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The Walker Brothers Book 3


When a strange twin-thing sends Jessica Finley to the hospital after her brother’s freak accident, the last thing she expects is to meet the sexiest doctor alive. And that’s a problem, because her cold, cheating father was a surgeon, and that’s the one class of man Jessica has sworn never to date.

Mitchell Walker is a young, successful surgeon. Women throw themselves at his feet, and he gives them what they want, as long as they don’t ask for his heart. The strategy is working well for him until he meets freelance reporter Jessica Finley.

She’s smart, she makes him laugh, and she sees right through him. Her fire may burn hot enough to keep him up all night, but will his love be strong enough to burn away the ghosts of her past and melt the ice around her heart?

The Walker Brothers Book 3


In this scene, our hero has just finished surgery and is going to tell the patient’s sister the news. But Jessica is a bit more than he’s ready for… Enjoy!


He made his way to the surgical waiting room, eager to get this part of things over with so he could get a couple hours of sleep. The room was smaller than the main waiting areas, and quiet, out of the way of normal hospital foot traffic. He always imagined the designers made it this way because no one was ever excited to be in this room. It wasn’t maternity. People got bad news in this room. Sometimes, they got the worst news, which was probably why the chapel was just down the hall.

“Ms. Finley?” He could have called the volunteer station and just told her about her brother on the phone, but he never did like that trend in medicine, the detachment. He preferred to look people in the eye. He fought to save his patients every time, he fought with every fiber of his being, and no matter what happened, he needed their families to know that.

“Yes.” A bleary-eyed redhead jumped to her feet, knocking over a purse large enough to carry a small child. Her things splattered all over the floor and she knelt awkwardly to pick things up.

Mitchell bent down to help her and picked up a strawberry lip gloss, cell phone, jasmine-scented hand lotion, three blue pens and one red, a box of colored pencils, a chocolate candy bar, a blueberry muffin in a plastic bag, a tampon, which she snapped from his hand faster than he’d ever seen any woman move before, a paperback book about training puppies, a bottle of sparkly purple nail polish and a small spiral notebook with a bulldog puppy dressed as a purple fairy princess on the cover.

Holy Christ. That was only the shit he grabbed. She’d picked up twice as much in half the time.

“Sorry. I’m sorry.” She shoved the items he handed over into the cavernous striped bag and set is aside, safely deposited in the center of the chair closest to her. “I’m Jessica Finley.”

“I’m Doctor Walker.” He held out his hand and she looked up at him for the first time, her light brown eyes were the color of whiskey on ice as her gaze locked on to his and went wide.

“You’re not old.” She pulled her hand from his to cross her arms over her chest and he couldn’t help but admire the soft swell of two small but very nice breasts. He was tired, not dead.

He ignored her statement about his age because it had nothing to do with anything. Maybe she was just out of it. “Are you all right, Ms. Finley? Can we get you something?” He indicated the drink station along the wall, then glanced down to confirm that he wasn’t hallucinating. CU sweatpants, sandals, neon-green toenails, and a straw-weave, rainbow-striped bag, no makeup, freckles on her cheeks and a wild mane of tangled hair that hung just past her shoulders.

Call him a bastard for putting her in a box and stamping a label on it, but she had to be from Boulder. Maybe she was one of those girls who never shaved her pits and danced naked under the full moon. On a normal day, his body might have stirred at the thought of her dancing naked, but he was too tired to care what his body thought at the moment.

“I don’t drink coffee, thank you.”

“Or hot tea?” The hippies in Boulder liked tea. Right? And he felt compelled to make sure she was okay for some reason.

“No, thank you. I’m fine. How are my brothers?”

“Brothers? Plural?” Did he have the wrong woman?

She sighed and lifted her hand to rub her forehead. “Tyler Travis and Gabriel Castillo are both my brothers. And they’re both in surgery. Which one did you operate on? Walker, right? So you’re not ortho, you’re the general?”

Mitchell watched her for a few seconds, trying to determine if she was on medication. Or stoned. He didn’t smell pot, and her eyes appeared to be clear, but he was so tired he might not have noticed.

She lowered her hand and met his gaze again, this time he saw annoyance there, like she’d explained this shit a thousand times and didn’t want to have to do it again. “How’s Tyler?”

Mitchell kept his face blank. He knew all about messed-up family dynamics, hell, before his mom had adopted him and his brothers, he’d been a poster child for screwed up. “Mr. Travis is in recovery. The surgery went well. He was bleeding internally and we had to remove his spleen. His kidneys are bruised, but should heal. He also had a few small lacerations on his liver that I patched up. He’s stable but we have to watch him closely…”

“Okay, good. He’s stable.”

He opened his mouth to finish his usual spiel, but she raised her hand and cut him off. “I know. Antibiotics. Watch the gut. The next twenty-four hours are critical. ICU. Watch for infection and blood clots. Got it. What about his head?”

“What about his head?” Jessica Finley was making his head spin. Maybe he needed sleep more than he thought. She was bouncing around like a rabbit on hot coals and he couldn’t keep up with her mental leaps.

“Does he have head trauma? A concussion? Anything like that? You know, amnesia or blindness or possible personality changes, because my twin is my best friend. If he goes mean, or weird, I’m not going to be able to deal.”

Her twin? Tyler Travis was her twin brother? This just kept getting weirder.

“No head injury that I am aware of. The CT didn’t show a bleed or major trauma in the brain. He may have a mild concussion, but we’ll watch him closely.” Her shoulders slumped and he had the insane urge to reach over and massage them for her, maybe wrap her up in a hug and just let her calm down and breathe. She was obviously a bit wired at the moment. She’d probably crawled out of bed in the middle of the night with that tangle of red hair and rushed to the hospital when they’d called.

When he thought about it that way, the hot-mess look was working for him. Totally working for him. He could imagine her head on his pillow, that dark red hair spread out like a halo around her as he kissed the freckles on her cheeks and…

Meet Author Amanda Adams...

Amanda writes super-sexy, new adult romance. If you can’t handle what she calls “keeping it real”, you can’t handle falling in love with her dirty-mouthed, a**-kicking Walker brothers.

The funny, sexy, sweet contemporary Magical Matchmaker series she co-writes with her one true love, and the mysterious, meddling matchmaker, Opal, is based on her real-life grandmother, who was an amazing character and inspiration for anyone who knew her.


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  1. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Amanda, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I loved the excerpt. Mitchell sounds like a wonderful hero and I want to read more. Thanks for sharing this new brother with us today!

  2. Thanks, Karen, and nce to meet you, Amanda!
    I’m looking forward to reading this! 😊

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