Monday Musings: RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” Diary

MONDAY MUSINGS: RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” Diary

By Karen Docter


Okay, so I’m really behind sharing my RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” conference experience. After all, it did take place June 22-24. I have a long line of excuses about why I’m just getting to it — it all started with the loss of the camera cord — but I promise not to belabor the point.  I should have shared the highlights of my RomCon diary more than a week ago. In fact, I should have shared photos while I was at conference. But, you know what? The bottom line is I had fun and now I’m sharing. (Better than last year’s RomCon. None of those pictures ever got posted. I don’t remember those excuses!)

For those of you who don’t know what RomCon is it’s a weekend conference for romance readers and authors. We all get together and mingle and chat and play games and dress up and share our love of romance with each other. We talk books and authors, and authors and books. This was my first year attending as a published author (I was a reader first!) so I was in Heaven celebrating romance on both sides. Oh, and did I mention there were sexy men all over the place competing for the 1st Annual Search for a Legendary Hero Contest? Wait! I’m getting ahead of myself…or maybe I was just focused on the wrong thing…will try to stay on track which might be a challenge when I get to those pictures.  Hmmm, I hope there are other pictures!

Ahem. Straightening up in my chair into my professional author pose.

Stop laughing!  This is a difficult pose to maintain! 🙂

Okay, starting at the beginning I’ll hit the highlights. (Actually took over 100 pictures and I’ll upload most of them on Facebook. Apologies for the dark, grainy photos. Hotel lighting gave me loads of grief!) I went a day early to help set up the conference. Someone has to stuff all of those wonderful conference goody bags!! 🙂 Then, met with some fabulous new reader buddies.

  New buddy, Lois (below) and I met up a few times through the weekend.

Teresa Mediros, one of my favorite authors, launches the conference!

Had a wonderful time moderating the “Build a Hero” workshop where readers and authors created the perfect hero. Then, each table shared their hero’s attributes. Some hunky heroes I’d love to meet between the pages of a book came to life under the care of the authors and readers! Author Hillary Seidl shares the hero their table created with one of the Legendary Hero candidates, Julian Christian, standing at her side.


I also helped moderate the “Strip a Hero” workshop (detecting a theme here?) where romance came to life with Kim Killion, Jade Lee and Jennifer Jakes reading short romantic vignettes with the participation of good sport Legendary Hero candidates, Julian Christian, Scott Nova & Brooks Johnson.

Meet all of the good sports (L-R): Billy Freida, Julian Christian, Brooks Johnson, Benny Bekro, Len Gun, and Scott Nova.

Despite a few warmongering species, the Paranormal Dine-In for Interspecies Peace ended peacefully for all delegations. I represented my Trill homeworld.

Author Hillary Seidl, one of the pretty people who attended Monte Carlo Night.


Authors Shannan Albright and Lizzie T. Leaf strike a pose! (Left) The Murder Mystery players. (Right)

Casino RomCon Monte Carlo Night, a Musical Show and Murder Mystery hosted by Princess Play Texas Hold’em, Roulette, Craps, and blackjack while your chips lasted – not real money, just fun and games!


Fun and games on Monte Carlo night!

Roomie, Lori, strikes a pose with Legendary Hero candidate, Scott Nova.

Reader guest, Aimee Neff, flew into Denver to hang with everyone again. She meets up with Michele Callahan, RomCon coordinator, at Monte Carlo Night.

Roomie, Lori, realizes her dreams of being in a cover photo shoot.
These shoots weren’t supposed to be photoshopped, were they? 🙂

I found me a cowboy! Can I keep him? 🙂


Come back for Thursday Musings, when I’ll share what happened on second day of RomCon 2012 conference!

22 thoughts on “Monday Musings: RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” Diary”

    1. I have more, Cynthia! Going to hit the highlights of the second day on Thursday. I did have fun…and missed so many other fun workshops and events. Like you, I’m already anticipating next year!!

    1. It was tremendous fun, Karalee. The models participating in the Legendary Hero contest were all such good sports. They joined readers throughout the weekend at various events. They were judged on a lot more than their hunky good looks!

  1. Aww Dahling…you always serve up the best dishes on your site…LOL. How fun is this? Looks like it was wonderful. I’m gonna need to do that one year and meet one of my favorite people.

    1. Not sure how it happened that most of the pictures included hunky men, Mari…pshaw, yes I do! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them. Check back on Thursday when I hope to finish out my RomCon diary.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pictures, Jessica. Bummed I took several of you on the dance floor Monte Carlo night that didn’t turn out. You were rocking, girl! 🙂

    1. No kidding! I would have loved to but I’m sorry to say I couldn’t keep him. I’d have had better luck with my husband bringing home a stray puppy! 🙂

  2. Hi. First time visiting this site. When and where is RomCon 2013? It sounds like a fantastic time and I’d like to plan to attend. Thanks!

    1. Hello, Lois, and welcome to my blog! I’m glad you enjoyed your visit and hope you’ll return often.

      I know they’re already working on RomCon 2013 and it will be in Colorado. They’re still evaluating hotels so I don’t know if we’ll be in Denver or another city. I’m sure it will be around the same time next summer. I suggest going to and signing up for an account so you can keep an eye on updates and information as they’re announced. I’ll be there so it will be great to meet you.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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