Novel Gems ~ 11-27-12 ~ Killing Secrets by Karen Docter

Welcome to Novel Gems ~ Killing Secrets 11-27-12!

I love to sneak a peek into a writer friend’s developing novel. It’s just so much fun watching their story grow and getting the inside scoop.  So every Tuesday until I finish my romantic suspense, Killing Secrets, I’ll share a gem with you ~ a couple of sentences, several paragraphs of a pivotal scene, or a phrase that just made me sigh or laugh out loud or scares me or…well, you get the picture.

A bit of set up for today’s gem….

Patrick is losing contracts and he’s frustrated…and that’s all you’re getting! 🙂

Happy Reading!


Killing Secrets by Karen Docter

Patrick glared out his office window at the ominous thunderheads building overhead.  The last thing he needed was another schedule delay when he’d already dug deep into overtime.  Looked like his day was going to hell in more ways than one.  He dragged his free hand over the back of his neck while the other hand strangled the phone receiver as he listened to his potential client become his ex-potential client.

“Their bid was how much lower?”  Customers seldom revealed why he didn’t get a project so he couldn’t afford to ignore information freely given.  Especially when the situation stank like last week’s sewage line break.

This wasn’t the first time in the past few months his rival, Chet Standish Ltd. undercut one of his bids.  Once was a coincidence.  Even twice might be serendipity.  But the last four times they’d bid the same job?

His customer ran down with an apology, which forced Patrick to scramble for something to say.  “No problem.  I understand.”

Like hell, he understood!

He ended the phone call with a pleasant “thanks for considering my firm” spiel that threatened to choke him.  The moment the client hung up, Patrick picked up his aluminum pencil holder and flung it across the room.  His missile flew through the open doorway connecting his office with the file room, striking a cabinet against the far wall with a satisfying metallic bang.

….see you next Tuesday with another NOVEL GEM!

2 thoughts on “Novel Gems ~ 11-27-12 ~ Killing Secrets by Karen Docter”

  1. Better late than never for reading this. It caught my interest as we had a small construction firm. Underbidding by a huge figure would have meant something else was happening rather than just the cost of constructing a building.

    1. Yes, it would. 🙂 I’m not saying the difference was huge, but it was sufficient to alert Patrick that something was going on because his bids weren’t too high. Proving it is a whole ‘nother thing!

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