Monday Musings: Playing hooky is good for the soul….

Want to know what’s a monumental task for me? Playing hooky. I’m not talking about stealing a little time out during the day when I’m supposed to be working. I’m talking about playing any time. (Yeah, I was one of those Goodie-Two-Shoes who never played hooky in high school. Shoot me!) I‘m a lifelong, card-carrying Type-A personality who works on a computer fourteen-plus hours a day, seven days a week and juggles half a dozen projects in my personal and writing life.

Not that everything I do is what I call “work.” I finally joined one online game, Café World on Facebook, about a year ago in the hope of forcing myself to take some playtime. But that pesky Type-A personality eventually stuck her nose to the grindstone there, too, and I’ve begun to wonder lately if she’s not becoming a bit too ferocious. I put a timer on the pushy thing even though the results are a bit…erratic. 🙂

And I’m serious about my writing. Of course, I love to write so it’s often more like play when I get an entire day to myself to work on my novels but that’s not where I’m going with my musings.

My point? All work and no play makes this writer a dull girl!

Luckily, my husband knows this terrible, not-so-secret secret about me. He is also a persistent man, one of the few people capable of enticing me from the castle to go play in the big, wide world. Did I walk willingly over the drawbridge on Sunday? Actually, my Type-A personality pitched a quiet hissy fit. But once we hit the road, I felt all of the long hours I’ve been working lately fall off my shoulders and realized I really, really needed the break.

There are few things that make me relax like driving through the Rocky Mountains and, on Sunday, we drove through an area neither of us had ever explored. We ended up on a winding dirt road that threatened our – okay, my – delicious barbecue lunch but along the way we found pure beauty. I also found peace and inspiration to soothe my savage Type-A personality. It made returning to work today a pleasure.

Fall is just peeking its head out in Colorado so I wasn’t quite sure how much color we’d find, but I was delighted to see more of it when we hit the foothills. I hardly turned my camera off on the way back down the mountain. I knew every spot I wanted to photograph and we stopped more than once. I can’t tell you how “full” I felt inside after such a wonderful day in my mountains. But I can only share pictures that may give you an inkling.

Of course, I won’t tell you exactly where I took the pictures because I’m protecting my sweet spot. Hey, I told you I’m a Type-A! 🙂

Life is frenetic and it’s too easy to get sucked into the whirlpool. The deeper you descend, the harder it is to stay afloat. Everyone needs to find their sweet spot, a favorite place to play for a while. It doesn’t have to be a trip to the mountains or beach, although they’re two of my favorite jaunts. It can be a day at the spa. A horseback ride. Taking the kids to the park for an afternoon picnic. The world of possibilities is wide open.

Hooky…it’s good for the soul.

The roadside alongside Buckhorn Creek is just starting to turn.


A carpet of color sparkles among the moss rock.


Yes, that’s me dwarfed by that gorgeous pine. It took three shots to capture the entire thing and give it scale to show its magnificence.


The sounds of water playing with fallen leaves in Buckhorn Creek made me want to plop down in the dirt with my laptop. I can write my best stuff surrounded by Mother Nature!


The aromas of damp moss and soil – a short, light rain passed through just before we did – mixed with pine can never be captured in a can.


More beauty with every turn of my head.


Heading home at the end of the day…love the immense red color of the rock formations in the foothills. Pictures just can’t capture the vista, the colors!



8 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Playing hooky is good for the soul….”

  1. Too true, Maureen! I love the country, the mountains, the beach. I love being able to enjoy two of those regularly.

    It’s the “regularly” that can be difficult to achieve. I had a particularly chaotic day yesterday and I’m sure I would have handled it much differently if I hadn’t escaped to the mountains the day before. I’m glad you were able to play hooky with me…even if only vicariously!

    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks, Maris. It was a pretty area. I know, as a writer behind a screen all day, I don’t give myself enough of these “escape” times. It’s amazing how quickly that creative well can dry up without some outside stimulation!

  3. My Type A personality made me do it, Amy! She was demanding a blog post upon my return, the pushy thing. 🙂 I did enjoy my escape.

    You’re not a Type A, too, are you? What do you do to escape?

  4. Great pics, Karen–been meaning to get up into them thar hills –just haven’t had time to play hooky lately lol 🙂 Are you writing? Hugs!

  5. Hey, CJ! Long time, no see! Like you, I haven’t had time to do much of anything between my workshop and being sick. Climbing back on the wagon tonight though. Probably just to read and figure out where I am. I plan to get some serious writing in this week. Are you writing? Hugs back!

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