Novel Gems ~ 07-16-13 ~ Killing Secrets by Karen Docter

Welcome to Novel Gems ~ Killing Secrets 07-16-13!

I love to sneak a peek into a writer friend’s developing novel. It’s just so much fun watching their story grow and getting the inside scoop.  So every Tuesday until I finish my romantic suspense, Killing Secrets, I’ll share a gem with you ~ a couple of sentences, several paragraphs of a pivotal scene, or a phrase that just made me sigh or laugh out loud or scares me or…well, you get the picture.

A bit of set up for today’s gem….

Rachel tries to understand why Patrick is helping her…and that’s all you’re getting!

Happy Reading!


Killing Secrets by Karen Docter

“Why are you doing all this?”  The question escaped her lips before she even knew it had been bothering her since the day they’d met.  What kind of man takes on the trouble she’d brought to his door, without hesitation, without expecting anything in return?

For a moment, she wasn’t sure he’d respond.  His dark eyes were intent on her and, suddenly, she remembered she was wearing nothing but powder and a football jersey.  He wasn’t looking at her in an inappropriate way but she felt his gaze over her entire body.  “Patrick?”

Her soft whisper of his name broke his gaze.  “No little girl should be traumatized by those who are supposed to love her,” he said.  “I want to help her.”

“No, I meant,” she waved her arm to encompass the house, “all this.  You’re protecting us from Greg, throwing your life into disarray, and you hardly know us.”

He gave a negligent shrug, clearly uncomfortable with the question.  “I’m right next door.  I’m in a position to help. Anyone would do the same.”

No, they wouldn’t.  Rachel stared at him in silence as a chunk of the ice inside her melted away, touched by his inability to see the caring, protective man he tried so hard to negate.

….see you next Tuesday with another NOVEL GEM.

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  1. Mari Collier says:

    Intriguing excerpt. Tweeted for you.

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