds of West Virginia.


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6 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Saving The Soldier by Irene Vartanoff”

  1. Good morning, Irene, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I really do love rancher/big city characters. There’s just so much conflict as they try to work toward a middle ground. Love the dog interrupting the kiss. 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us today!

  2. Karen,
    Thank you for posting this book from Irene. I am intrigued and for sure will be checking it out.
    Irene thank you for sharing The Soldier with us on Karen’s blog. I am not a huge romance book fan but yours has me interested. JD has my attention. I want t know if Paula is able to break through this Soldiers barriers.
    Thank you both for today’s post.

      1. Tammy, thanks for your comments. I consulted with experts on PTSD when I wrote this book. My wish is that everyone who encounters this condition can be released from its pain.

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