Karen’s Killer Book Bench: The Inheritance (Black Hills Legacy) by Debra Salonen

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Black Hills Legacy



“Nothing like an unconscious doppelgänger to ruin a perfectly good day at the Mystery Spot.”

Robyn Craine has two loves: her Harley and the Mystery Spot, the Black Hills tourist attraction she bought with funds from her late mother’s estate, an inheritance that included a generous gift from billionaire Harold Hopewell. With a chance-of-a-lifetime expansion in the works, Robyn doesn’t have time to babysit the handsome Sentinel Passtime actor who shows up to do “research”–especially when she figures out his connection to the wealthy businessman/ politician trying to sabotage her new project.

Liam Temple has no intention of falling for a Black Hills local. His agent has Liam’s breakout, big budget movie deal lined up. Even though Liam likes his current Sentinel Passtime gig, he promised his late sister he’d win a Golden Globe by thirty-five. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a feisty, Harley-riding tourist trap owner caught in Liam’s father’s crosshairs for buying a hunk of land Richard Marston thinks belongs to him. But when Robyn’s doppelgänger stunt double is attacked, Liam recognizes his father’s MO and makes keeping Robyn safe his first priority.


It is Spring Break where you live? In my part of California (near Yosemite National Park), life is very green at the moment—an ephemeral sweetness that pits my hubby against rapidly growing weeds and gophers ala Bill Murray in Caddyshack.

This spring, we added something new to the mix. After thirty years in the same house, we moved. Not far. Just next door actually, but in rural terms that means a smaller house on the adjoining five-acre parcel. A million or so trips back and forth. Change is healthy…but a lot of work.

My contractor husband actually built both homes. The one we’ve just moved into was built for my mother. She’d been a widow living in Las Vegas for two years when we purchased the land to build our “dream” home. Mom decided she wanted to live closer to family so she bought the parcel right next door to ours. “Grandma’s House” was a popular place for many years, until Mom decided she was done driving. Then, the isolation of the country became too much. She moved to an independent living center for seniors and her sweet little home was rented to younger family members. Change can be a beautiful thing…this is where my two elder granddaughters grew up.

But, when my son bought his first home in nearby Mariposa and my daughter with her three little girls needed to make a big change in her life…a very good thing!–I decided this was the right time to downsize. Lovely word, isn’t it? I totally embrace the concept…in theory. 😉 But it turns out even a short move is a lot of work! Plus, I was finishing my new Black Hills Rendezvous book at the same time!

In a way, BLACK HILLS LEGACY: The Inheritance saved me from agonizing over downsizing choices. I just didn’t have time to fret. I was like…”Goes. Stays. I don’t care. I have to write now. Bye-bye.” Change can be very…liberating.

So, let me tell you about this book that saved my sanity.

BLACK HILLS LEGACY: The Inheritance is the final book in a year-long collaboration between these amazing authors: Kathryn Shay, Judith Arnold, Patricia McLinn, Lisa Mondello, Jean Brashear, Margaret Daley, Kathy Carmichael, Julia Kent, Teresa Hill, Amy Gamet, Patricia Keelyn, Donna Fasano and me. The concept behind the collection was so simple, yet so brilliant. Billionaire Harold Hopewell traveled the world, encountering people and letting their stories touch him. In death, he is giving back, leaving an unusual will filled with life-altering bequests to the people he met along the way.

You can find the entire Inheritance Collection here: http://www.theinheritanceseries.com

To stay up-to-date on promotions, prizes and events visit our FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/theinheritancecollection

And you can read the first-in-series FREE from each of the 13 The Inheritance authors: http://theinheritanceseries.com/free-books/

BLACK HILLS LEGACY: The Inheritance is Book 10 in my Black Hills Rendezvous series. If you enjoy reading connected stories, you’ll love to re-connect with some of the characters from this series, but each title is a complete, stand-alone story—no cliffhangers.

How does Harold Hopewell’s bequeathal factor into my story? Robyn Craine bought the Mystery Spot, the quirky Black Hills tourist attraction she’d worked at every summer since age sixteen, with money from her late mother’s estate, an inheritance that included a very generous gift from billionaire Harold Hopewell to Nurse Marybeth Craine whose “kindness and compassion touched him profoundly.” The surprise windfall provides a welcome distraction from the grief of losing the mother Robyn adored but never truly understood. The money also opens the door to an old mystery—one that a very powerful man is determined to keep a secret. When he sends his son, Liam Temple, an actor in the popular TV show, Sentinel Passtime, to facilitate the deal, Robyn realizes there’s more at stake here than sixty acres of landlocked rocks and trees. It’s a mystery she’s determined to solve.

You can start reading for FREE here: http://debrasalonen.com/?page_id=2755

Meet Author Debra Salonen...

Former award-winning newspaper journalist Debra Salonen is a nationally bestselling author with 26 traditionally published novels. Debra was named Romantic Times Reviewer’s Career Achievement “Series Storyteller of the Year” in 2006 and one of her titles was named Best Superromance of 2011. In July 2014, Debra’s first Big Sky Mavericks title was released, opening what’s grown to a nine-book connected series within Tule Publishing’s Montana Born imprint. Deb’s self-published Black Hills Rendezvous series continues with BLACK HILLS LEGACY: The Inheritance. An avid reader and hiker, Deb lives in the foothills of the Central Sierra and loves to spend time with her husband and family in beautiful Yosemite National Park.


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8 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench: The Inheritance (Black Hills Legacy) by Debra Salonen”

  1. Good morning, Debra, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I, too, am downsizing and I have to say I’m not enjoying the process at all. I don’t do change easily. Good for you turning your writing into a way to not focus on your fretting. Not I, said the fox! Wish I had your fortitude. Thank for sharing your story with us today. It looks like a great read.

    1. Oh, Karen, you have my heartfelt empathy. But hang in there. I reached a point where getting rid of stuff because rather liberating. The trick was setting things I felt some strong connection to in a pile and telling my children and grandchildren to “come and get it.” What they didn’t want then went to our local SPCA “flea market.” That sorta made it their decision, not mine. LOL.
      Good luck!!

  2. Hi Debra!! Welcome back. I do not do well with change. I’m amazed at all the changes you are making. You live in a beautiful area. Like all of your other books, this also looks like a good story.

    1. Thanks, Eileen! I appreciate your kind support. I’m not a fan of change, either, but once it was thrust upon me, I went all in. And because I’m a cockeyed optimist, I really thought it wasn’t going to be so hard. LOL. (Kinda like childbirth. Or book writing.) 😉

  3. Oh my goodness. Yes, I suppose change is good but so daunting! I’m pleased for you that all worked out well but you’re so brave! Thanks for telling us, and looking forward to reading this story. Thanks, Karen, for having Debra back!

    1. Oh, Kathleen, you’re so sweet. I didn’t think of this as an act of bravery, but in hindsight, I think you’re right. Crazy and brave are often much closer than one thinks.

      I’m now working on my next Love at the Chocolate Shop story on deadline, too. Yep, definitely crazy. 😉

      I hope you enjoy LEGACY. It was a fun one to write! Filled with surprises I didn’t see coming. It also made me homesick. I told my hubby my reward for finishing my next book is a “Road Trip.”

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