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A Magic, New Mexico Kindle World Story


A trip with friends turns into a nightmare of epic proportions when a magic spell forces Kayla Evans to take an unexpected detour to nowhere-ville, New Mexico. The small town is full of crazies, mischievous baby fairies, talking animals and one hot hunk of a man who just won’t leave her alone. In fact, he’s following her everywhere, stealing kisses, and making her want a little crazy of her own. But Kayla has a life, and living in the middle of a desert is not her idea of a good time, even if it does come with one amazing, and sexy benefit – a sexy fire elemental determined to melt her socks off.

To the rest of the world, ancient mythology is just that, fairy tales. But for Xander and his magical brothers, it’s all too real. Born into a long line of powerful but cursed men, he is destined to wait for the goddess to summon a mate for him using a powerful magical spell. When the magic summons sassy and willful Kayla, Xander faces the ultimate test. Kayla may not be able to resist his seduction, but Xander craves more than physical pleasure, he is determined to claim her heart.

A Magic, New Mexico Kindle World Story


Xander Davis rubbed the center of his aching chest with the flat of his hand and wondered when his mother would decide to take pity on him. He’d fulfilled the conditions of the curse. His home was ready for a mate. He was ready…

Rising from the floor of the red desert all around him, his home looked more like a hundred-year-old Spanish hacienda than a brand new structure built by blood and sweat and magic. Sage, cactus and rock surrounded him on all sides. Here and there a particularly determined patch of tall grass fought for survival. His home fit into the barren landscape as if it had always been here. Just a few minutes away was a small town filled with both humans and magical creatures that simply wanted to live their lives in peace. He was drawn to this place, to its power. Upon arrival he had purchased this land and worked day and night to build this house for her.

His mate.

One small problem. He had no idea who she was.

He and his new mate would fit right into this community. He already had taken a job as a local fireman. He had begun to get to know the townspeople—from vampires, dwarves, witches, werewolves and fairies. Xander was sure there were more magical creatures he had yet to meet. And he wanted to meet them all, if he lived long enough. Now that the mating curse had been activated, he was running out of time.

A high, keening cry came from over the top of one of the desert mesas and he lifted his gaze to the pure azure sky as a small dragon flew toward him.

The dragon flew straight to him and landed on the small pebbles that lined his new driveway. He met his mother twice before, once the day his fire magic had nearly burned down his home, and at his father’s funeral three years ago. That was the day she had told him all about her wretched past and about the curse she had cast on her sons because of it.

That was the day he’d truly grown to despise her.

“Xander. It is time.” The dragon’s voice wasn’t much different than his mother’s voice in human form. Power and magic floated with her words, like heat followed sunlight. His mother’s traveling form was about the size a large horse with wings would be, but she was much more beautiful. Her scales glittered with the colors of the sea. Green and blue scales in every shade imaginable shimmered in the sunlight. Her eyes, whether in human form or dragon, were the color of water frozen in a glacier, and her talons and teeth were a deep midnight blue, nearly as black as he imagined the depths of the sea to be.

He had never seen the depths of the sea, not like some of his half-brothers. He was a child of his mother’s fire form. Water was fine, in small doses, but he had no interest in going swimming. Ever.


She sat on her haunches and curled her tail around her feet, the diamond-hard tip flipping up and down off the ground like an irritated cat’s tail. “Is this your home?”

He sighed, resigned to playing her game. If he did not, he would be left with this hollow, aching heart until his death. “Yes, Mother. Would you like to see inside?”

“No, son. I’ve come to give you a heart stone.” The dragon lifted one giant eyebrow as if he were the biggest idiot on the face of the Earth. He widened his stance and crossed his arms over his chest so he wouldn’t appear intimidated, or overly eager for her gift.

“Thank you, Mother.” It never paid to piss off a mythical sea nymph, nor a goddess even if she was one’s own mother.

His mother nodded like a queen and lifted her front foot up to her large maw. With a deep breath, she breathed fire, hot dragon’s fire, over her own clawed foot for several seconds.

The heat drew him forward, so powerful. So pure. He had inherited the fire magic within him from her, just as she had bestowed other magics upon his many half-human brothers. She could take four forms and commanded all four elements—earth, air, fire and water. Depending upon her mood when she seduced her mortal lovers, her offspring, always sons, inherited one of her gifts.

They also inherited her curse.

He could not fall in love without a heart stone. Once his mate was summoned by a heart stone’s magic, he would have one cycle of the moon to win the woman’s love forever, or die alone. Even more daunting, the woman had to choose to stay with him of her own accord.

He had dreaded this day for years, but now all he could think about was finding her. Seducing her. Winning her heart.

Xander watched in awe as a dark red stone took shape amidst the dragon’s fire.

Meet Author Michele Callahan… Michele

A #1 Amazon Bestseller, M.L. (Michele) Callahan is a science fiction and romance fanatic and full time writer whose earliest movie memories are of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and light sabers. (Still waiting on Santa to come through on that one.) She wrote her first short story at age eleven about five friends who fell into another dimension and had to save the Earth – all in ten, sloppy but action packed, wide-ruled notebook pages. Her mother inspired a love of reading and writing and Michele writes seven days a week. She writes sci-fi action adventure as ML Callahan, and romance as Michele Callahan.


Links to Michele’s website, blog, books, etc.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/1TwJQXy

Just copy and paste the following link into your web browser: http://goo.gl/ZS8A6h

Connect with M. L. (Michele) Callahan:
Twitter: twitter.com/ML_Callahan
Facebook: facebook.com/AuthorMLCallahan
Website: mlcallahan.com
Goodreads: goodreads.com/michele_callahan
Email: callahan@mlcallahan.com


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  1. Hi, Michele, and welcome back to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I was so intrigued by Xander’s letter on Monday, I picked this book up already. Of course, the excerpt sealed the deal, too. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by to share your new release!

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