Monday Musings: More presents for your stocking….

“Writing is easy; all you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until little drops of blood form on your forehead.”
~ Gene Fowler~



I see you out there shaking your head and saying, “Ewwww!  That’s disgusting!”

Did you know there is someone standing right beside you who is nodding and saying, “Jeeze, I could have told you that!”?

No matter which end of the scale we fall on we all agree on one thing…writing demands a bottomless well of creativity, confidence, and dedication to one’s craft.  It’s a lonely profession sitting behind a computer screen day by day, week after week for months — maybe even years — on end.  We test our imaginations, our courage, over and over again.

That’s why typing “The End” on our first novel, submitting that work to an editor or agent, are two of the most momentous moments in an author’s career…well, except for that wondrous day when we finally see our baby in print. 🙂 🙂  It’s why we celebrate our published friends’ every success with such vigor.  We all know what it takes to claw our way up that personal ladder to our dreams.

I think it’s fitting that I turn over my final Monday Musings for 2011 to anchoring the Christmas stockings for all of the writers out there wth a few best wishes.

Some of you only began writing this past year.  For you, my wish is that you can look back and see the significant progress you’ve made in your craft.  If you haven’t quite finished your story, I tuck these two words, “The End”, in your stocking to be used at your leisure.  If you typed “The End” on your brand new baby, I wish you good luck placing the little tyke in caring publishing hands.

Many of you began new books this year or revised stories that wouldn’t let you go.  For you, I wish you continued perseverance and inspiration.  My hope is that someone recognizes your talent and you soon get “the call” of your dreams. If you’ve decided to publish your story digitally, I wish you few program glitches and wonderful promotion opportunities.

For those of you who saw your first sale, your fifth or…fill in the appropriate number here <grin>, I wish you continued, no, greater success.  I wish you the gift of more readers, more sales, and more personal satisfaction.  I hope your muse doesn’t flag, your gift blossoms, and your skills grow ever stronger.

I wish you all, my writing friends, Christmas stockings filled with a fresh supply of dreams and dedication.   I wish you a New Year overflowing with creativity and confidence.  I wish each of you the realization of your dreams, whatever they may be, and a terrific writing year in 2012.

The last of the wishes tucked into my little bag of goodies go to our readers. May your favorite author continue to pen stories you love to tuck on your Keeper Shelf. May you discover new writers that capture your heart. May every book you pick up give you hours of pleasure…because, after all, you are the reason we all write and share our stories.


6 thoughts on “Monday Musings: More presents for your stocking….”

  1. How beautiful Ms. Doctor. Truly a sincere and giving wish one could only hope to receive. Thank you and may it be returned to you in abundance in the same obvious heartfelt generosity it was given.


    1. Thanks, Karen. I also appreciate the kinds words. The sense of community and comraderie between writers, and between writers and readers, is such a personal thing. Yet, we’d be lost without each other because, when it comes down to it, we all love one thing. Books. They are a gift we share.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well, Karen. This was a great post! Brightest blessings for the coming new year!

    1. Good morning, Brenna! Thank you for your good wishes. And brightest blessing for you, too! I hope your coming year is everything you want it to be.

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