Thursday Musings: RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” Diary Part Deux

THURSDAY MUSINGS: RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” Diary  Part Deux
By Karen Docter

Welcome back to my RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” photo diary. If you missed Part One on Monday, I’ll wait while you dash back to catch up with the first day of the conference. Da-da-da-da-da-da-dahhhhhh (Jeopardy theme song running through your head now? 🙂 ) Waiting…waiting…wa–oh, there you are!

Ready for Day Two of RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” conference? Let’s get started.

As a romantic suspense author, I was thrilled to start my second day of conference moderating the suspense panel with (L-R) Kat Martin, Rebecca Forster, Terry Odell and Linda Conrad. It was wonderful to learn about their different writing styles and techniques, things that inspire them, tricks they use to keep writing, and lots more.  I have more than one of these ladies’ books on my Keeper Shelf!

Then, I was off to Speed Date with readers. You can meet quite a few wonderful readers in two minute spots over an hour! I wonder if their heads were reeling as much as mine by the time we finished. 🙂 This was first time I’d ever done this and it was F.U.N. I’ll do it again in a heartbeat. To all of those readers who chatted with me, it was great to meet you. I hope we meet again at next year’s conference!

Several intimate lunches and dinners were held on Friday and Saturday so readers could meet and chat with their favorite author.  My roomie, Lori, brought all of her copies of Alexandra Ivy’s books to get them autographed by her favorite author. She got to sit next to her, too. How cool is that?

Guests of the Titanic Tea Party were welcomed aboard by the “Captain” Billy Frieda and CJ Hollenbach.

Deeanne Gist, who writes those wonderful historical romances we all love, teaches passengers about tea preparation and etiquette. The hotel chef (a former Iron Chef!) researched and prepared the recipes for the four courses that would have been served on the Titanic at tea time.  I’d never had clotted cream, or cucumber and watercress sandwiches, or lemon tarts or….well, it was a wonderful way to learn about the people who sailed on the Titanic, about their way of life.

Authors moved from table to table sharing information about their books and playing short games so guests could win a prize. I learned things about the Titanic I never knew before.  Teresa Medeiros (left) Kat Martin (right) each sat at our table looking lovely in their tea hats!

Authors Linda Conrad and Heather Snow read clues about their books that reveal which passenger won the prize. As one who doesn’t like hats, I think I could be persuaded to wear them if they made me look this elegant!


Authors Rebecca Forster and Isobel Carr share their game clues with passengers. There were enough games to make sure all guests won a small prize.

Authors Kimberly Killion and Jenn LeBlanc sitting pretty and sharing their book clues.

Author and critique partner, Cynthia Woolf, (left) plays game that taught us the ranking of Titanic crewmembers, from Captain to Stewardess.  Our table did not do well with this game! 🙂 Learning the language of the fan from Deeanne Gist, historical author, Jenn LeBlanc, (right) practices one of the signals. Don’t know what she’s telling her beau because, like names, my memory is like a steel collander. I’d be a wallflower at Almack’s!

Met lots of wonderful readers — waving at Zina right now! — at RomCon booksigning.  Autographed my book, SATIN PLEASURES, as well as trading cards for KILLING SECRETS, the first of my upcoming romantic suspense series. A treasure box filled with chocolates and two free raffle baskets inspired by a bubblebath scene in SATIN PLEASURES rounded out my swag. I LOVE swag!

RomCon booksigning was a real treat sitting at the same table with two FABULOUS writers I’m fortunate to have as critique partners.  Meet three members of Scripsi: Moi, Jennifer Zane (hilarious contemporaries), and Michele Callahan (the best combination of SciFi, Paranormal, and Time Travel)! The other two members of our productive band of writers (not pictured)  is CJ Snyder (romantic suspense with Special Ops & intense action) and Cynthia Woolf (SciFi/Futuristic romance and Westerns). Next year, I’m asking for two tables so we can all sit together!

RomCon 2012 – The Legendary Hero Contest final round included (L-R) Brooks Johnson, Julian Christian, Benny Bekro, Len Gun, & Scott Nova. And the winner is…..Scott Nova!!  I do love a man in uniform. He’ll be back in 2013 to defend his title. I know I’m going to be there to see that!

Just because…Brooks has a special place in my heart since I met him at RomCon 2011 AND have his picture taken with me sitting on top of my file cabinet AND his face was covered by Naughty Girl in the last picture.  That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Finally realized my dream of participating in one of the Hot Damn Design’s photo shoots. My hero needs to hurry up and kiss his heroine or move his left hand lower…yeah, yeah, I know my husband is reading this. Cardboard, honey, cardboard!

Attended my first Chocolate Mangasm party and have to say I’ve been missing something! All that chocolate capped off RomCon events Saturday night. Billy Frieda (pictured) did sidetrack me for a moment. And no, this is the only picture I’m sharing from that fun and naughty event. I was texting my husband from the party the rest of the time…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 🙂


RomCon’s Michele Callahan (top center) announced the winners of the Readers’ Crown Awards at Sunday Brunch. It was thrilling to have three of my Scripsi/critique partners final in the contest. Authors had to have been rated at 8.0 or higher by READERS! Cynthia Woolf (not pictured) had two entries final in the SciFi, Fantasy, Time Travel Romance category, while CJ Snyder (left) won the Reader’s Crown Award for Contemporary Romantic Suspense and Jennifer Zane (right) won awards for both Contemporary and Best First Book. Jen and I were clearly so excited when I took the picture, neither of us realized one of her awards is upside down. Hope she didn’t hang them in her office that way! 🙂 Congratulations to everyone who finaled and won the Readers’ Crown Awards!


Remember those wonderful SATIN PLEASURES baskets I had on my booksigning table? Winners were Gwen Farley (pictured with me) and Kelly Parker! Congratulations, ladies. I hope you enjoy many relaxing bubblebaths…and SATIN PLEASURES!

Saying goodbye to all of the new friends I made at RomCon 2012 was a bit sad. But it was wonderful to find so many like-minded readers and lovers of romance. Readers Stacy Richman (South Carolina) and Samantha Stafford (Kansas) shared one last glimpse of that love by wearing their favorite Ts. Looking forward to seeing you both again online and at RomCon 2013!

We’ve reached the end of my RomCon 2012 photo diary. Despite all of the wonderful pictures I shared, keep in mind that I hardly scratched the surface of the events offered this year. I missed so many workshops. Intimate chats, luncheons, dinners with my favorite authors…The Genre Wars…Historical Trivia…Taste of the Highlands…The Jury’s Out, just to name a few. I want to clone myself in 2013 so I don’t miss a thing.  I hope to see some of you next year, either as first-timers or returning fans. We will have a ball together!

Note: I will upload the photos from Monday Musings and today’s Thursday Musings, as well as some others that just didn’t make the cut here. (Yes, I did cull it down to a manageable level. I took over 100 pictures! 🙂 )

 Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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10 Responses to Thursday Musings: RomCon 2012 “Where Readers Rule” Diary Part Deux

  1. Aak! You’re right Karen, I was sooo excited about my book winning those awards I had no idea the certificate was upside down. It’s a perfect photo showing how special, how crazy–how ZANY–that moment was! Thanks for being there! Jennifer

    • Karen Docter says:

      🙂 Didn’t realize it until I started pulling these pictures together. What a crazy time that was! I was so glad to be there with you. Made my day when you and Jan won! Hugs, my friend!

  2. Gerri Bowen says:

    Looked liked a lot of fun, Karen!

  3. What a wonderful experience, Karen!! And those guys are …whew, Mama! 🙂

  4. Love the pix, Karen. I missed the Titanic Tea Party, but I hear it was a great success. It looks like a ton of fun!

    • Karen Docter says:

      Hi,Jessica. I think the Titanic Tea Party was one of the best events I’ve ever attended at RomCon. I’m glad they organized two of them. It was fun, but also informative and touching to honor the passengers by getting to know who they were.

  5. Jenn says:

    What a FUN post Karen!! RomCon was a blast this year, as always. I can’t wait for next year 🙂


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