Novel Gems ~ 10-23-12 ~ Killing Secrets by Karen Docter

Welcome to Novel Gems ~ Killing Secrets 10-23-12!

I love to sneak a peek into a writer friend’s developing novel. It’s just so much fun watching their story grow and getting the inside scoop.  So every Tuesday until I finish my romantic suspense, Killing Secrets, I’ll share a gem with you ~ a couple of sentences, several paragraphs of a pivotal scene, or a phrase that just made me sigh or laugh out loud or scares me or…well, you get the picture.

A bit of set up for today’s gem….

Rachel makes a discovery…and that’s all you’re getting! 🙂

Happy Reading!


Killing Secrets by Karen Docter

No one wanted her here, least of all, Patrick.  He’d avoided the trailer, avoided her, the entire day.  Much as she didn’t want to admit it, his rejection hurt.  There was a hard knot in the middle of her chest that grew as each hour passed without a word from him.  She’d heard him talking over the radio to his employees several times but he’d never come to his office, not even for lunch.

She was a problem thrust upon him, and she couldn’t forget that.  The sexy contractor was another kind of danger to her, one she hadn’t seen coming until it was too late.  Somehow, in the span of only a few short days, he’d tapped into her scarred heart and given her a glimpse of what she longed for…the hope a man could care about her.  Not her family connections. Not the money she stood to inherit.  Her.

Patrick had gotten too close.  He was a bigger threat to her heart than any man who’d come before him.  She had to get away from him.  Even returning to Evelyn Thorne’s greenhouse was too close.  The moment she got back to the house she was calling Jack.  He had to have news about Greg by now.  She had to put Denver and Patrick Thorne behind her…even though she already knew it was too late.

….see you next Tuesday with another NOVEL GEM!

4 thoughts on “Novel Gems ~ 10-23-12 ~ Killing Secrets by Karen Docter”

    1. Thanks, Pamela. I’ve been posting tidbits for a bit now. You can go to the menu and click on Novel Gems and see them all. Working fast as I can to get this book done. Have to say, this is my “new” favorite book. Of course, I say that after every book. 🙂

    1. I think you’re right, Mari. When it’s not flowing, it’s usually because I’m not really invested in what happens to the characters. If I’m not laughing and crying with them, I know to dig deeper into their psyche.

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