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Love by the Yard Book 2


Offensive linemen are the silent protectors of the game. Always there, but never seen by the fans. Whether by accident or circumstance Dalton Gresham has been known as the Blood Thirsty Bear of the Gridiron since his rookie year. With fans wearing number seventy-seven with fake blood dripped on it can this giant in football shake his monster status.

Having hidden away at Lost Lake, Wisconsin the last thing Willeen Fire needed was publicity. The tall, voluptuous woman has a beauty she hides behind flannel shirts and engine grease while staying off the grid.

When Dalton first meets Willeen the last thing he thought was she was a woman in need of protection, but as he falls for her the natural instinct to protect is screaming in his ears. Can he stop being the monster he’s been labeled and become the one who will finally save Willeen from the man hunting her?

Love by the Yard Book 2


Willeen could stare at Dalton’s arms for the next two weeks. Thick, with sinewy muscles straining against his shirt to the point Willeen wondered if any shirt could hold him. Then again, she may just be wanting to explore the great expanse of his chest. Rarely could she find a man large enough to dwarf her and not be out of shape. Dalton doesn’t have a six-pack, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t firm and muscular.

With a quick lick and bite to her upper lip she settled her hormones enough to figure out a plan. “Tour guide huh? Guess I need a safari hat.”

“Seems more like one of those places with a fisherman’s hat.” Dalton smiled side wide. “You know, the ones with all the fly fishing lures.”

“That must be your Colorado showing,” she said. “You guys do that fly-fishing stuff there, huh?”

“What do you do on this lake?” he asked and she stuffed her hands in the pocket of her windbreaker.

She walked toward the lake behind the cabin. “You can dock fish. Maybe I could bring a boat over and pick you up one day if you just need to be alone in the middle of the lake.”

The dock creaked and rocked slightly side to side as they stepped on it. Willeen was used to the motion and kept walking toward the end, which T’d and Bucky had a built-in bench on the horizontal end. Turning around, she noticed Dalton standing stark still with his hands out to the side and his knees bent.

“I wouldn’t dive from there,” she cautioned. “Might want to come out a little to avoid a head injury.”

“I don’t think there’s much left to damage.”

Willeen took a few steps toward Dalton. “Are you afraid of the water?”

“Not sure, I haven’t really looked far enough ahead to see if I could drink it all.”

“Drink it all? As in if you fell in the lake.” Willeen let out a laugh at the mere thought of all the fish flapping around on an empty lake bed with Dalton in the middle.

“I know it’s stupid, and I walk in the rivers all the time in Colorado, but there’s something about a lake.” He looked over the edge of the dock. “This one is clear.”

“Yep, maybe not so much in the middle where it is deeper, but still you should be able to see the bottom for most of the lake.”

Dalton took a few tenuous steps until he made his way to her. She placed her hands on either side of him as if she could somehow catch him if he fell. His eyes slid to the bench on the end of the dock. “It’s beautiful.”

“Well, this is where you fish,” she explained and sat down on the bench with her hands pressed together and between her knees held tight. “You can try from the shore, but if you look over the edge you see the little buggers going crazy down here. I usually come by once a week and drop some treats. It keeps them around the docks.”

“Is this lake stocked?”

Willeen held her index finger and thumb about a half inch apart. “A smidge. Owners like Bucky keep the population up by not vacationing and fishing.”

Dalton peered over the edge of the dock and gave her a half-hearted smile. “I don’t suppose Bucky actually leaves his gear?”

“He might, if not I’m sure I could find some.”

“You live close?”

“Depends on the season.” Willeen looked across the lake and pointed. Her dock was the only visible part of the cabin where she lived. “In the winter, it’s a straight shot over here.”

Dalton put his hand over his eyes to shield from the sun. “You have a boat?”

“My boss does, he docks it at my cabin.”

“Any chance we could go out on it?”

“You’re on vacation, I’m not Dalton, I can call you that right?”

“I’m afraid to hear what else you would call me.”

Tucking away a smile, Willeen stood up and walked to the edge of the dock with the tip of her shoes right on the steel frame. Going up on the balls of her feet, she wished it was warm enough she could curl her toes to balance on them. It was her favorite thing to do ever since she was little. There was a reason gymnasts were so tiny. Controlling six feet of a person is difficult, but she could on a swaying dock to boot. It was a freeing activity that centered her, brought her back when she felt herself going down the wrong path. Like with Dalton, she had a dozen other projects she needed to get to, instead she was sitting on a bench praying he would sit next to her. She wanted the heat of his body to envelope her. He talks about himself as if he were a brute. Yet she felt safe standing alone on the placid lake with one of the few men she’d met who could actually manhandle her. Turning to look over her shoulder she wanted to take him in, instead their eyes met. He’d been staring at her without shame. The edges of his eyes crinkled when he gave her a small smile setting her off balance.

She felt herself start to go and his arm reached and grasped hers. Her body jerked to a stop before stumbling back on the dock with stuttered steps. Crashing against him, Willeen dropped her head against his chest. The warmth mixed with the crisp scent of his cologne caused her to inhale deeply. Oh, this was bad.

Meet Author Michel Princemichelweb

Michel Prince is an author who graduated with a bachelor degree in History and Political Science. Michel writes new adult and adult paranormal romance as well as contemporary romance.

With characters yelling “It’s my turn damn it!!!” She tries to explain to them that alas, she can only type a hundred and twenty words a minute and they will have wait their turn. She knows eventually they find their way out of her head and to her fingertips and she looks forward to sharing them with you.


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Love by the Yard Series
“Tackling love one down at a time.”

First and Ten
Amazon US http://tinyurl.com/jmbd5wy
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Second and Short
Amazon: http://amzn.to/2hnzIp9
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Amazon CA http://tinyurl.com/jx2zu7r
Amazon AU http://tinyurl.com/zxfh2kv
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