Karen’s Killer Book Bench: Joyce Renee Jones, Character Interview, The Baby Chronicles: Where You Were Before You Were by Beatrice Bruno

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The Baby Chronicles – Where You Were Before You Were

Have you ever wondered where you were before you were born?

The Baby Chronicles Volume 1 is a fictionalized account of the creation process as seen through the eyes of its four main characters, preborn Spirits: Beverley, Joyce, Emmaline, and Margarette Ann. These four female pre-borns give an insider’s view of creation and birth that’s never been told before, but many have questioned. After being given everything in the Chambers of Gifts and Talents they will need to fulfill their assignments, they prepare for their trip to Earth – a trip they might not return from!

Come along and experience life before you existed with these four who experience time in the United States Army and beyond.

A brief introduction of The Baby Chronicles characters…

“…A poor Negro family? That’s where I’m going? Why? Why me? They aren’t even married…to each other! They’re…what’s the word Jesus used? Adulterers! Does God know about this? An Earth-assignment was out for Beverley!


For the first six months of your life,” Almara interjected, “your only sustenance or food will consist of breast milk from your mother and soft foods that can be easily digested. You will not have teeth… by the age of six months, you will learn to sit up by yourself and maybe crawl…”

“No teeth! Can’t feed myself! Can’t walk or sit up… What about my adventures? I won’t be able to do anything during this time except be a…a baby?” An Earth-assignment was a let-down for Joyce!


“…Abba, I don’t like people!”

The Voice of the Ages boomed in laughter. “Spirit child, I don’t like the humans I have placed on the Earth either. They are never satisfied and always want more of what they already have. They don’t want to listen to Me yet they want Me to do things for them,” Almighty God explained. “But, I do love them. I am sending you as a dose of reality…” Margarette Ann certainly didn’t want to have to deal with…people!


Woman, I told you before: we are not bringing any children into this horrible world,” Alton shouted. “And if I have to beat every one of them out of you, I will,” he threatened angrily.

The call came for angels Hazmar, Kangor, and Eliasa to quickly attend to the pregnant young woman. The three of them deflected as many of the blows as they could so that pre-born Emmaline would not be harmed during the assault.

These same three had helped the pre-born’s Earth-father when he was assaulted by the six men in Nashville… And it didn’t look like Emmaline would even be able to make it to Earth for her assignment!


Character Interview, Joyce Renee Jones

1.What is your name? Do you have a nickname?

My name is Joyce Renee Jones. My nickname is JoJo.

2. Who is your best friend? What kinds of things do you do when you’re together?

My best friend was my twin brother, Jeffrey. We used to hang out together until he started hanging out with gangsters in the neighborhood. He started acting funny. Sometimes, he acted as though I wasn’t his sister. But, everyone in the neighborhood knew I was his sister. We look a lot alike.

3. If you have a family, how do you get along with them? If you don’t, are there people in your life that you consider family? How do you get along with them?

I love our family. We got along well with each other until Jeffrey was killed. Then, I lost my reason for living. I miss my twin. I used to love going down South to Alabama to spend time with my grands and my cousins, aunts, and uncles. We still get along, but I miss my twin.

4. Do you have a birthmark? Scars? Where is it/are they? How did you get it/them?

I have a tiny strawberry on the inside of my right ankle. Funny thing? Jeffrey had a tiny strawberry on the inside of his right ankle. I guess whoever created us wanted us to really be a matched set.

5. When you’re angry, what do you do? Where do you go? How do you deal with your anger?

I go to the park. Well, I used to go to the park when I got angry. You know, Astoria Park. I would take the train and ride around for awhile until I got over whatever made me angry and then walk around the park until the streetlights came on. I used to hang out with these kids who always had some smokes. I would pretend that the smokes would take my problems away and leave me deflated.

6. If you had to make me a meal right now, without going to the store, what would you find in your refrigerator to feed us?

I keep Ramen Noodles on my shelf. Before I left home and joined the Army, my mom always had plenty of food. Since I came into the Army and have my own apartment, I would much rather eat out than in. I hope that changes soon because eating out is expensive, especially for a young soldier.

7. What’s the one thing you’re afraid of losing?

I don’t know. My life? Since my twin, Jeffrey, died, it seems as though he took my life with him. We were so close. (Sob.) I don’t know who that guy was that stabbed him in the back. He died trying to say our stepfather. That’s something I still can’t understand because Jeffrey hated Pops! Other than losing my life, I don’t really have anything in my life that I would care about losing.

8. What makes you laugh out loud?

My younger sisters and baby brother: Sharon, Angie, and Allen. They are the funniest kids in the world. They just do stuff that makes me roll on the floor and laugh out loud!

9. Has anyone broken your heart? Who was s/he?

My brother Jeffrey. When he was murdered, (by the way, they still haven’t found his murderer) my heart broke in half. We were a matched set. Even when he was going through growing pains and started hanging out with thugs, we still had that twin thing going on. I will never forget him. I just wish he could have come back.

10. What’s the one thing you want out of life that you don’t think you can have? Why can’t you have it?

Peace? Love? Joy? Seems like all that stuff eludes. When I joined the Army, it was because the sign on the window of the recruiting station said, “Be all that you can be.” I don’t know what all I can be. I don’t even know what I want to be. I see other families, whole families, loving and caring for each other. I guess I want that. I mean, I love my mom and my stepdad, and my siblings. I love my other family members. But, I guess I just don’t see me being in love with anyone. After Jeffrey left me, I lived a pretty fast life, a life I knew was wrong. But, I didn’t care. What’s the one thing I want out of life that I don’t think I can have? I want to be happy. I want to find that thing I’m supposed to do and do it with all my heart and be happy. That’s all. Thanks.

Meet the author, Beatrice Bruno...

Beatrice Bruno is the author of two motivational/inspirational titles:

  • How To Get Over Yourself, Get Out of Your Own Way, and Get What YOU Want Out of Life!
  • How To Get Over Yourself and Let Go of the PAST

She is also the author of two soon-to-be rereleased Christian Living titles:

  • Up the Down Escalator – Are You Really Saved?
  • God Has Prepared the Table! Why Aren’t You Eating?

Beatrice is an Army veteran and former (but always and forever) Drill Sergeant. She is also an ordained gospel minister and life and writing coach who loves showing folks how to get over themselves and let go of the PAST. Having trained over 2000 Basic Training soldiers through Army Basic Training to graduation, she has seen characters who run the gamut from straight-arrow to cone-head! Many of these real life characters will find their way into her fictional characters in her books.

Now having written her first novel, Beatrice is spreading her wings as a novelist and creating the series, The Baby Chronicles, Volume 1, which includes the GI Josephines (Volume 2) and the Soldiers of the Lord (Volume 3). But Beatrice will not stop there. A mind for the unusual Christian experience, Beatrice is also working on Lara Rose, HGPI. Ask her what that acronym means and she will be glad to share it with you.


Links to Beatrice’s website, blog, books, etc.

The Baby Chronicles – Where You Were Before You Were, is available at the following retail outlets:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2ldcgRo

Barnes and Noble: http://bit.ly/TBCBook

Books-A-Million: http://bit.ly/BabyChr

Powells Books: http://bit.ly/PowBC

For speaking, book clubs, presentations, contact Beatrice at Beatrice@DrillSergeantofLife.com or 720-212-9780.

To purchase a personalized copy of The Baby Chronicles or to receive a free chapter, go to: http://drillsergeantoflife.com/thebabychronicles/

My website is www.DrillSergeantofLife.com. All my books are listed on my website and The Baby Chronicles has its own page.


**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**: Beatrice is giving away a PDF copy of her book, HOW TO GET OVER YOURSELF and LET GO OF THE PAST to all readers who comment on her **Author Peek** or Karen’s Killer Book Bench blogs.

Thanks, Beatrice, for sharing your book with us!

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  1. Good morning, Beatrice, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. It was great to meet your character, Joyce Renee Jones. I always thought it would be fun to be a twin, but it would be so devastating to lose him or her. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  2. Hello, all and thanks for your comments. To me, twins are fascinating. They have a certain something that singles don’t have. Thanks again for your comments. Beatrice

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