Karen’s Killer Book Bench: WITH LOVE; NOW & FOREVER, #Metaphysical #Visionary #Psychics by RaeAnne Hadley

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Metaphysical & Visionary Psychics


Multiple soul mates. She ran the statement through her shocked brain, allowing it to seep into her broken heart. Twelve years after losing the love of her life, she was being told that everyone has more than one chance at true love. Could it possibly be true?

From outward appearances, Anastasia Cassadine has the perfect life; a very successful company and handsome men vying to be her companion. But the appearance she projects is terribly misleading. Ana is haunted by a dark secret from her past, one that involved her first love, Austin Troy. Ana is still grieving when she meets Rick Montgomery, the attractive psychic who immediately puts her on her guard, though their attraction is undeniable. As they get closer, dark forces gather to tear them apart.

Once more forced to relive the terror that forced her and Austin apart so many years before, Ana and Rick must join together to battle the darkness that will threaten everything they know.


Metaphysical & Visionary Psychics


The hot southern air was thick with humidity and so still that even the birds flying towards their evening roost couldn’t seem to stir it. The cicadas attempted to break through the silence but their music sounded as heavy and bloated as the steam coming up from the streets. The bedroom in the older mobile home was small and cramped but Austin had cleaned his room and scattered flower petals over the made bed, trying to make it as romantic as possible. The little table fan worked incessantly, clicking and whirling, its faint breeze ineffectually cooling the air but caused the flames of the burning candles to cast dancing shadows across the room. Ana knew he had gone above and beyond to make their first time special and magical but she couldn’t stop her apprehensions. It wasn’t because of him; all she had to do was look into his eyes or hear his voice to know she was ready and willing to give herself to him. At sixteen years old, she knew he was the one she was going to spend the rest of her life loving.

About Author RaeAnne Hadley…

I’m an accidental author as I began writing my first story, Mechanics of Murder, after I had been fired for taking maternity leave. I took a 3rd shift job and trying to keep myself awake. I used my imagination and knowledge to try and figure out a way to kill my boss for what he did but instead started creating a story of a female mechanic, which I was, finding a dead body underneath the truck she was working on. My father absolutely loved the story and encouraged me to complete it and get it published. I was almost finished with the first draft when my father had a stroke. Encouraging him to get better, I rushed the book to Lulu Publishing without it being edited. My father was able to hold my first novel but was never able to read it, he passed away 2 days later. But it began a passion for me that has not dwindled!

I have continued writing and my list has now grown. With Love; Now & Forever and Shadows, both paranormal romances though with different personalities and twists. The sequel to Mechanics of Murder, A Wrench in the Plan, was completed in January of 2011 and was released in the spring of 2012.I know my Dad would be proud. My contemporary romance, Love’s Everlasting Song, is a sweet tale where hopes, dreams and occasionally fairy tales do come true. I’ve had 4 novels hit #1 on Amazon and now hoping to earn NY Times and USA Today best seller!

I usually have 5-7 novels in the works and plan on writing for many more years! My stories are not sexually graphic because I believe each readers experience and imagination are usually more erotic and more sensual than what I will put into words and I ALWAYS have to have a happy ending! Life is meant to be fun, enjoy the journey!!


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4 Responses to Karen’s Killer Book Bench: WITH LOVE; NOW & FOREVER, #Metaphysical #Visionary #Psychics by RaeAnne Hadley

  1. Karen Docter says:

    Good morning, RaeAnne, and welcome to Karen’s Killer Book Bench. What a touching story about how you got started. I’m sorry your dad wasn’t able to read it. I’m sure he was proud of you just holding it. I got started writing suspense because of an injustice that happened too close to home. It was very cathartic. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear what happened to Anastasia’s first love! Thanks for sharing your story with us today!

  2. Kathleen Bylsma says:

    Not only a touching introduction but a fascinating premise.
    Thanks, Karen and RaeAnne.

  3. bn100 says:

    looks interesting

  4. Linda Moffitt says:

    I love books 📚 about Psychics 🔮
    Thanks for sharing your book with us 😍❤😍Thanks for the chance to win 😃💖😍💗😘

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