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The Rare and The Unknown Book 3


The adventures of The Rare and The Unknown continue in this exciting third book of The Bachelor series…Cheryl Junaid, Beta of The Rare and The Unknown, finds herself sucked into the vortex of her twin brother’s mating and shifter society wedding celebration. She keeps trying to pull away gracefully, but everyone just keeps pulling her in deeper and deeper. Then the accident of the century makes her the star of the newest, hottest dating show in the world. Gradually, Cheryl works her way through the dozen, sexy Alpha contestants offered but two men stand head and shoulders above the rest. Will Cheryl pick the Alpha who heats her body into an inferno or the Alpha who soothes her soul?


The Rare and The Unknown Book 3


The brown hair did make her black skin look like velvet. Ignoring the giggles around her from Imani’s cousins as they finished another bottle of champagne. If Cheryl had kept count correctly, this was the sixth bottle of the day. She’d had one glass in total. All around her the elephants and other shifters were happy and giggling, even the style crew were smiling and laughing as they worked. The room reeked of glee and mirth and good times. She was the only one frowning and it wasn’t from having the waist length weave installed.

Would she ever be carefree and happy again? Had she ever been carefree and happy? She heard the stylist’s scissors snipping furiously, followed by the descending heat of a piping hot curling iron.

Fifteen minutes passed as Amber created the loose beachy waves Jersey Hazzard had requested.

Bianca had coordinated everything down to the millisecond. All of the stylist wrapped up within moments of one another. Another group of stylists arrived pulling rolling carts full of dress bags. Imani’s dress arrived on one whole rack by itself. Cheryl had decided after spending close to nine hours in different bridal shops with Imani and the Herd that she would rather get married in a t-shirt and holey jeans than shop for a wedding dress ever again. Shoes though, she would always shop for shoes and leather jackets.

A gangly pre-teen girl with waist length carrot red hair and moldy green skin ran up holding a garment bag in her outstretched arms; tucked inside the clear pocket was a white card labeled Beta, Junaid, Cheryl. “Here Beta!”

“Thank you, MacBhaird.”

She blushed a darker green and laughed. “I’m not the MacBhaird, yet Beta.”

“Ah well, in that case, Aoife. Are you my helper?”

“Yes, I asked the designer and Bianca if I could help you. I thought I would have to fight another for it, but she backed down,” she said proudly.

“Did you do or say something to make the other back down?” Cheryl inquired as she unzipped the bag.

“I explained that you were a close family friend. I also explained how I’d rearrange her face,” the girl said as she held the bag for Cheryl.

Cheryl stifled a chuckle. “How very Alpha-like of you, Aoife.”

“Just following your example, Alpha Beta; explain your reasoning then threaten a body part they like.” Aoife’s emerald eyes sparkled as she spoke.

“That’s how they train the future Alphas in the R & U?” a stylist asked a little in awe.

“Sure do.” Cheryl laughed. “Aoife and her sister Colleen are probably taking over the whole shebang one day. They’ll put Ansel, Imani, and I in the old Alphas home by some trickery like ‘we’re going for cake, guys’.

Imani burst out in peals of laughter and the whole room followed. “That’ll work too. Not one of us has ever turned down cake.”

One of the stylist scoffed looking at Cheryl’s slim figure. Imani caught her look. “Cheryl eats the most of the three of us. I’ve seen her eat an entire cake like it was a bowl of oatmeal.”

“Two animals, people. I have two animals, a hippopotamus and an impundulu. Just waking up I need ten thousand calories to keep the hippo from snatching heads off people,” she explained.

She reached into the bag and unveiled her dress. It was a floor length gown of iridescent eggplant. Bianca had called it aubergine in her fancy British accent. Whatever you called it, the dress was gorgeous; she’d only seen sketches of it. The sample size was in white and was too big in the waist, too tight across the bust.

Aoife squealed. “Oh Beta, you are going to cause a riot for the quiet!”

“Is that good or bad, Aoife?”

“It’s terrible,” Imani pipped up. “Your brother is going to go fully deranged when guys start looking at your legs in that.” Referring to the slit in the dress that came perilously close to showing her everything.

“When he sees you coming at him in that wedding dress, he will forget my name and existence. You are truly the only person he has eyes for right now. He might even forget Mom,” Cheryl promised Imani. The two joined hands.

“I love your brother more and more every day and I promise to never intentionally keep him from you,” Imani promised softly.

Against her wishes, tears sprung to her eyes as she and Imani hugged for a few moments. When they pulled apart, both had tears and the style team jumped into action blotting tears and repairing the minute damage they had inflicted upon themselves and each other. Across the room the twenty bridesmaids and Davida, the maid of honor were being assisted into their navy-blue dresses by teenaged helpers.

About Author Shai August…

Shai August is a country girl with a big imagination, more than a touch of wanderlust and a never-ending desire to live in both an RV traveling the world and a library. Her love language is words of affirmations followed by books, bacon and bourbon. She’s a born and bred Louisiana native, but is currently doing an impression of a yellow rose of Texas. She is fluent in English, sarcasm and memes. Her goal is to write fast paced, character driven paranormal fiction featuring women of color.


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**SPECIAL GIVEAWAY**: Shai is giving away an ebook copy of the next book in series, BACHELOR IN TROUBLE (coming August 2019), to one lucky reader who comments on her Karen’s Killer Book Bench blog.  Good luck!

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  1. Latifa Morrisette says:

    Sounds amazing!

  2. This isn’t my usual genre for reading, but it does sound intriguing. I may have to give it a go! 🙂

  3. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Shai, and welcome back with the next book in your series. Everything I read in this series sounds intriguing. Definitely my cup of tea. Thanks for sharing your book with us today!

  4. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Now this is on beckoning of a twist on shifter/modern society! Intriguing!
    Thank you, Karen and Shai!

  5. bn100 says:

    interesting twist

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