Karen’s Killer Book Bench: WITCH WAY TO MISTLETOE & MURDER, A Witch Way Paranormal Cozy Mystery #1 by Jane Hinchey

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A Witch Way Paranormal Cozy Mystery #1


Harper Jones has it all. Or so she thought, until a series of events sends her world spiraling out of control. In less than twenty-four hours, she loses her witch’s license, her job, and her fiancé.

Returning to her magical hometown of Whitefall Cove for Christmas with nothing but a suitcase and a broken heart, she’s determined to enjoy the holiday and start the new year afresh. Her plans go haywire fast when her old nemesis and high school bully Whitney Sims turns up dead, and Harper is implicated in her murder.

Between a detective who doesn’t appreciate her amateur sleuthing skills, running a bookstore she purchased on a whim, and studying to re-sit her witch’s exam, Harper has her hands full. She’s determined to find out whodunit, and clear her name, but she quickly finds the murderer has other plans.

Witch Way to Mistletoe & Murder is a full-length novel, filled with humor, and is the first book in the Witch Way paranormal cozy mystery series.

About the Book

Witch Way to Mistletoe & Murder
by Jane Hinchey

Witch Way Paranormal Cozy Mystery #1

Paranormal Romance
Cozy Mystery


Publication Date
December 21, 2018

A Witch Way Paranormal Cozy Mystery #1


“I’m going to need chicken blood, salt, five candles, and a bottle of vodka.”

I looked at Gran in surprise. “Vodka? For the spell?” She was rummaging in the pantry and turned to me triumphantly, a bottle of vodka held aloft. Gran was what you’d call eccentric. She most certainly didn’t dress her age— eighty —and today’s outfit was no exception. Zebra print leggings under a hot pink mini skirt, a leopard print halter top, and Ugg boots.

“No, that’s just to celebrate turning his weeny into a teeny tiny pickle.”

I laughed, the first true laugh I’d had in days. “You know I’m behind you one hundred percent,” I said, chuckling and wiping the tears from my eyes, “but one of us with a revoked witch’s license is enough, don’t you think? Plus, I already put him through hell.”

Gran slammed the vodka onto the table, making the vase in the center wobble and the wilting roses drop a few more petals onto the tablecloth. “You were too soft on the cheating bastard,” she scolded, placing two shot glasses on the table a little more gently. “A snake? You could have done better.”

“Don’t forget the monkey. Then a rat,” I reminded her. Though I’d turned my ex-fiancé into all of those things, I wasn’t proud of it. Gran, on the other hand, was indignant I hadn’t taken things further, like make Simon’s offending appendage drop off.

Simon was an English professor at the East Dondure University in the city. I worked as a librarian for the East Dondure Public Library—that was where we’d met when he’d come in requesting assistance on a paper he was writing on historical witchcraft from the 1650s. Our shared passion for books and history had been the beginning of a whirlwind courtship, and despite accepting his proposal, it had been over a year and we still hadn’t set a date. Now there was no need. We’d been at the faculty’s annual Christmas Ball when I caught him in the cloak closet with a student. The rage that had roared through me had unleashed my magic in an unholy blast, turning him into creature after creature with no thought or control behind it. Unfortunately, my public display had consequences and here I was, back in Whitefall Cove living with my Gran.

Watching her struggle with the bottle of vodka, I took it from her and twisted the cap off, pouring us each a shot.

“Here’s to asshat’s pecker falling off!” Gran toasted.

“Gran,” I warned but raised my glass and tossed back the shot, my eyes watering as it burned down my throat, heating and then numbing. I coughed.

“Lightweight,” Gran muttered, not quite under her breath. Another thing about my Gran was that she could drink pretty much anyone under the table. Don’t let her diminutive size, and advanced age fool you; she had a cast iron liver and a taste for spirits—not of the ghostly kind.

“Child…” Reaching across the table Gran placed her gnarled hand on top of mine and squeezed. “It’s good to have you home. I’m sorry it’s under such circumstances, but it’s still good to have you here. Whitefall Cove has missed you.”

“I never thought I’d say this,” I admitted, eyes glassy, “but it’s good to be back.”

I’d been living in the city for five years and hadn’t been back in all that time. But after the incident at the Christmas Ball, I’d returned to the apartment I shared with the two-timing rat Simon when the decree from Drixworths Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry had arrived, suspending my witch’s license, effective immediately. Further instructions to follow. I’d been stunned. I hadn’t expected my punishment to be so swift or brutal. Then the text had arrived from my boss. You’re fired. Perfect, I’d hit the trifecta. I knew then that I was done with city life. My career was over, no one would hire me again, not after the performance they’d all just witnessed, despite being the best damn librarian the city had ever seen, so I squeezed my belongings into my Lexus and hit the road.

“You’re taking all of this very well.” Gran peered at me as if her eyes could see into my very soul.

I shrugged. “Truth be told, Gran, I’m more upset about losing my witch’s license than I am about Simon.”


I looked at my left hand where a week ago a massive diamond ring had decorated my finger. I’d sold it at a jewelry store on my way out of the city, and had pocketed a sweet ten grand. I’d been silently surprised that Simon had bought such an expensive ring, but then he was all about appearances. And now that I knew the truth, knew that his engagement to me was a smokescreen for what he was really up to, I had no qualms about selling it.

I sighed, clenching my fingers into a fist and meeting Gran’s gaze. “I’ve done nothing but think about him and that night, and while I’m pissed off about the whole thing, I’m not brokenhearted.”

“You didn’t love him.” Gran nodded in understanding and I narrowed my eyes. Did she understand? How could she when she’d married the love of her life at eighteen and they’d been together, happy and in love, up until the day he’d died, ten years ago.

Sucking a deep breath into my lungs, I held it, then blew it out softly. “No. I didn’t love him.” But I’d thought I did. I’d believed myself to be in love with him. I guess he’d done me a favor.

“That’s why you wouldn’t set a date for the wedding. Despite having that ridiculous bauble on your hand.”

“I guess.” I hadn’t hung around to discuss it with Simon, to ask him why he’d cheated on me, or how long it had been going on. I’d been angry, furious even, but buried deep beneath it all was a sense of relief.

“This is where you belong, Harper. Want a waffle?” The abrupt change in topic had my head spinning and I laughed again. Life with Gran was never dull.

“Sure. Why not?” Ten o’clock at night drinking vodka shots and eating waffles. Only in Whitefall Cove.

Pulling out her wand, Gran set the kitchen to work and before long a plate piled high with waffles was sitting in front of us. I missed my magic. My own wand was upstairs in my room, as useless to me as a twig. Its magic had been stripped and I mourned the loss. I’d yet to hear from the Academy on how I could go about restoring my powers, but I held on to the last words of their message—more instructions to follow.

“You should buy The Dusty Attic,” Gran said, shoveling a mouthful of waffle into her mouth and pointing her fork at me.

“I didn’t know it was for sale. What happened to Mr. Dudley?”

“He and Eve retired to Florida. Six months ago. The bookstore has been sitting empty ever since.” She shoveled another mouthful in, nodding. “It would be perfect for you. And prove to the Academy that you’re getting some stability in your life.”

“Buying a bookstore would prove that?” I said. “Wouldn’t they think it was an impulse buy?”

“It’s not an impulse buy. The Dusty Attic has been waiting for you. It was always meant to be yours.”

I choked on a mouthful of waffle, coughing hard, my eyes streaming. When I eventually got myself under control Gran was still eating, unconcerned.

“What do you mean? About The Dusty Attic being mine?”

She shrugged, waving a hand in the air. “Oh you know, some things are destined, and this is one of them. We all wondered what that old bookstore was waiting for and when you came home it hit me. It was waiting for you.”

“How do you know that?”

“I just do. I’m an eighty-year-old witch. I have skills.”

I studied Gran for a moment. She had a point. She’d never steered me wrong. Even when she’d waved goodbye to me when I’d moved to the city, she’d wished me well and had told me that this was just one step on my life’s journey and that I would be back in Whitefall Cove one day. I hadn’t believed her. I had my sights set on bigger libraries than what Whitefall Cove could offer, and East Dondure Public Library was perfect. I made a comfortable salary, I lived in a comfortable apartment, lived a comfortable life. I had everything I thought I ever wanted. And then I hadn’t.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt to take a look.”

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About Author Jane Hinchey…

Aussie author JANE HINCHEY writes sexy, snarky, badass, paranormal romances and urban fantasy novels.

Living in the City of Churches (aka Adelaide, South Australia) with her man, two cats, and turtle, she spends her days writing fantastical stories full of dark sexy vampires, hot shifters, sexy aliens, jaw dropping demons, sinful angels, and magical witches – and while they can be snarky and swear a lot, they mean well and you’ll grow to love them. Honestly.

When she’s not in her writing cave she’s usually playing the Sims, Civilizations or something similar, binge watching Netflix or upping the ante in the crazy cat lady stakes. She loves to hear from her readers, so swing on by her website at http://www.janehinchey.com and say hi.

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    Thanks, Karen and Jane!

  2. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, Jane, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. I loved your excerpt of the book. I appreciate the humor and can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for sharing it with us today!

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    Nothing like having a “Gran” in your corner! Good luck on the release.

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