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A Lila Maclean Mystery


2015 William F. Deeck-Malice Domestic Grant Winner

English professor Lila Maclean is thrilled about her new job at prestigious Stonedale University until she finds one of her colleagues dead.  She soon learns that everyone, from the chancellor to the detective working the case, believes Lila—or someone she is protecting—may be responsible for the horrific event, so she assigns herself the task of identifying the killer.

More attacks on professors follow, the only connection a curious symbol found at each of the crime scenes. Putting her scholarly skills to the test, Lila gathers evidence, but her search is complicated by an unexpected nemesis, a suspicious investigator, and an ominous secret society. Rather than earning an “A” for effort, she receives a threat featuring the mysterious emblem and must act quickly to avoid failing her assignment…and becoming the next victim.

What Reviewers Are Saying…

“Kuhn earns a solid A+ with the best cozy debut I’ve read this year. An engaging heroine, a college setting that will have you aching to go back to school, and a puzzler of a mystery make this a must-read for cozy lovers.” — Laura DiSilverio, national best-selling author of the Readaholics Book Club mysteries and the Lefty-nominated Swift Investigations series

“The first sentence grabbed me, the ending surprised me and, in between, The Semester of Our Discontent was a box of delights. A pitch-perfect portrayal of academic life with a beguiling cast of anxious newbies, tweedy old troublemakers and scholars as sharp as they’re wise. Lila’s Stonedale is a world I’m thrilled to have found.” — Catriona McPherson, multi-award-winning author of the Dandy Gilver series and The Child Garden

“Murder is on the syllabus in The Semester of Our Discontent and college professor Lila Maclean gets an A+ for her detecting skills in this twisty mystery set at a Colorado university. With suspects and motives galore, solving the murder of department chair Roland Higgins won’t be easy, but Lila’s got brains and guts to spare. A great book…I can’t wait to see what author Cynthia Kuhn does next!” — Maggie Barbieri, author of the Murder 101 series and the Maeve Conlon mysteries

“Cynthia Kuhn takes readers on a mind-boggling safari into the wilds of academia where we encounter thundering pedants, rampaging sexists, slavering narcissists, run-amok egotists–and come to relish the few oases of sanity and kindness. Only an insider like Kuhn can reveal the savagery behind the mask of scholarship and collegiality with such acuity and grace.” — Lev Raphael, author of Assault with a Deadly Lie

The Semester of Our Discontent takes the reader into higher education’s secrets and shadows, where the real lesson is for the new professor—how to stay alive. If you’re smart, you’ll read this book.” — Lori Rader-Day, Anthony Award-winning author of The Black Hour

A Lila Maclean Mystery


Twenty minutes before the meeting was scheduled to begin, my assigned faculty mentor Judith Westerly popped her head into my office. In an impeccably tailored teal suit, her long white hair swept back in a complicated twist, she put me in mind of an Alfred Hitchcock heroine—cool, collected, and highly capable. She had been at Stonedale for almost thirty years and was an adept guide so far. I especially appreciated the fact that she seemed genuinely glad I was here.

We exchanged pleasantries, and she consulted her dainty gold watch. “Perhaps we should head to the faculty meeting? It’s a little early—we all try to avoid it until the last possible minute, of course—but that means we would have our choice of seats and could settle in before all the hubbub. I’ll show you the best vantage points.”

I followed her into the hallway, pulled the door shut behind me, and locked it.

“Truth be told, I’m not in a hurry to return to the departmental agenda,” said Judith as we walked. “At the last meeting of spring term, we spent two hours arguing over the font on our letterhead. Can you believe it? Then the deadlock over Arial and Helvetica went on for another week in an email battle.”

“Which font won?” I asked.

“That’s the whole point. It was tabled to be revisited this fall.” She smiled. “You may be the tiebreaker, Lila.”

“No thanks,” I said. The last thing I wanted to do was antagonize half of the department.

“Don’t worry. It will be a blind vote. We don’t want to put you in any uncomfortable situations.”

“That’s nice of you.”

“Not at first, anyway,” she added, with a wink.

We arrived at the arched entrance to the department library. The intricately carved wooden door swung open slowly when I pushed on it, though the hinges protested loudly.

At the sight of the lifeless form sprawled across the conference table, I shrieked and Judith gasped. One of the fiery dragons on Roland’s elegant tie had been slashed in half by the knife embedded in his chest.

Meet Author Cynthia Kuhn… 読書

Cynthia Kuhn is professor of English at MSU Denver, where she teaches literature and writing. She also serves as president of Sisters in Crime-Colorado and blogs with Mysteristas. For more information, please visit cynthiakuhn.net


Links to Cynthia’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1RUquKS
Barnes & Noble: bit.ly/1V2QFC6
iTunes: apple.co/20bQ1G
Kobo: bit.ly/1Jfzvkb
Henery Press: henerypress.com

Website: cynthiakuhn.net
Twitter: @cynthiakuhn
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cynthiakuhnwriter
Goodreads: www.goodreads.com/cynthiakuhn
Blog: mysteristas.wordpress.com


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  1. I love the story already! I truly love a good Mystery book. I will for sure be looking into this one!

  2. Good morning, Cynthia, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. Great excerpt! Now I’m ready to read more. Poor Roland. He probably gave a student a bad grade, right? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to share your book with us today!

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