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The Eternals Book 3


Houses have fallen, friendships shattered, and darkness has grown. As the Eden team still struggles to come to terms with the loss of a young girl, the re-emergence of a once lost friend, and the reality that Hecate and the Clans seem to stronger than ever; a new figure rises in the shadows that threatens to tip the balance unlike anything before.

Ki discovers that leading the Alliance is everything he never wanted, but tough times require tough leaders and he undoubtedly was trained by the the toughest leader he had ever known.

In The Rise the Arch Council deals with the resignation of one of their most beloved and the possibility of a traitor in their ranks. The reality that a new age rises and the time for the Council may be over comes crashing forward.

In this dramatic and action packed conclusion friendships will be tested, alliances shattered. It is time for new heroes to rise!


The Eternals Book 3

It is Not Easy to Answer

As most authors, I love to talk about my novels! I pour my soul into them, and so you would think that when someone starts asking me about them I light up! I do, but there is a constant fear that is just behind my bright eyes, heart racing, and evident passion. I’m waiting for them to ask me, “So what type of novel do you write? What genre?”

I found out that the proper response is not to run away screaming! What I have found out is that it isn’t that easy for me to answer that question. Why is it so hard to do? I

Maybe as a reader or another author you are thinking, “Silly Nathan, those are soft pitch questions!” Normally I would agree. In fact if you ask me about the current novel I’m working on, I could tell you that it is a novel centered on a soldier dealing with PTSD. That is simple! The Eternals series is not that simple.

When I first started writing the series I would have told you that it is a vampire series. Even as I write that out and you read it you already start thinking you “know” the series. Your mind may start thinking of everything from dark blood thirsty characters to glittering love struck vamps, but none of that would be correct. So, I started telling people that it is a book series that deals with angels and demons. In reality that is more the truth, but again it is not quite the reality. What I mean is, if you are thinking about cool angels flying around chasing dark demons with lightning spraying from fingertips or love struck darkness that has fallen…you would be incorrect. 

So, what is the Eternal Series? Take every day people like you and I, mix a dash of different religious mythology from all different spectrums, throw in a balance of history, and at the last minute you put a drop of vampire lore you will just about start seeing the proper beauty of where this series takes you.

The last book in the original trilogy was recently released, and The Rise is a book that is a beautiful and action packed conclusion that brings about how we deal with betrayal, the repercussions of someone else’s free will, and our own personal struggle of accepting who we are. When I completed this novel I felt as if I could sit back and answer more of that all time scary question with more confidence. Why? Because my characters had told me they aren’t meant to be placed in a category, but doing that they become limited; just as we become when we attempt to box ourselves in.

So, what do I write?  I write life wrapped up in a package that is not meant to be defined, but instead is meant to be opened, expanded, and experienced. It includes you and I drawn in the images of angels, demons, vampires, dark lore, mythology, and life. Isn’t that what life is about?

About Author Nathan Parks…

Author Nathan Parks has been described as a refreshing new voice and imagination. His writing covers everything from motivational, fantasy, and general.


Links to Nathan’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/31KkFgb

Facebook: Look up Nathan Parks on Facebook Pages

Website: https://authornathanparks.weebly.com

Twitter: @authornateparks

Goodreads:  https://www.goodreads.com/nparks

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Thanks, Nathan, for sharing your book with us!

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  1. TAMMY HUDSON says:

    That was a fantastic interview. This series sounds incredible I love the cover of the third one. He is a new author to me but I am definitely going to be looking into his books. I now follow him on social media. Thanks for the chance


  2. This series sounds fascinating!

  3. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    What a great introduction and interview!
    I particularly like the idea of dealing with current day problems in a phantasmagoric way.
    Thank you, Karen and Nathan.

  4. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Nathan, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I love the combination of current affairs with vampires this series provides. Can’t wait to read this book in the series. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

    • Nathan says:

      Karen, thank you for allowing me this chance, once again, to bring the stories that these characters have to share with the world back to Killer Book Bench

  5. Kathy Brown says:

    This sounds like a fabulous book! I will definitely be adding al three novels to my amazon wishlist.

  6. bn100 says:

    nice interview

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