Karen’s Killer Book Bench: THE LAST DRAGON (Omega Chronicles Volume 1) by Artemis Milchon

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Omega Chronicles Volume 1


The Omega Clan Lords were sent to find the keys to free their world …

Sally has never felt truly wanted. Not by family, friends, or the few men who ever took notice of her. But a single night out changes her life forever. She is abducted from a bar into a world she couldn’t have imagined, and there she meets Drake, a gorgeous stranger with a mysterious past. As she falls under his spell, she must confront every insecurity she’s ever had about herself. But Drake has much more to conquer than just Sally’s fears. An ancient enemy has followed him, one that threatens all of the Omega Lords, and he discovers that Sally not only holds the key to his heart, but to the very survival of the Clans.

As a relentless foe works to end the Omega for all time, Drake has to convince Sally that she is worthy of love; she in turn must accept what she once thought was impossible. The fates of all the Clans are in their hands. Failure means certain death. With a world in the balance, can one woman find the strength to believe?


“The Last Dragon was just awesome! The author’s storytelling had me hooked from the start. I highly recommend this author. I will buy books from her in the future.” — DebA from Night Owl Reviews, TOP PICK AWARD

“This is a great read for anyone who likes paranormal romances that have a diverse group of characters. I have always enjoyed the shifter stories that had different groups having to work together to achieve success.” — Reviewed by LiaL for TheRomanceReviews.com Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

“The story had moments of sweetness and serious moments of intensity toward the end that will absolutely keep you “IN” the story. I definitely look forward to seeing what happens next as Milchon set the stage for the next Omega to find his love and salvation.” — BookChick Blog Reviews

“Dragons, water beings, shadow movers plus their enemies all blend together to make this a really great book. ” — Long and Short Reviews, given a gold star and labeled BEST BOOK

This was a great love story.  — Cranky Author’s Book Blog


Omega Chronicles Volume 1


He sighed. Realizing his being patient was not helping the situation, Drake gave into his true nature. Standing up, he wrenched Sally from the chair and sat in it. She gave him a dumbfounded look, which Drake met with a winsome smile. “I do not understand what is wrong.” He picked Sally up and settled her in his lap. “Now,” Drake pushed Sally’s head down onto his shoulder and wrapped his arms around her, “speak.”

“Let me go.”


“Drake, this whole thing is insane.”

“No.” When she started to pick up her head to look at him, he moved it back to the place he liked best. “Outside is insane. What I feel for you is natural and right. I am a bit behind what most men you know are like, Sally-mine. Please tell me what I have done wrong.”

“I was kidnapped.”

“Not by me,” Drake shrugged. “Though I cannot say I regret the choice of my friends.”

“They should have left me alone.”

“If they had I would be dead.”

“Why is that exactly?”

“The men where I am from have been struck down by an illness. We have been so far away from our home for so long we grow ill and die. None of my brothers can tend those who grow ill, in fear of catching the disease. If you had not pulled the dart with the poison from my skin I would have died. Alone. Screaming in agony. Is that what you would have preferred for me?”

“No. Of course not.” She swallowed and released a heavy sigh. Sally shifted in his arms and felt the clear evidence against her butt, her proximity was affecting him. If all that was him, she should definitely be running for the hills. “Just let me go, Drake.”

“Sally-mine, if I truly thought that was what you wanted, I would.”

“Why do you want me to stay?”

“Something in me has been broken for a very long time. All I can explain is you healed a part of me when we met. I’m not willing to return you to your life, when you have done so much for me.”

Rather than relaxing her, this just made her stiffen more. “You don’t owe me anything.”

“Sally-mine, I think there is no other woman in all the universe that would ever be able to accept me. I owe you everything for that alone.”

“What’s so horrible about you? Really Drake, you look like a Calvin Klein model.”

“Is that good?”

She struggled to get off his lap at this comment, feeling like he was making fun of her.

Drake squashed her efforts with little movement. “What? What is it I said?”

“How can you not know what a Calvin Klein model looks like? Their underwear ads are everywhere you turn.”

“I don’t wear underwear.”

When that statement froze her as if she had fallen into an iceberg’s run-off, he turned her head to look into his eyes. “Sally-mine, I don’t know your rules. Your standards. Outer beauty means nothing to me. Courage. Kindness. Intelligence.” Drake leaned forward so he could nibble behind her ears. “Passion,” he whispered the word in a low guttural voice sending chills dancing over her spine. “Those are the qualities that last through the centuries. That is how we choose our mates.”

“Why do you keep talking like you are from some ancient country?” Sally was very proud she managed to ask the question in a reasonable voice.

Drake had to blink several times as he tried to come up with the words needed to answer her query. He had two ways he could go. Wrap his woman in a sensual haze and keep her there until she was willing to mate with him, or be singed by the desire he could send galloping through her body … or, tell her the truth. Let her see all the truth of who and what he is and hope for the best. The thought of lying or hedging went against everything in him. They were, as a rule, a very direct clan.

He could not hide from whom he truly was if he wanted Sally to do the same.

He just did not have to do it this day. When she gave a huge yawn he saw a way out. “Are you tired?”

“A little.”

He hid his smile by burying his face in the crook of her neck. Her hair tickled his nose and her smell made his mouth water. “Could we not rest before you force me to reveal my secrets?”

A stab of guilt pierced her self-pity. “I don’t want to force you to do anything you don’t want.”

“I would do anything to make you happy.”

Sally’s head snapped up as her eyes opened and closed while her brain tried to understand what he had said. That he had meant it. It was the first time anyone had put her desire first. “What is it you would like to do?”

He sighed. She was so self-sacrificing. His existence was for her now, how could she not understand? “I am tired.”

“Then you should go to sleep.”

Drake looked with pointed purpose between the bed and her anxious face. When it clicked in her eyes, he barely kept the chuckle from escaping his lips. “I cannot sleep without you beside me.”


“You saved my life. How could I be sure you would not be handy should someone attack again?”

Sally rested her head against him. “No sex?”

“Not now.” He could feel the tenseness in her body.

“Let’s go to sleep.”

Drake picked her up and settled her on the bed. Tucking the duvet around her body he lay down on top of the covers and wrapped his arms around her. “You do not mind if I hold you?”

It was like she had a body-sized heater. She had never been so warm. “No.”

He heard her sighs and felt a surge of triumph when she cuddled closer to him. “Could I even say you like it?”

“Your head gets any bigger you’re not getting through the door.”

The two of them chuckled and went to sleep listening to the other breathe. It was the best sleep either of them ever had.

Meet Author Artemis Milchon…


I’m a reader … a dreamer … a birthday candle wisher. I’m someone who feels joy when good things happen to great people. I’m a believer in true love, three-day kisses, and butterflies in your tummy when you see that special one. I’m hope. I’m a writer of romance … for how can it possibly be wrong to put more love in the world?

I’m Artemis. Nice to meet you. Please visit me on social media and get to know my friends.

Links to Artemis’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2C7Bp3j



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artemis.milchon

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OmegaClanLords/

Twitter: @ArtemisMilchon


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    Congrats on the top-pick review at NOR! I love dragons and this looks like a great addition to the lexicon. Congrats on the release and thanks for the giveaway!

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