Novel Gems ~ 05-07-13 ~ Satin Pleasures TuesDaze Week #1

Welcome to Novel Gems ~ SATIN PLEASURES TuesDaze Week #1!

For those who check in regularly every Tuesday, I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my upcoming romantic suspense novel, Killing Secrets.  I do love to sneak a peek into a writer friend’s developing novel. It’s just so much fun watching their story grow and getting the inside scoop.  However, for the month of May, I’m going to share bits and pieces from my romantic comedy novel, Satin Pleasures, which is published. Some of you have already read this book on your Kindle and that’s okay.

To celebrate May Day and Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and my looooong vacation, I’ve decided to use my Novel Gems to showcase Satin Pleasures each week and give away four (4) personally autographed paperback versions, one for each week in the month.  If you comment on all four Novel Gems this month, you’ll have four chances to win one of the autographed novels.  So stop by each week and comment to improve your chances!

I’ll announce the four winners on Friday, May 31st.  Good luck!!

A bit of set up for today’s gem….

Workaholic mall manager, Tess Emory, gets stuck in a traffic jam for two hours with her opposite, Dan McDonald, who’s walked away from his stressful career, pristine penthouse, and empty lifestyle to travel the country with his dog…and that’s all you’re getting!

Happy Reading!


Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter

“Want to talk about it?”

Distracted by the appeal of faded, worn jeans stretched over powerful thighs, it took her a moment to respond. “It won’t help me get back to work, will it?”

“Sorry. No.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched him watching her. From the appearance of his lengthening frown, she determined he was struggling with a weighty problem. She had the weirdest feeling she was the problem.

Dan crossed his arms. “I know it’s none of my business, but you’re pushing for one hell of a breakdown. You’re a prime candidate for ulcers. Or worse. Believe me, whatever waits for you on the other side of this bridge isn’t worth risking your blood pressure. It’s my experience nothing is that important.”

Tess’s eyes blurred on the burning memory of another time, another man shouting similar, though angrier, words before ripping her heart out. Concentrating on the unwarranted attack on her priorities instead of the disastrous end of her engagement to Evan Garrett, Tess slid her gaze over the flannel shirt and jeans Dan wore. She scanned the camper interior and saw enough personal belongings to suggest Dan lived in it. “What exactly do you do?”

He hesitated. “Fish.”

“You fish.”

“Most recently. Yes.”

Despite appearances, the man didn’t strike her as the vagabond type. For some reason, she could imagine him in an Armani suit, the quintessential executive. Maybe it was the way he carried himself or the ease with which he’d cut to the heart of her problem, as if used to taking command and making snap decisions. Most likely, it was the forceful accent of authority deepening his voice. She could actually see him barking orders into three phones at once.

The conflicting images made no sense. “Look, I don’t understand your problems, and you know nothing of mine. I manage a shopping center in San Francisco. My directors don’t allow for delay. They don’t allow for traffic jams. They don’t allow…period!”

She blew off her agitation on a puff of air. “Never mind. I can’t make you understand why it’s imperative I get off this stupid bridge.”

“I understand more than you—”

Tess grabbed her heels from the dinette seat where she’d tucked them, summoned a smile, and cut him off. “Thanks, Dan. I feel better now so I must see about finding a cell phone. Nice meeting you!” She raced down the camper steps, as much to escape her irritation with Dan as the frustration of her inactivity.

Dan was at her heels, halting her progress with a few terse words. “I know exactly what it is to be that dedicated,” he said. “If I’d been caught like this a year ago, I’d have done a lot more stomping than those dainty, spiked heels of yours could ever handle.

“Ah, hell.” He thrust his fingers through his hair. His voice lowered. “Tess, I’m merely suggesting you stop and smell the roses. Watch the birds fly. Learn to relax and take advantage of the opportunities life throws at your feet.”

That kind of freedom was foreign to the adult Tess. “I’ve forgotten how,” she admitted with a pang of regret for lost childhood dreams, “and I wouldn’t recognize an opportunity now if it slapped me between the eyes.”

For an inordinately long time, Dan stared at her. Then, he muttered something that sounded a lot like a curse. “We have one right here.” He drew closer. “One, I can’t resist.”

….see you next Tuesday with another NOVEL GEM.

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