Karen’s Killer Book Bench: TAWNY JUSTICE, Lost Creek Shifters Series Book 1 by Misha McKenzie

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Lost Creek Shifters Series Book 1


She was his. From the moment he first saw her, he’d known he had to have her. And he’d kill anyone who stood in the way of his prize.

Kaia would do whatever it took to protect her home from poachers. It still outraged her that the one who had shot and killed her brother had gone unpunished. As mountain lion shifters, Lost Creek State Park had been their sanctuary—a place they could run and be free. But not if lawless men with guns lurked in its shadows.

Mac has tried his damnedest to look out for his best friend’s sister since his tragic death. But she hasn’t made it easy. Nothing he says as a friend, or as the sheriff, will dissuade her from taking matters into her own hands. When trouble comes, and the law can’t contain it, Mac realizes that unconventional methods may be the only way to save them all.


Lost Creek Shifters Series Book 1


Kaia spun around to see a massive cougar leaping for Mac. Going straight for his throat.

Only Mac’s quick reflexes saved him from the killing bite, but the big cat still took him down. Without thought, she shifted in an instant, her cat taking over to protect her man. Mac’s shirt fell to the ground in shreds, and as soon as she’d landed on all fours, she was on the move.

The cougar had Mac pinned to the ground, his arms raised and crossed like a shield, protecting his face and neck. Blood already coated his forearms from the cat’s razor-sharp fang teeth as he fought off the vicious attack.

He took a blow when a large paw swiped out at him. Raking down the side of his head, it left a furrow near Mac’s temple. Dark red blood instantly welled up and flowed.

With bunching muscles, Kaia sprang and hit the male mid-body, driving him off of Mac.

They tumbled together briefly before finding their feet again. The male crouched and braced, ears turned and flattened to his head. He snarled at her and then slid his focus to Mac somewhere behind her.

Not taking her eyes off the larger cat, Kaia stepped into his eye-line, drawing his attention away from his target and keeping it on her. He’d have to go through her before he got to Mac.

Angry, he struck out at her with his huge paws. She answered with her own growl and swiped back at him, letting him know she wouldn’t back down. Mac needed time to get away. She had to keep him busy.

Unless he was hurt. Was he lying in the dirt, dying?

He was behind her, so she couldn’t see him. No matter how hard she listened, she couldn’t hear him either.

Her heart was racing, but her fears had to be pushed aside. This cat was skilled and strong and hell-bent on killing. She needed all of her wits about her to keep them both alive.

There were other cats in the park, but she’d never had one come into her territory. This big male must be new to the area, brought in by her being in estrous. Mountain lions were normally solitary animals. But when a female was in heat, males could scent the hormones from miles away.

He’d probably only come, thinking he’d find a receptive female to mate with. Instead, he’d found her.

Not going to happen, big guy.

It wasn’t his fault he’d stumbled into the wrong situation. Now she just had to persuade him to move on. That he’d get no action here.

She hissed and charged at him, taking a couple more swipes for good measure—and making sure he knew she wasn’t into him.

He backed off but tried circling around her. She cut off his route by rushing him again, letting him know, in no uncertain terms, to leave.

A scream of rage told her he wasn’t happy at being denied. But the angry cougar finally seemed to give up, huffing as he finally retreated and ran off.


Meet Author Misha McKenzie…

Misha McKenzie grew up in a small town in Michigan. After high school she earned an Associate’s Degree in Business, married her high-school boyfriend, and had two amazing boys. Eventually, she landed a job as an office manager at a construction company. It was while working there that the Marquands and The Magic of the Heart Series was born. The writing bug may have bit late, but it hasn’t eased up. Misha has now written a total of ten paranormal romance novels and is now working on her first in a new shifter series.


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  1. Good morning, Misha, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Loved the excerpt. LOVE shifter stories and can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Well, now. Very interesting!
    I’m glad you started writing, Misha. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number!
    Thanks Karen and Misha.

  3. I LOVE my book I got from Misha at Rom Con 2 years ago- Aria’s Law. Everyone that knows me knows I love my supernatural romance! Love your puppy pictures on Facebook too! Thank goodness I can keep up with you there since the demise of Rom Con in Denver. Thanks for sharing your excerpt today!

  4. Nice excerpt and nice cover!
    I enjoy reading these kind of stories and I look forward to reading this book.
    Thanks 😊

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