Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Western #Romance: WILD COUNTRY, Wild Romance Book 1 by Constance Ruth Clark

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Wild Romance Book 1


The snow isn’t going anywhere and neither is he. 

Which is a problem for Kristina because she can’t afford to be distracted, not by him or any man. She needs to focus on training her horses and building her stables reputation.  When the Christmas Eve blizzard brings a man foolish enough to crash into her fence, she can’t leave him out in the cold.

Getting stuck in a hick town wasn’t the plan when Peter Lexington agreed to spend Christmas in Springfield, Maine with his Country Music band. Now he’s reconnecting with his country roots and realizing that maybe a small town girl is exactly what he’s been looking for.

Can he convince her that he wants more than no strings attached steamy fun or will she wave goodbye forever when the snowplow finally comes to dig them out?

Meet Author Constance Ruth Clark…

Hello, I’m Connie Clark. I’m 46 years old and live in Maine, USA, where I’ve lived for most of my life. I went to an extremely conservative boarding academy in Tennessee where I graduated high school and attended college near Boston. It seems like a lifetime ago, I’m such a different person now. I have two siblings, both younger, although my little brother is about a foot taller! My favorite colors are pink and teal and I love planners and STICKERS! I’m a full time romance author and sometimes my mother blushes when she reads my books (but she still reads them!).

I have two beautiful children, a 14 year old daughter who thinks she 30 and a 10 year old son who I’m pretty sure was a WW2 soldier in a former life. I’ve been married three times, but the first one barely counts since it lasted less than a year. The second produced my lovely children and the third made me believe in true love again after being a single mom for 7 years. My husband and I have been together for almost three years now and have a homestead with chickens, ducks, cats and a happy-go-lucky dog.

My husband is a musician and in many ways this book is dedicated to him!   This is him playing his guitar with his band.

When I was in my early twenties, I worked as a show groom in a huge stable for Morgan horses. Those beasts were fun to work with but introduced me to the world of Show Horses. I’ve always wanted to write a book about it. This is me with my favorite Stallion, ‘Bud’


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Twitter: @Connieclark2011
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Website/Blog: constanceruthclark.com


Thanks, Connie, for sharing your story with us!

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6 thoughts on “Karen’s Killer Book Bench #Western #Romance: WILD COUNTRY, Wild Romance Book 1 by Constance Ruth Clark”

  1. Nice to meet you, Connie…
    I worked with Arabs and loved the whole thing: from birth to training to showing…so rewarding, despite the work.
    Looking forward to seeing your reflections on horse showing.
    Thanks, Karen .

  2. Good morning, Connie, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I’ve loved country singer “going home to your roots” books since Pure Country. Can’t get enough of them. I’m intrigued by your premise. Can’t wait to read this one. Thanks for sharing with us today!

  3. New author to me, too. Thanks for stopping by and sharing. I love how this ties to your life in different ways.

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