Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Urban #Fantasy: A RIFT IN THE SOUL, A Soulwood Novel Book 6 by Faith Hunter

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A Soulwood Novel Book 6


Nell Ingram and her team face a dire, supernatural evil in this newest thrilling paranormal procedural in the New York Times bestselling Soulwood series.

Nell Ingram draws her powers from deep in the earth, and uses them to help Psy-LED, the Psychometric Law Enforcement Division, which solves paranormal crimes. When a local vampire calls to report a dead body on her compound, Nell knows she and her team have to be ready for anything.

But the dead body is just the beginning of a mystery that involves supernaturals of all kinds, including some of the most powerful vampires in the country. As Nell gets closer to the truth, she begins to understand that the perpetrator is tracking her too—and that there is something personal about this crime. Something with roots that go almost as deep as those in Soulwood.

Praise for Faith Hunter’s Soulwood Series

“Hunter’s brand of supernatural is equal parts exciting, engaging and entertaining…Filled with high-stakes tension, Hunter’s storytelling is vivid and descriptive with edgy, sharp dialogue laced with humor.”RT Book Reviews

“Nell’s coming into her own as an independent woman…Hunter’s many fans will be delighted with her strong new heroine.”Publishers Weekly

“I love Nell and her PsyLED team and would happily read about their adventures for years.”Vampire Book Club


A Soulwood Novel Book 6


“Ming demanded to see me,” I said to Cai. “She said she had a body for me. Get her. Please.”

“Oh. Sure. Sit sit sit sit.” He waved to the sitting room. Then he said, “No. Wait. Tea. I should make tea. Come come come come. This way.”

I looked at FireWind, who had a faint smile on his face and gestured I should take point. Cai led the way to the kitchen, which was decorated in black and white with emerald touches here and there. Two six-burner stoves, each with three ovens, and the commercial refrigerator and commercial freezer made my heart thump hard with envy. This was a bakers-canners-chefs’ paradise. It would make the Nicholson mamas at God’s Cloud of Glory Church turn green.

Cai put on a kettle and got out a fancy tea tin and six cups with saucers. He started humming, something that sounded like a dirge, then suddenly he was whistling what sounded like the music for the old Gilligan’s Island TV series.

I looked at the bosses. Both were trying not to appear amused but not doing a good job of it. I wasn’t amused. Things felt wrong here. As the water heated, Cai wandered along the counter and out the door at the far end.

“What in God’s good heaven is happening?” I asked, my voice soft.

No one replied, but Rick and Aya began to open cabinet doors and drawers and I realized they were conducting a search. For which we didn’t have a warrant. Aya pulled a bottle from a small refrigerator and spun it slowly. “Nineteen forty-seven Cheval Blanc. A bottle sold at auction for over three hundred thousand dollars recently.”

A bottle of wine? That bottle was worth more than I owned altogether in the whole world.

Rick opened the commercial refrigerator and said, “The blood-servants are eating well. Whole suckling pig, baby potatoes, and asparagus.” He shut the door.

Feeling emboldened, I checked out the stoves and the ovens. They were not just functional, they were works of art, and I ran my hands across the decorative steel corners. The stoves had to cost a fortune, but vampires were often quite rich.

I turned off the kettle, which was steaming, but I didn’t make tea. I wanted to read this place, which meant I needed something made of wood that had been here a long time. The floors were marble tile; the cabinets looked new and were painted black inside and out.
Aya closed a second wine fridge and opened a huge pantry. Now I had pantry envy. And it had wood floors.

I held up a hand to let him know I was about to go to work. Walking past him, I slipped off one shoe, and placed my bare foot on the wood floor.

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5 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Urban #Fantasy: A RIFT IN THE SOUL, A Soulwood Novel Book 6 by Faith Hunter”

  1. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Faith Hunter books! I’ve been reading her for years…looking forward to this one.

    Thanks, Faith and Karen

  2. Welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench, Faith. I love a well-appointed kitchen. If I could find a way to jam a huge kitchen with everything in it into my itty-bitty space (it would take magic), I would be in heaven. LOL The book sounds so fun. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

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