Monday Musings: October 2011 Romance Lovers Tea….

I had a wonderful time attending the Colorado Romance Writers Romance Lovers Tea on Saturday, October 8th. CRW holds this annual event on the chapter’s anniversary. This year, we celebrated our 23rd Anniversary with a full house!

We invite local librarians, readers, and book clubs to meet our published authors over china tea cups, finger sandwiches, and oodles of chocolates and pastries.  You can’t have a romance lover’s tea without scrumptious things to eat!

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Haysmont

This year readers found at least one, if not two, published authors sitting at their table so they could chat and talk about books.  I was fortunate enough to sit at a table with two of my favorite authors, Cassie Miles (not shown) and Robin D. Owens.

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Haysmont

CRW held an Ask the Author round robin throughout the day so everyone in the room could get to know the authors.  Melissa Mayhue introduces herself and her Daughters of the Glen (Faerie) series before answering her question as read by CRW member, Patty Morgan.

I invited several friends and neighbors, and they were all excited to receive goody bags. But there were also door prizes to add to the excitement. I was thrilled to win my friend, Lynda Hilburn’s new hardback release of  The Vampire Shrink. Can’t wait to read it!

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Haysmont

Our October celebration is when the HOTR (Heart of the Rockies Contest for Unpublished Writers) winners are announced. CRW President, Jennifer Maitlen, announces one of my friends has won her category!

We ended a full and fun day, filled with delectable treats and camaraderie with our fellow romance lovers, with an author autographing session with those of our published authors who were able to attend despite the rainy and snowy day.

CRW’s published authors in attendance,front to back, left to right. 1st row, Bernadette Marie, Robin D. Owens, Mary Guida, Jessica Aspen. 2nd row, Melissa Mayhue, Kate Stevenson, Mary Hagen, Donnell Ann Bell. 3rd row, Cynthia Woolf, Viola Estrella, Marie Sexton, Lynda Hilburn. 4th row, Clare Austin, Lori Corsentino, Jenn LeBlanc. 5th row, Ashley March, Elaine Levine, Allegra Gray, Hillary Seidl, Helen Hardt. 6th row, Elizabeth Haysmont, Lizzie T. Leaf.

If you were there, it was wonderful to see you!  If you couldn’t come this time, there’s always next year!!

[For more photos, check out my OCT 2011 Romance Lovers Tea album on my Facebook page at!/profile.php?id=1543248050.]

6 thoughts on “Monday Musings: October 2011 Romance Lovers Tea….”

  1. Hi, Eleanor. We look forward to this event every year. It’s the one time we get to play, both as writers and as readers. This year was especially fun, probably because we had around 25 published authors in attendance. It’s also our time to congratulate them for their successes the past year. And the food is always scrumptious! 🙂

  2. I wish you could have made it over the mountain, too, D’Ann. Durned weather! It’s bad enough when it snows on Halloween every year. But this is just too soon. I’m not ready for winter yet!!:)

    Congratulations again on your HOTR win!!

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