Novel Gems ~ 05-21-13 ~ Satin Pleasures TuesDaze Week #3

Welcome to Novel Gems ~ SATIN PLEASURES TuesDaze Week #3!

For those who check in regularly every Tuesday, I’ve been sharing bits and pieces of my upcoming romantic suspense novel, Killing Secrets.  I do love to sneak a peek into a writer friend’s developing novel. It’s just so much fun watching their story grow and getting the inside scoop.  However, for the month of May, I’m going to share bits and pieces from my romantic comedy novel, Satin Pleasures, which is published. Some of you have already read this book on your Kindle and that’s okay.

To celebrate May Day and Mother’s Day and Memorial Day and my looooong vacation, I’ve decided to use my Novel Gems to showcase Satin Pleasures each week and give away four (4) personally autographed paperback versions, one for each week in the month.  If you comment on all four Novel Gems this month, you’ll have four chances to win one of the autographed novels.  So stop by each week and comment to improve your chances!

I’ll announce the four winners on Friday, May 31st.  Good luck!!

A bit of set up for today’s gem….

Tess is as distracted by Dan as he is by her (see last TuesDaze!)…and that’s all you’re getting!

Happy Reading!


Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter

The meeting was long and tedious, and Tess was never more fidgety in her life. A strange phone conversation with her parents before she left her office was partially to blame. It wasn’t until after she’d hung up that she realized they’d adroitly avoided her inquiries about their welfare, while their none-too-subtle probes about her job indicated her lack of success in keeping her problems from them.

This brought her to her hard-won marketing campaign on today’s agenda. Once she presented her report, she hoped to kick back while months of effort paid off in increased retail sales, and in her promotion. With the promotion’s bonus package in hand, she could stop worrying about covering the shortfall in her father’s insurance coverage. She’d have the surgeon’s fifteen-thousand dollar deposit before the September deadline.

No, she didn’t dare relax. Not yet.

Her distraction was unacceptable, if readily explained. Every time she moved, her leg bumped against Dan’s, their shoulders rubbed. Her lungs filled with his scent when she took the smallest breath. The conference room, always too small to accommodate these meetings, was becoming smaller, hotter, more airless, by the minute.

She longed to strip off her jacket. She didn’t dare. Although her lace-trimmed camisole doubled as a blouse, the satin wasn’t thick enough to hide the way her nipples tightened when she walked into the room and spotted the man who’d featured in her dreams last night. Incredible dreams overflowing with lingering touches and intensifying passion.

Whatever had possessed her to sit next to Dan? She should have taken a seat as far from him as possible. Across the conference table, across the room…across the planet wasn’t far enough if she couldn’t control her fantasies better than this!

Her gaze slid sideways to Dan’s charcoal gray suit jacket stretched across his broad chest, the red power tie lying beneath his square jaw. Here was the man she’d conjured in her mind yesterday. In command. Powerful. The tailored look fit him as perfectly as jeans and flannel.

Her imagination hadn’t prepared her, however, for the loss of his mustache. Behind that softness, Dan’s sculpted upper lip was concealed. Beneath the hair, the two indentations that framed his mouth and gave his face strength and character were blurred. Revealed, the combination was downright devastating.

Dan affected her as no other man had before. With one look into the depths of his eyes, her heart began to flutter in her breast like a trapped butterfly, her skin flushed with the heat of a sun-scorched beach. She didn’t know whether to fly away or sink into the fire.

Was it any wonder she’d taken steps to protect herself?

Guilt made her squirm in the chair. She’d lied to Dan. Twice. Although, technically, she hadn’t actually lied about anything. Still, dangling a non-existent lover in his face was a cowardly thing to do. It was frightening to know her half ounce canary, Anthony, was her sole defense against her growing desire for A Touch of Silk & Satin’s co-owner.

….see you next Tuesday with another NOVEL GEM.

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