Karen’s Killer Book Bench: The Dragon’s Blood Key (Legend of the Dragon’s Blood Key Book 1) by Linda L. Barton


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Legend of the Dragon’s Blood Key Book 1


Swept away to a magical realm, Cassy finds herself forced to fight in an ancient war. As she embarks on a quest to lift the curse cast by the Evil Queen Alona over the Kingdom of Walandra, Cassy soon learns her true destiny. Sometimes the hero comes in a form least expected.

This is the first installment in the Legend of The Dragon’s Blood Key.


Legend of the Dragon’s Blood Key Book 1


“Cassy, where are we?” Aaron asked in a near whisper.

“Huh? What are you talking about, we’re in the library,” Cassy groaned as she opened her eyes. Nevertheless, what she saw made it entirely clear they were no longer in the library.

“Abigail, you have returned to us,” a voice exclaimed from behind a fallen tree.

Cassy struggled to her feet then reached down to help Aaron stand.

“Cassy, who said that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Who are you? Come out so we can see you.” Cassy pushed Aaron behind her in a protective stance.

“You are not Abigail? I do not understand. You look like Abigail from the stories I grew up hearing,” the voice was full of disappointment at hearing this news.

Cassy squared her shoulders, trying to summon the courage to face this unknown person. “Show yourself,” she demanded.

Aaron gasped as he watched a creature step from behind the log. It stood nearly five-foot-tall with dark scaly skin and bright emerald green eyes that seemed to look deep into his soul. He blinked his eyes several times, not convinced he was truly seeing what was stood there before him.

“You’re a dragon,” the words escaped his mouth before he realized what he had said.

The creature stepped closer but stopped when Cassy held out her hand. “Stop, dragons aren’t real. They are only make-believe; something out of Fairy Tales.”

The expression on the creature’s face changed from one of hope to one of sadness.

“I do not understand. There are whispers of how Abigail, the chosen Champion, who had fought the Evil Queen Alona would someday return. It is said once she returns; she will defeat the Queen and restore freedom to the Kingdom of Walandra. You promised that you would return to help us, and here you are.”

Cassy shook her head, trying to clear her mind. “Stop calling me Abigail. My name is Cassy. I don’t know you, and I never promised to return. Heck, I don’t even know where we are, so how could I have promised anything?”

“But you answered our plea. We called out to you, and you returned to Walandra,” the creature smiled, trying to put her at ease. “You must remember.”

Cassy shook her head again then looked back at Aaron. “Pinch me. I want to wake up from this strange dream.”

Aaron looked at Cassy and chuckled. “Pinch you, I’ve already been pinching myself, and it’s not working. I don’t think we’re dreaming. This is real.”

Meet Author Linda L. Barton…

Linda L Barton is a Multi-Genre Author. Publishing her first book in 2011, Linda started out by writing Dark Thrillers. Since then she has branched out by writing YA Fantasy, Women’s Romantic Fiction, and even Children’s Books under the name Nana Barton.

One of the high points of Linda’s writing career was when Next Move, You’re Dead: The Trilogy Bundle was chosen as 1 of 100 pre-loaded Kindle Fire ebooks given away in the 2013 Emmy Awards VIP Swag Bags to over 600 of those in attendance at the awards that evening.

Linda is also the Founder of Deadly Reads, Deadly Reads Author Services, and Host of the Deadly Reads Radio Podcast on Youtube. (

Linda is also blessed to be married to a wonderful man, Bob for more than 30 years. Bob is her writing muse and has created several of the plots for her books. Together they have a daughter and son, as well as 5 beautiful grandchildren; all of whom are the joy of their lives.

Linda never thought she would become a published author, but now she cannot imagine doing anything else.


Links to Linda’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon http://amzn.to/2y7D8XI

Facebook Author Page

Twitter https://twitter.com/LindaLBarton

Deadly Reads Website https://deadlyreads.com/

Blog https://lindalbarton.blog/

Amazon Author Page

Deadly Reads Youtube channel

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  1. Good morning, Linda, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. This sounds like a wonderful book, for me AND my granddaughter. She loves fantasy reads, especially with dragons. Hmm, I wonder where she got that! LOLI can’t wait to recommend your book to her mom. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

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